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"The First Order does not tolerate the weak, Agent Tierny."
"I understand."
"Do you?"
"Yes, Supreme… Leader."
―Agent Tierny and Kylo Ren before he kills her[4]

Tierny was a human female who served as an agent in the First Order Security Bureau during the conflict between the First Order and the Resistance. She was sent to the Colossus to investigate Resistance activity after it was discovered that several members of a crew of mechanics were associated with the group.


Life before The First Order[]

Tierny was born into, and lived under the rule of the New Republic early in her life. She had to become a scrapper in order to survive.[1] Believing she was meant for a bigger purpose, Tierny joined the First Order during its conflict with the Resistance, and became an interrogation agent in the First Order Security Bureau.[3]

Mission to Castilon[]

In 34 ABY, Tierny was sent to the Colossus platform on Castilon, which had recently been occupied by the First Order, after Commander Pyre, in charge of the garrison already present, led stormtroopers to arrest Team Fireball, a group of mechanics, upon the revelation that the crew's namesake racer had been used by Resistance members trespassing in the First Order-controlled Sector Epsilon 51-3. Tierny intended to interrogate the one member of the team who had not escaped capture, Tamara Ryvora.[3]

The agent was met by Pyre and Captain Imanuel Doza, the Colossus' owner, upon her arrival, and they went to Doza's office. When Ryvora was brought in, Tierny immediately approached her in a welcoming fashion, ordering the mechanic's binders be removed before she took her to the Aces' Lounge where they could talk. During the conversation, Tierny exploited Ryvora's sympathy towards the First Order and her consequential obliviousness to the activities of her boss Jarek Yeager and co-worker Kazuda Xiono to put her at ease. When Ryvora expressed her belief that Xiono hailed from a poor background on Coruscant, Tierny revealed to her the truth that Xiono was actually a former New Republic Navy pilot and a member of one of Hosnian Prime's richest families who had been recruited into the Resistance, which shocked Ryvora.[3]

Tierny later had to leave, with Ryvora left guarded by two stormtroopers, when the Colossus began to shake, returning to Doza's office. Xiono and Yeager, secretly collaborating with Doza, had arranged to sink the entire platform in order to make it easier for them to access the transmitter on the outside of Doza Tower from which the First Order was broadcasting a jamming signal, so they could take it down and contact the Resistance. Tierny agreed with Pyre that the timing of the alleged reactor failure which caused the sinking was far too convenient.[3]

When Tierny and Pyre were informed that the jamming signal had been brought down, Doza suggested water damage, but Tierny looked out the window and noticed that the transmitter was above the water line, causing Pyre to leave to deal with the situation. Subsequently, Yeager was captured while securing the escape of Xiono and his droid, CB-23 with a recorded message from General Leia Organa.[3]

Recruiting Tam Ryvora[]

Tierny was able to recruit Tamara Ryvora.

Realizing Ryvora's potential as a pilot, Agent Tierny treated Ryvora to a sumptuous meal, telling her that she deserved more than the Colossus had to offer. With Ryvora coming to terms with the revelations that Xiono was a spy, Tierny then sought to drive a wedge between Ryvora and her employer Yeager by revealing footage of Yeager claiming to be the Resistance spy. When Ryvora responded that Yeager was trying to protect Xiono, Tierny countered that the video showed that both Yeager and Xiono were Resistance spies. Tierny then suggested that Yeager could not be trusted because he had kept secrets from her.[5]

Later, Agent Tierny accompanied Ryvora down a corridor when they walked past a captive Yeager. Ryvora expressed anger at Yeager for keeping secrets from her. Yeager tried to tell Ryvora that the First Order was manipulating her but Tierny convinced Ryvora to come along. Arriving at Doza Tower, Tierny stoked Ryvora's resentment towards Xiono by suggesting that he was deceptive. Aware of Ryvora's desire to become a pilot, Tierny offered Ryvora a place with the First Order, claiming that they could train her to reach her potential.[5]

Battle for Castilon[]

When Kazuda Xiono and Team Colossus flooded the Colossus in order to expel First Order forces, Agent Tierny and Commander Pyre were inside Doza Tower when an exhausted stormtrooper informed them that they had lost five more stormtroopers. Tierny advised Pyre to bring reinforcements and informed him that she was taking Ryvora offworld back to base. Having lost control of the station, Pyre advocated a more "aggressive" solution but agreed that they should evacuate Ryvora offworld.[6]

At Doza Tower's landing platform, Tierny and Pyre accompanied Ryvora aboard a waiting Upsilon-class command shuttle. Xiono and Yeager tried to convince Ryvora not to leave with the First Order but she was still bitter towards them for keeping secrets from her. Exploiting the conflict between Ryvora, Xiono, and Yeager, Tierny claimed that the First Order was giving Ryvora protection and a new purpose. She also put her arm around Tierny in a caring gesture. This further increased Ryvora's belief in the new order.[6]

Tierny and Pyre leave with Ryvora

At that point, Xiono and Yeager were surrounded by four stormtroopers. Meanwhile, four other stormtroopers also surrounded Xiono's droid CB-23 and Torra Doza, who were at the top of Doza Tower. As the Colossus fired its hyperdrive, CB-23 squirted oil, causing the four stormtroopers at the top of Doza Tower to fall onto the landing platform. Xiono and Yeager eliminated the other stormtroopers. Tierny and Pyre did nothing to help the fallen stormtroopers but instead evacuated Ryvora aboard the shuttle with the remaining stormtrooper.[6]

