Time Tales is a widely renowned Star Wars fan-made timeline that had its beginnings in 1996. Created by Christoper McElroy, the timeline first appeared online at Roderick Vonhogen's (a Catholic priest from the Netherlands) Star Wars Virtual Edition website. Soon after, Michael Potts, from Australia, contacted Chris McElroy and offered his own research and advice, and a collaborative partnership was born. The pair complemented each other with their "bricks and mortar" approach, McElroy writing story summaries, and Potts providing all the filler information.

1997 saw Time Tales being hosted by TheForce.Net. Time Tales grew at an exponential rate, the document now over 1100 pages in length. Time Tales offers both an online version, which is illustrated (unique among Star Wars fandom timelines), and a downloadable Microsoft Word document.

Also available on the Time Tales website are Star Wars family trees, created by Potts, and "Dune Sea Scroll," created by McElroy. These documents are expanded transcripts of the Star Wars films and radio dramas. Another feature of their website is "Arcana Historica", which is a presentation of long-forgotten, unreprinted Star Wars adventures and nonfiction literature. Many have never been seen by the casual Star Wars fan; some even the more knowledgable fan has not seen.

Not only has Time Tales been widely recognized among fans, but authors as well. Christopher McElroy and Michael Potts have been acknowledged in the Force Heretic trilogy written by Sean Williams and Shane Dix. They have also been acknowledged by Daniel Wallace in The Essential Chronology, the official Star Wars timeline guidebook published by Lucasfilm.

Time Tales has also been translated into other languages by other fans.

The official website has been "closed for reconstruction" since 2003.

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