"A shape! I've thrown a shape! I've invented form! I've invented mass! Oh, cleverest Tilotny!"

Tilotny was one of the non-corporeal spirits that inhabited a region near the Bedlam Pulsar and the first of her kind to take on a shape as they experimented with time and space. During the Galactic Civil War, Tilotny and three other spirits met Princess Leia Organa, who was forced to land on the planet Bedlam while running from three Imperial stormtroopers. Believing that she had invented form, Tilotny claimed she had created the beings, and decided to play with them, inadvertently killing them in the process. After tiring of her playthings, she left, leaving her fellow spirit Splendid Ap to clean up the mess. Splendid Ap revived Organa and the stormtroopers but accidentally transported the latter 8,000 years into the past.


"Everything has edges! And…and things happen one after another! Time! Tilotny has invented time! This is a novelty. This is a first thing!"

Tilotny takes physical form.

The omnipotent, transdimensional being known as Tilotny was one of the Bedlam Spirits who existed in the stark whiteness that digested hyperspace near the Bedlam Pulsar.[1] Generally abstract beings, Tilotny and her cohorts began experimenting with time, matter, and space[3] and, at some point during the Galactic Civil War, Tilotny took on a shape for the first time, materializing on the planet Bedlam in a form resembling a Human female. Although Tilotny was the first of her kind to take on a form, it was not long before other Bedlam Spirits replicated her achievement and Tilotny was soon joined on the planet by Horliss-Horliss, Cold Danda Sine and Splendid Ap. Believing herself to have invented form, Tilotny gladly took credit for creating the world around them when asked by Cold Danda Sine, though Horliss-Horliss wondered if it had already taken shape before their arrival.[2]

As the group discussed their new forms and surroundings, they met Princess Leia Organa, a member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic who had been forced to land on the planet and was being pursued by three Imperial stormtroopers. Tilotny claimed to have created Organa too, but when the stormtroopers arrived moments later, she was mocked by Cold Danda Sine for repeating a shape. Hoping to correct her apparent mistake, Tilotny used her powers to alter the form of one of the stormtroopers, crystallizing the trooper and inadvertently killing him. Horliss-Horliss was unimpressed by Tilotny's lack of subtlety and tried his own modification, killing Organa in a less obvious way by turning her heart into diamond while leaving the rest of her the same. Tilotny attempted once more to modify the beings, merging the two remaining stormtroopers into a single mass of writhing limbs that did not live long. Cold Danda Sine soon tired of the activity, however, and suggested that it was time to leave. Tilotny agreed, but Horliss-Horliss felt that, since Tilotny was the first to take shape, she should clean up the mess they had made of Organa and the stormtroopers. Tilotny refused, however, and instead instructed Splendid Ap to do so while she departed with the others. Splendid Ap restored the beings to life and their original forms, but unwittingly sent the stormtroopers 8,000 years into the past.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Tilotny will not tidy up. Let Splendid Ap, who is stupid, correct the disorder."

The Bedlam Spirits encounter Leia Organa.

Although she was an omnipotent being,[1] Tilotny was naive on matters of time and space.[2] She had an innocent, light-hearted manner[3] and saw her life-threatening experiments with the beings she encountered as little more than a game. The first of her kind to take on a physical form, Tilotny believed herself to have invented form, mass, and time and credited herself with creating the world around her and the sentient beings she encountered, refusing to believe that any forms could have existed before her. She was extremely proud of her achievement and felt that the newness of form was spoiled when her fellow spirits learned how to take shapes of their own, accusing them of copying her and looking down on the indistinct shape taken by Horliss-Horliss. When the others accused her of creating duplicate shapes upon seeing the stormtroopers, Tilotny blamed her apparent error on being distracted by her companions and, ashamed, attempted to correct her mistake, accidentally causing the deaths of the troopers. Tilotny, like the other Bedlam Spirits, soon lost interest in her playthings and decided to leave, refusing even to restore them to their previous state first. In her corporeal form, Tilotny resembled a Human female. Much larger than a real Human, she had green features, pale green eyes and long, waving green hair and floated above the surface of the planet.[2]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

"Nothing was before Tilotny made it be! How can shapes have shaped themselves without Tilotny?"

