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Thyferra was a planet[2] located in the galaxy's Inner Rim, on the Rimma Trade Route.[1] It was the homeworld of the Vratix species.[2] Arvel Crynyd piloted Z-95 Headhunters for a bacta cartel on the world.[4] Following the Battle of Exegol[3] in 35 ABY,[5] Thyferra was in open rebellion against the First Order.[3]

The grain Vratixia renanicus, a type of barley, was originally cultivated on Thyferra.[6]

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Thyferra was first mentioned in the new Star Wars canon on a map featured in the 2016 article Where in the Galaxy Are the Worlds of Star Wars: The Force Awakens?.[7] It first appeared in X-Wing: The Bacta War, a 1997 Star Wars Legends novel written by Michael A. Stackpole.[8]

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