"Stay strong, Tilden Kaah. With your help—and the help of all of us here—the Keshiri will finish the job."
―Adari Vaal[1]

Tilden Kaah was a male Keshiri, who lived on the planet Kesh in the years after the Great Hyperspace War. Kaah worked as the personal aide to Seelah Korsin, a member of a group of crash-landed Sith who assumed the position of rulers of the world after their arrival in 5000 BBY. However, Kaah was secretly working as an agent for a Keshiri resistance group, who were actively working to overthrow the Sith government. Kaah, a well-respected scholar, disguised himself as a superstitious simpleton and was able to evade the suspicions of Seelah and her husband, Sith leader Yaru Korsin. Kaah used his position managing Seelah's day-to-day activities to keep track of her and provide inside information to the leaders of the resistance. In 4985 BBY, Kaah informed his superiors of the purge of dozens of members of the Sith species, after the deaths of thousands of Keshiri due to the poisoning of several water supplies by a trusted advisor of Yaru Korsin, Ravilan Wroth. After that incident, Kaah continued his work with the Keshiri resistance until the group's collapse in 4975 BBY.


"It is done. Seelah has rid the Skyborn of the Fifty-seven. Of the people like them, only the bumpy man, Gloyd, remains."
―Tilden Kaah, reporting on the deaths of Ravilan Wroth and his compatriots to the Keshiri resistance[1]

Tilden Kaah was a male Keshiri native of the planet Kesh, a world that in 5000 BBY was visited by a group of crash-landed Sith claiming to be the Keshiri gods, the Skyborn. The Keshiri masses wholeheartedly believed the Sith, and the newcomers took their place as rulers of the planet—by 4985 BBY, Tilden Kaah was working as the attendant to Seelah Korsin, wife to Sith leader Yaru Korsin. Kaah, a well-respected scholar, hid his intellect from Korsin to further his work as a covert agent of a Keshiri resistance group opposed to the rule of the Sith. Kaah followed Korsin everywhere she went, and was responsible for the management of her day-to-day activities. Kaah was very much physically attracted to Korsin, who was in fantastic physical condition for her age, and the woman enjoyed his attentions, but did not return them. Although Kaah was in fact a highly-respected scholar, he played the part of superstitious fool in front of Korsin, lulling her into believing him not to be a threat. Kaah was valuable to the resistance effort, and he provided inside information on the activities of the Sith rulers of Kesh.[1]

By 4,985 BBY, Yaru Korsin had begun to spend a considerable amount of time with Adari Vaal, the individual who first discovered the Sith fifteen years earlier and a secret leader of the Keshiri resistance, and Seelah enlisted Kaah to spy on them. Kaah would follow them when they were on walks together, and would report back to Seelah periodically with his findings. That year, the population of the city Tetsubal mysteriously died under unusual circumstances. The only survivor was Ravilan Wroth, a trusted advisor for Yaru Korsin, who had been visiting several towns in the area. Seelah Korsin deduced that Wroth himself caused the mysterious plague that ravaged Tetsubal, and subsequently several other settlements, by poisoning local water supplies with cyanogen silicate. In convincing Yaru Korsin of her findings, Seelah called for a nervous Kaah to bring him a container of the chemical. As a result of the incident, Ravilan Wroth, along with the other members of the Sith species who remained from the 5,000 BBY crash, were wiped out. After the purge, Kaah reported the news to Adari Vaal and other high-ranking members of the resistance.[1] Kaah continued his work for the resistance for the next ten years, until the collapse of the Keshiri resistance in 4975 BBY.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"She thinks me a fool."
"She can't tell our great scholars from our fools."
―Tilden Kaah and a member of the Keshiri resistance[1]

Tilden Kaah was a very cunning individual, able to completely disguise his work for the Keshiri resistance from the likes of the Korsins. As such, although he was an intelligent and well-respected scholar, he deftly played the role of the fool, making sure to play up a superstitious belief in the divinity of the Sith. He was an able spy, not only keeping track of Seelah Korsin's activities for the resistance, but also keeping watch over the interactions between Yaru Korsin and Adari Vaal at Seelah's behest. However, although he was actively working against her, he was very attracted to Seelah—he frequently admired her in the mornings as she showered, never remembering that she could sense his presence through the Force. Kaah had purple skin and white hair.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Tilden Kaah made his first appearance in John Jackson Miller's 2009 eBook Lost Tribe of the Sith: Paragon.[1] He was also mentioned in Paragon's sequel, Lost Tribe of the Sith: Savior.[2]


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