Tilotny was an omnipotent being[1] whose powers allowed her to casually manipulate time and mass. An abstract entity by nature, she had the power to take on a physical form of her own and was the first of her kind to discover how to do so. When in corporeal form, she was capable of levitating above the ground. Tilotny was also capable of altering the forms of those she encountered. She did not fully understand the extent of her powers or the consequences of her abilities, however. Assuming that she had created the stormtroopers she encountered, she attempted to modify them, but caused their deaths in the process.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Tilotny cruelly despised him, for she hated all things that were not of great beauty (though she was jealous of all that were). True to Cold Danda Sine’s plan, Typhojem spurned his mother, referring to her in his own blasphemous tongue as 'the great whore' and came to have affection for his father alone."
―Joseph Bongiorno, describing Tilotny's relationship with her son in his cancelled novella, Supernatural Encounters: The Trial and Transformation of Arhul Hextrophon[src]

Tilotny was created by Alan Moore for the 1981 comic story Tilotny Throws a Shape, which was published in the Marvel Comics UK comic book The Empire Strikes Back Monthly 154. Tilotny Throws a Shape was illustrated by John Stokes and was originally published in black and white.[4][5] It was later colored when reprinted by Dark Horse Comics in 1996's Classic Star Wars: Devilworlds 2, giving Tilotny her green appearance.[4][6] The character received an entry in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia and is also mentioned in 2009's The Essential Atlas, which established her as a Bedlam Spirit.[1][3]

Author Joe Bongiorno planned to detail Tilotny and the other Bedlam Spirits in a Star Wars Gamer article entitled "Supernatural Encounters in the Star Wars Universe" but the article was never completed after the magazine was canceled.[7] A similar novella entitled Supernatural Encounters: The Trial and Transformation of Arhul Hextrophon, written by Bongiorno for Hyperspace, was going to introduce Tilotny and Cold Danda Sine's firstborn son Typhojem, a tentacled creature intended to be a reference to Cthulhu. Tilotny would seek to kill the creature after laying eyes on it, but a laughing Cold Danda Sine would stay her hand and name the creature "Typhojem," the "Father of Shadows." As Tilotny was jealous of all things that were of great beauty and despised all things that were not, Typhojem would reciprocate his mother's hatred, referring to her as "the great whore" and only having affection for his father. However, like the Gamer article, the novella was never published.[8]

In the text of Supernatural Encounters, Tilotny is portrayed as one of the prime sources of evil in the Star Wars universe, her vanity turning to malice and hatred. She is the daughter of Wutzek, a Celestial, who flees her father at the dawn of time and incarnates in a material form in the future where she appears before Leia in "Tilotny Throws a Shape", then travels back in time with her fellow Bedlam Spirits to corrupt mortals to her service, appearing in the guise of Onrai the mother-goddess. She is the mother, with Cold Danda Sine, of Typhojem, Tharagorrogaraht, Ooradryl, and Mnggal-Mnggal; and, on her own, of Abeloth. Tilotny is tricked by Wutzek into transforming into the hideous El'Shuddem, the Soulworm, and kills herself out of shame. The Kaiburr crystal is her petrified heart.[9]

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia states that Tilotny existed near the Din Pulsar, but this was changed to the Bedlam Pulsar in The Essential Atlas.[1][3] Whereas the original comic shows Splendid Ap resurrecting Organa and the stormtroopers after Tilotny refuses, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia incorrectly states that Tilotny restored the beings.[2][3] The error was acknowledged by author Pablo Hidalgo during a ForceCast interview in late 2008.[10]



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