Tibidees were a type of creature native to Stygeon Prime,[1] though they could also be found on other mountainous Outer Rim planets,[2] such as Oosalon.[4] The creatures were able to fly through a combination of their giant wings and internal gasbags.[2] They had green eyes and long tails, and could detect different frequencies. This led a group of tibidees to think that the jamming frequency of the Phantom, an attack shuttle, was a mating call.[3] Though normally gentle, tibidees would attack anything they felt was threatening,[1] including stormtroopers.[3] They were remotely related to neebrays and mynocks, both of which were also pests to starships.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Tibidees were created for "Rise of the Old Masters", the third episode of the first season of Star Wars Rebels. The name was a result of the creature originally being unnamed, and therefore labeled "TBD" for "to be determined." The letters "TBD" then became tibidee.[5]



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