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"I can hardly believe it…where did the time go?"
"Where time always goes. There's a giant black hole in the center of the galaxy, and it just sucks it right up."
Bria Tharen and Lando Calrissian[src]

Time, a measurable part of the universe's structure in which events occur in sequence, was regulated by Galactic Standard Calendar (which was based around the Galactic standard second) in most places within the galaxy. The invention of hyperdrive allowed spacers to bypass the laws of time physics and keep time dilation from happening during interstellar travel. There were a number of individuals in the history of the galaxy who actually managed to time travel in ways which defied the standard sequence.

Some societies measured time with units other than those used by the Galactic Standard Calendar, such as kets, klekkets, grimnals, cergl-units, and progressions.

Time was ordered around the legendary conflict known as the Battle of Yavin.[1]


In major galactic society, historians have divided galactic history into multiple eras, usually defined by a series of conflicts or a specific ruling . These periods can be named after a particularly notable Chancellor, a war, a government, or for other reasons.

The following is a list of time period widely accepted by galactic society.

Name Begins Ends
Pre-Republic Era25,053 BBY
Expansionist Era25,053 BBY20,000 BBY
Great Manifest Period20,000 BBY17,018 BBY
Indecta Era17,018 BBY15,000 BBY
Kymoodon Era15,000 BBY11,987 BBY
Pius Dea Era11,987 BBY10,966 BBY
Ductavis Era10,966 BBY9000 BBY
Rianitus Period9000 BBY8000 BBY
Subterra Period8000 BBY7000 BBY
Manderon Period7000 BBY5000 BBY
Post-Manderon period5000 BBY4000 BBY
Old Sith Wars4000 BBY3950 BBY
Inter-Sith Wars period3950 BBY2000 BBY
Draggulch Period / New Sith Wars2000 BBY1000 BBY
Great Peace of the Republic1000 BBY22 BBY
Imperial Period22 BBY4 ABY
Post-Imperial period4 ABY


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