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The Tierfon Yellow Aces were a starfighter squadron in the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Based at the Tierfon launch base, many of its pilots, such as Lieutenant Zal Dinnes, Jek Tono Porkins,[2] and Captain Dosmit Ræh, flew T-65B X-wing starfighters.[1] Eventually, encroaching Imperial patrols necessitated the scuttling of the base and the breakup of the squadron, with its members being reallocated to other outposts; four pilots (Dinnes, Porkins, Vangos Grek, and Robich Duggsin) were sent to Base One on Yavin 4. However, former members of the squadron retained its insignia on their flight helmets well into their service with other flight groups.[2]

Sometime between 0 BBY and 5 ABY, the squadron was resurrected for service in the New Republic Starfighter Corps. The Yellow Aces saw action at the Battle of Jakku, during which a pair of their Y-wings engaged a stolen Imperial shuttle piloted by Norra Wexley.[3]

At some point after the Galactic Civil War, Rey, a scavenger on the desert planet Jakku, salvaged Ræh's flight helmet with the Tierfon symbol. Jessika "Testor" Pava, a pilot in the Resistance, wore a helmet that also bore the sigil of the Yellow Aces.[1]

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