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Tig Fromm established this secret base in the Vaj Desert on Ingo. The operation of the base was largely handled by droids who kept it functioning and provided security.

The secret base was an underground complex of tunnels big enough for speeders to circulate connecting several installations for warehousing, administration, investigation and development duties to accommodate all the criminal activities and plans of the Fromm Gang. Activities that where being carried out to using underground hangar bays dedicated to the handling and maintenance operations in the secrecy of Fromm´s private criminal starship fleet thanks to the location of this subterranean hideout in the inhospitable Vaj Desert.


Tig Fromm in an office of his base on Ingo.

The rest of the base was dedicated to maintain and service the private Tig Fromm´s security army of droids which included Fromm Tower Droids. For this purpose boiler droids were used extensively.

Around 15 BBY, an important major security breach in the base happened due to the actions of Kea Moll, Thall Joben along with their droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO which were able to break into the secret base and rescue Thall's fellow friend Jord Dusat.

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