Thyrsus was a planet located in the Thyrsus system of the Inner Rim and the homeworld of the Thyrsians, an Echani offshoot that originated the Sun Guard.[2]

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During the Bengali Uprising, the Echani on the sun-baked planet of Thyrsus, called the Thyrsians, revolted against the female council that ruled the Six Sisters, a confederation of six worlds dominated by the Echani, seceding their world from the others.

The red suns of Thyrsus were worn as emblems by Thyrsian military units whose special-missions division evolved into the Sun Guards. They led the armies against the Echani conspecifics, at first. The elite force later turned its attention to expansionist campaigns of the Mandalorians.

As the centuries passed and the Sun Guard largely abandoned Thyrsus, it became a group of seminomadic mercenaries similar in organization to the rivaling Mandalorians and eventually a cult under the influence of the Order of the Sith Lords.[2] Darth Sidious reconsolidated the devotees in the Thyrsus system.[3]

Urban tactics used on Thyrsus were one of the expertise areas of Lieutenant Colonel Beryl Chiffonage.[4]

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