Thunys Albegron was an Academician of Popular Studies who spoke at the 6 ABY Conference on Popular Entertainment on the planet Obroa-skai. Albegron spoke about the holodrama True Tales of the Ancient Republic and specifically Episode XXIV: Death on the Rim which had aired 120 years prior to the conference. The Academician focused on how while the characters in the show regretfully were not real the story was based on a real life event; the assault on the planet Parcovey Minor. The assault took place during the Kymoodon Era and was backed by Hutts of the Utoradii kajidic, although it resulted in the defeat of the Hutt forces and the Belascoan Free Volunteers taking vengeance on them. Albergron claimed to have learned the details of the event from a record found in a Kymoodon-era government archive on the planet Belasco.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Thunys Albegron was first mentioned in the 2014 fifth entry in the Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare Author's Cut series of posts by Jason Fry on the blog. The article featured content cut from The Essential Guide to Warfare a book released in 2012 by Fry. The post did not make clear Albegron's gender or species.


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