"Well, that's our destination. Tiferep Major. Population: two billion. Rebel sympathies at 67%."
―Chelli Lona Aphra[3]

Tiferep Major, also simply known as Tiferep, was a ringed terrestrial planet in the Mid Rim Territories and Western Reaches with a population of 2 billion, two-thirds of which sympathized with the Rebel Alliance in the Galactic Civil War. After decommissioning the wreckage-prison Accresker Jail due to a gundravian hookspore infestation at some point following the Battle of Yavin, the Galactic Empire set the facility on a collision course with Tiferep Major in order to eradicate the rebels there.

Seconds before Accresker Jail reached the planet, the Sith Lord Darth Vader had it held back with a tractor beam, wishing to board the prison in search of the rogue archaeologist Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra. As he did so, the Rebel Alliance evacuated its forces from the planet. After Vader abandoned his search, the prison was released, crashing into Tiferep Major and devastating the planet.


Tiferep Major was located in the Mid Rim Territories.

Tiferep Major,[3] also referred to as simply Tiferep,[4] was a terrestrial planet[3] located in an intersecting portion of the Mid Rim Territories[1] and the Western Reaches regions[2] capable of supporting sentient life.[3] Situated at the grid square L-17 of the Standard Galactic Grid, it was connected by hyperspace route to the astronomical body Kriselist and[1] the Chroman Labor Pits.[6] The planet's surface features included continental landmasses surrounded by oceans, with clouds in its atmosphere.[5] Tiferep Major had two orbiting moons and a planetary ring[3] that was disrupted by the fall of Accresker Jail. The impact of Accresker Jail formed a crater in the planet's surface,[4] leaving it cracked and broken, with asteroids forming from the debris.[7]


Rebel stronghold[]

"The jail will now be propelled on a collision trajectory at a rebel planet. Please be assured that your fiery vaporization will aid to the common good of the Galactic Empire."
―Accresker command[8]

Accresker Jail falls toward Tiferep Major.

During the Galactic Civil War between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Tiferep Major was a stronghold for the Rebellion,[5] with many of its inhabitants supporting the rebel cause.[3] Sometime after the Battle of Yavin,[9] an infestation of gundravian hookspores was discovered on the Imperial wreckage-prison Accresker Jail by one of the prisoners, the rogue archaeologist Chelli Lona Aphra. In response to the infectious fungus, which had also been imbued with the Force abilities of a dead Jedi, Accresker command declared that the prison was decommissioned,[8] evacuating the staff on escape pods.[3]

The Empire then fired Accresker Jail on a collision trajectory with Tiferep Major to eliminate both the rebel sympathizers on the planet and the hookspore infestation on the prison. Imperial Captain-Inspector Magna Tolvan, who had become stuck aboard the jail after attempting to rescue Aphra, contacted Imperial Sector Control, ordering it to abort the planetstrike. However, Sector Control ignored Tolvan's orders, believing she was a rebel impersonator, and Accresker Jail continued to plummet toward Tiferep Major.[3]

The fall of Accresker Jail[]

"Evacuation of rebel forces from the planet Tiferep is now complete. No idea why the Imps put a pause on the impact, but we figured we'd use the time to our advantage."
―Sana Starros, to General Hera Syndulla[4]

By the time that Accresker Jail reached Tiferep Major's ring system, ten minutes remained before it collided with the planet. When the prison was seconds away from the planet's surface, it was stopped by the tractor beam of[5] the Super Star Destroyer Executor, the flagship of Darth Vader.[4] The Dark Lord of the Sith, whom Tolvan had secretly contacted earlier,[3] had arrived at Accresker Jail, searching for the individual who had contacted him. Vader boarded the prison as it was held in place above Tiferep Major.[5]

Tiferep Major is struck by Accresker Jail.

Unbeknownst to the Empire, Sana Starros,[5] a former associate of Aphra's who had also been trapped aboard the prison after an unsuccessful attempt at extracting her for the Rebel Alliance,[8] escaped Accresker aboard an escape pod,[5] calling reinforcements to Tiferep Major. The Rebellion used the distraction to its advantage, evacuating the rebel forces offworld while Vader searched Accresker Jail. Vader briefly attacked the escaping rebels but abandoned his search, leaving the prison without Aphra.[4]

After Vader's departure, the tractor beam was disabled, and Accresker Jail continued to fall, breaking through Tiferep Major's ring system. When the former wreckage-prison finally crashed into Tiferep Major, it devastated the planet, leaving behind nothing but a large crater.[4]


"Thousands of rebel recruits."
"Millions of compliant civilians."
―Sana Starros and Magna Tolvan, on the possible casualties of Accresker Jail's collision[3]

Tiferep Major was home to a sizable population of 2 billion, 67 percent of which were supportive of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[3] The rebel inhabitants of the planet were evacuated shortly before Accresker Jail crashed into the surface.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Tiferep Major was first mentioned, albeit indirectly, in the comic Doctor Aphra (2016) 22, written by Simon Spurrier[8] and published on July 25, 2018.[10] It first appeared in the following issue, Doctor Aphra (2016) 23, written by Spurrier, penciled by Kev Walker,[3] and published on August 22, 2018.[11]



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