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Tierfon Rebel Outpost, also known as the Tierfon Rebel Base, was one of the many thousands of small outposts that the Alliance to Restore the Republic owned. A squadron known as the Tierfon Yellow Aces was based at Tierfon. One hundred and fifty eight pilots were stationed at the base so the squadron could go on mission after mission, but the personnel would still be well rested.

The hangar of the base had room for eight starfighters, which were usually X-wings, a light freighter such as a YT-1300 transport, and several airspeeders for use on the planet's surface.

In the event of the base being discovered by the Galactic Empire, it could easily be stripped and abandoned, as it usually took at least two weeks for reinforcements to arrive since the sector was not heavily occupied by the Imperial Navy.

Famous pilots that were based on Tierfon included Wes Janson and Jek Tono Porkins, heroes of the Galactic Civil War and Red Squadron.[2] Tomer Darpen and Kissek Doran, father of Kell Tainer, were also pilots in the Tierfon Yellow Squadron.[3] N'dru Suhlak on the other hand, while an accomplished pilot, was forced out of the base for his excessive insubordination.[4] Veedo Vaocan, a rare Rodian pacifist, served as chief surgeon.[5]

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Tierfon Rebel Outpost diagram

After the destruction of Alderaan and the true threat of the first Death Star was realized, Tierfon's status was boosted to "full active." However, the fighter contingent on the base was significantly reduced, with other less protected bases in need of greater fighter cover such as Yavin Base.[2]

Prior to being assigned to Yavin Base, Janson was awarded the rank of True Gunner for performance excellence by General Jan Dodonna at an awards ceremony at the base.[2]

The base was in use throughout the whole of the Galactic Civil War, and remained in use for many years afterward during the time of the New Republic.

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