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"WOW! That's some scary–looking ship!"
―Nikki Idd[src]

The Annoo-dat gangster Tig Fromm, one of the leaders of the Fromm Gang criminal organization, used a starship as his personal space transport. The triangular-shaped starship was heavily armed and saw use during the early years of the Galactic Empire.


The starship of the Annoo-dat gangster Tig Fromm had a basic shape that was a slightly triangulated red and yellow colored disc with yellow landing gear on the underside. The ship had one large main engine with large blue and yellow fins on either side. The section of the ship situated on top of the disc was blue and yellow in color and had heavy armaments mounted on it.[1]


Tig Fromm, one of the leaders of Fromm Gang crime organization, used the starship[1] during the time of the Galactic Empire a few years after the Clone Wars.[2] Fromm once attempted to improve the ship's weaponry further by infiltrating the repair station of a Human scientist named Lonn Idd, who was known for his laser expertise. There Fromm forced Idd to install the scientist's new powerful laser by holding his son and daughter, Vik and Nikki, respectively, as hostages. After the laser was installed, protocol droid C-3PO and Vik managed to trap Fromm and his companions, who were handed over to the authorities afterwards.[1]

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Tig Fromm's ship was introduced in the June 1986 Marvel Comics issue Star Wars Droids 2: The Ultimate Weapon, which was written by Dave Manak and drawn by John Romita. In the comic, the ship was seen docked in Lonn Idd's repair station.



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