Tiion Gama Sal-Solo was the mother of Thrackan Sal-Solo and the aunt of Han Solo. Her husband, Randil Sal, died while Thrackan was still young. She was very reclusive, avoiding sentients to the point that all servants in her house on Tralus were droids. She was also unwilling to speak of her past, but there is some evidence that her family were, or claimed to be, direct heirs to the ancient Corellian kingship, and it seems that in her earliest childhood, her father Den Solo and her brother Jonash were abducted by pirates. When she first met Han she cried uncontrollably, possibly due to Han's resemblance to his father. During her weepings, Tiion kept saying "They're gone." Whether this meant Han's parents or not is unknown. Thrackan was known to be very protective of her.

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