The Thuris sector was in the Outer Rim Territories near the Parmic sector.


During the Galactic Civil War, the Galactic Empire's Moff Sakai governed the sector. The Alliance to Restore the Republic assigned an elite Rebel SpecForce team, Reekeene's Roughnecks, to wage a military campaign against Sakai. The Roughnecks destroyed more than 872,000,000 tons of Imperial equipment, and one of the ships, Reekeene's Retribution, made 1,200 armed attacks against Sakai's forces. However, after one particular multi-ship raid on an Imperial fort in Thuris sector, the Retribution was infiltrated by Imperial agents and lost.[3]

During the year 1 ABY, rogue Imperial Commander Rezi Soresh hid in the Sixela system. There he established an outpost on a barren moon. After capturing the Arkanian colony vessel Endeavor, Soresh used the people on board as hostages to lure the Rebel pilot Luke Skywalker to the system in order to turn him into his personal assassin. Skywalker was tortured for two weeks. Soresh also used a brainwashed spy to lure the Alliance Fleet to the star system. Contacting Darth Vader via hologram, Soresh ensured the Sith Lord would arrive at the same time as the Rebel fleet. When the opposing fleets arrived, Soresh sprung his trap, launching prototype resonance torpedoes at the system's Blue giant star. Skywalker betrayed Soresh and freed his companions, who participated in the battle until the torpedoes hit the sun and started a chain reaction, forcing the Rebels and Imperials to escape. Soresh was killed by Han Solo near the end of the battle. The system was turned into dust and radiation when the sun went supernova.[4]

Prior to 137 ABY, during the Second Imperial Civil War, the sector fell under control of Darth Krayt and his Sith Empire. The sector was most likely liberated following the death of the Sith Lord and his empire's fall at Coruscant.


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