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"Coral reefs tall as the sky and sharp as knives! I would show you all, but I fear it is not what I remember. It's been too long since I returned, and I think I never will; I do not wonder what the Empire has done to Tibrin."
Sata Neek[src]

Tibrin was a aquatic[2] planet[6] covered in phosphorescent seas with towering coral reefs as tall as the sky[5] located on the edge of the Hadar sector,[2] in a trinary star system,[3] within the galaxy's Mid Rim.[1] It was the homeworld of the Ishi Tib species.[6]


"Well, that sure complicates things, Commander."
"No worse than that time on Tibrin."
"We had Jedi with us on Tibrin. They helped."
―Commander Cody and Captain Rex[src]

During the High Republic Era, Captain Hedda Casset and the crew of the Legacy Run were tasked with taking a saberfish, which had been taken from the storm seas of Tibrin, to an Abregado-rae countess. Three cycles later, the crew of the Legacy Run needed to return the creature to Tibrin after the countess's staff were unable to properly take care of it.[4]

During the Clone Wars, Clone Captain CT-7567, Clone Commander CC-2224 and members of the Jedi Order were involved in a situation on Tibrin.[7]

Some time after the Battle of Yavin, the Rebel Alliance, which was in dire need of support from the Ishi Tibs, sent Leia Organa to Tibrin under the guise as the representative of House Berenko of Naboo. She was accompanied by the Jedi Luke Skywalker and two pilots named Liddle and Tadd.[2]



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