As the Colossus rocketed into space, the First Order dispatched Major Elrik Vonreg's squadron and a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer to destroy the Colossus. However, the space station managed to escape into hyperspace.[6]

Chasing the Colossus[]

After the agent's persuasion, the newly recruited cadet Ryvora renounced her friendship with Team Fireball. Later, after processing the conflict of loyalties between the First Order and her former crew, Ryvora turned in her own comlink that connected to Kazuda Xiono. Tierny and Pyre hence traced the comlink's signal to the former Resistance world of D'Qar, which had been the site of a recent major conflict between the First Order and the main Resistance fleet. Tierny deduced that the Colossus' crew were unaware of what had transpired. She was correct: the supertanker was stranded amongst the debris over D'Qar, unable to make the jump to hyperspace, as the crew had originally planed to refuel at the Resistance base. With no other options, Xiono led a team to salvage hyperfuel from the downed Mandator IV-class Siege Dreadnought Fulminatrix. Tierny's Resurgent-class Star Destroyer arrived while the resistance cell was still aboard the wreckage. She launched an attack on the Colossus and, thanks to some intel provided by an officer, opened fire on what remained of the First Order Star Dreadnought. Doza deployed the Aces to counter the offensive, aiming to protect both his space station and Xiono's team amidst their coaxium extraction effort. Tierny failed to stop the refueling mission; the Colossus was able to escape, but not before taking significant damage.[7]

Revenge on Aeos Prime[]

In retaliation for having served as a sanctuary for the Colossus, Agent Tierny and Commander Pyre participated in the suppression of the Aeos system with thirteen other Resurgent-class Star Destroyers, bombarding the planet and killing the Aeosians that had helped the Resistance.[4]

Last chance[]

After the suppression of the Aeos system, Tierny and Pyre were contacted by Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. Tired of their repeated failures, Ren threatened them by using the Force to make them both draw their blasters and aim them at each other. At the last second, he let them go and warned them that he would not tolerate further failures.[4]


During the final battle against the Colossus Resistance, Tierny received a transmission from Kylo Ren. Tierny told Ren that she had the Colossus in her grasp but needed reinforcements. Ren, however, knew that she had failed and told her that the First Order would no longer tolerate her weakness. Tierny said she understood, but Ren rhetorically questioned whether she did. Ren then executed Tierny by Force choking her.[4]

Personality and traits[]

"Tamara...how did I fail you? I made you a pilot. I gave you purpose. I gave you everything you ever wanted. What did he give you that I could not?"
"A family."
―Tierny and Tamara Ryvora[4]

Tierny was a human female with black hair, brown eyes, and dark skin.[3] She had a mysterious scar on her jaw. Instead of aggressive interrogation tactics, Tierny was a master manipulator who preferred to lure her targets into a false sense of security.[8] She hoped to restore peace to the galaxy through absolute order,[3] being an staunch believer of ruling with an iron fist and having little mercy to those who disagreed with the goals of the First Order.[9]

Tierny used her persuasion skills to sow a wedge between Ryvora and her employer Yeager and friend Xiono, claiming that they had withheld information from her because they did not trust her.[5] She excelled at manipulation, often lulling her captured targets into a false sense of security before extracting their information.[9] Tierny also recognized that Ryvora would make a good asset to the First Order due to her piloting skills and offered her a place in the First Order.[5] Despite promoting a positive image of the First Order to Ryvora, Tierny did nothing to help stormtroopers who had fallen onto the landing platform at Doza Tower during the Battle of Castilon.[6]

Skills and abilities[]

As an intelligence agent, Tierny had access to information on enemies of the First Order including Kazuda Xiono and Jarek Yeager. As a master manipulator, Tierny was adept at sowing discord between Ryvora and her friends.[5] Tierny also knew how to wield a blaster.[6]


Tierny in uniform

As an agent of the First Order Security Bureau, Tierny wore its standard uniform. It had black shoulder armor with the First Order insignia in white, black chest armor, two holsters on each leg, a rank insignia of the First Order on her left arm with the inscription "FOSB" in Aurebesh and a black helmet. She also carried two RK-3 blaster pistols.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

"She's a security agent like Kallus, and they get to design their own gear. They don't really have the standard uniform, so her entire under suit is very police/SWAT team inspired."
Amy Beth Christenson on Tierny and her outfit[10]


Tierny was first pictured in the Star Wars Resistance Season One mid-season trailer[11] and later identified in a StarWars.com article with concept art for cosplayers for Celebration Chicago.[10] She is voiced by Sumalee Montano.[3]

The original outline of "Descent" had Commander Pyre as the one with the task to arrest and question Tam Ryvora instead of Tierny. In the episode's first draft, rather than an agent, Tierny was an admiral, but by the second draft, Tierny was redefined into an interrogation agent. Much of Tierny's look was inspired by real-world police gear, with her helmet being a mash-up between those worn by Darth Vader and Alexsandr Kallus.[12]

The spelling of Tierny's name has been inconsistent. Whereas the StarWars.com article with cosplay concept art refers to her as "Tierny"[10] as does her Databank entry,[8] the article about the development of "Descent" refers to her as "Tierney."[12] This article currently uses the first given spelling.



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