"Hello, Cularin! It is I, the beneficent Thurm Loogg, representative of the omnibenevolent Metatheran Cartel, and I am here to speak to you."
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Thurm Loogg was a male Caarite who served the Metatheran Cartel's envoy to the Cularin system after Velin Wir. He headed the Cartel's offices on Cularin and oversaw their mining operations on Tilnes, but was more of a spokesman and facilitator than a true executive. The Cartel failed to keep Loogg updated on all their plans, and he was often unsure of what he was supposed to be doing. Loogg's primary concern was himself and his own pocketbook, and his actions taken on behalf of the Cartel usually furthered his own greed, and he was not beyond being immoral to satisfy it.[1]

One of Loogg's first tasks in Cularin was to attempt to negotiate reestablishing offices on the surface of Cularin after Velin Wir's actions destroyed any trust the Cartel might have had. Governor Barnab Chistor of Gadrin ordered a vote but, after a vote ended in a tie, ultimately refused his petition. Loogg than presented a warship, the XP-38, as a gift to the people of Cularin, claiming it as a gesture of goodwill, but probably was an attempt to buy his way back into their good graces.[2]

During the Festival of 31 BBY, to which Loogg assisted, the Metatheran Cartel disturbed the annual speech of SoroSuub Corporation manager Miim Te'Suub by overimposing the Cartel's logo. Te'Suub was angry and heatedly discussed with Loogg. The debate was heated enough to require the mediation of diplomats and Jedi consuls.[3]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Thurm Loogg had the ingratiating whine and broad smile common to Caarites, not seeming to realize that his overly solicitous manner caused the residents of Cularin to trust him even less. He consistently dressed in blue robes trimmed with red. He was frustrating to deal with, not listening to things he did not want to hear, and waving people off in mid-sentence. He only wanted things done his way, or not at all.[1]

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At Gen Con Game Fair 2001, Loogg was played by August Hahn.

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