This Star Wars Legends article contains information that is affected by the Star Wars: The Clone Wars project.

A definitive Legends Clone Wars timeline was never established by Lucasfilm. The exact chronology of the events described in this article is currently unknown.

This is a timeline for novels, young adult books, and eBooks in the Expanded Universe/Legends continuity. It is not for comics or short stories in Legends continuity. This timeline is organized by chronology, and separated by era, as defined by Lucas Licensing.

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PreRepublicEraIcon Before the Republic

25,793 BBYDawn of the Jedi: Into the VoidTim Lebbon2013-05-07

Era-old Old Republic era

50002975 BBYStar Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: The Collected StoriesJohn Jackson Miller2012-07-24
5000 BBYLost Tribe of the Sith 1: Precipice2009-05-28
Lost Tribe of the Sith 2: Skyborn2009-07-21
4985 BBYLost Tribe of the Sith 3: Paragon2010-02-10
4975 BBYLost Tribe of the Sith 4: Savior2010-04-27
3960 BBYLost Tribe of the Sith 5: Purgatory2010-10-25
Lost Tribe of the Sith 6: Sentinel2011-02-21
3954 BBY (Part 1)
3950 BBY (Part 2)
3900 BBY (Epilogue)
The Old Republic: RevanDrew Karpyshyn2011-11-15
3653 BBYThe Old Republic: DeceivedPaul S. Kemp2011-03-22
3645 BBYRed HarvestJoe Schreiber2010-12-28
3643 BBYThe Old Republic: Fatal AllianceSean Williams2010-07-20
3640 BBYThe Old Republic: AnnihilationDrew Karpyshyn2012-11-13
3000 BBYLost Tribe of the Sith 7: PantheonJohn Jackson Miller2011-07-18
Lost Tribe of the Sith 8: Secrets2012-03-05
2975 BBYLost Tribe of the Sith: PandemoniumJohn Jackson Miller2012-07-24
1032 BBYKnight ErrantJohn Jackson Miller2011-01-25
10031000 BBYDarth Bane: Path of DestructionDrew Karpyshyn2006-09-26
1000990 BBYDarth Bane: Rule of Two2007-12-26
980 BBYDarth Bane: Dynasty of Evil2009-12-08

Era-imp Rise of the Empire era

89 BBY (Part 1)
76 BBY (Part 2)
44 BBY (Part 3)
22 BBY (Part 4)
Legacy of the JediJude Watson2003-08-01
6765 BBY (Part 1)
5452 BBY (Part 2)
3432 BBY (Part 3)
Darth PlagueisJames Luceno2012-01-10
5121 BBYThe Wrath of Darth MaulRyder Windham2012-01-01
44 BBYJedi Apprentice 1: The Rising ForceDave Wolverton1999-05-03
Jedi Apprentice 2: The Dark RivalJude Watson1999-05-03
Jedi Apprentice 3: The Hidden Past1999-08-01
Jedi Apprentice 4: The Mark of the Crown1999-10-01
Jedi Apprentice 5: The Defenders of the Dead1999-12-01
Jedi Apprentice 6: The Uncertain Path2000-02-01
Jedi Apprentice 7: The Captive Temple2000-04-01
Jedi Apprentice 8: The Day of Reckoning2000-06-01
Jedi Apprentice 9: The Fight for Truth2000-08-01
Jedi Apprentice 10: The Shattered Peace2000-10-01
44 BBY (Part 1)
29 BBY (Part 2)
Jedi Apprentice Special Edition: Deceptions2001-07-01
44 BBY9 ABYThe Life and Legend of Obi-Wan KenobiRyder Windham2008-08-27
43 BBYJedi Apprentice 11: The Deadly HunterJude Watson2000-12-01
Jedi Apprentice 12: The Evil Experiment2001-02-01
Jedi Apprentice 13: The Dangerous Rescue2001-04-01
41 BBYJedi Apprentice 14: The Ties That Bind2001-08-01
Jedi Apprentice 15: The Death of Hope2001-10-01
Jedi Apprentice 16: The Call to Vengeance2001-12-01
40 BBYJedi Apprentice 17: The Only Witness2002-02-01
Jedi Apprentice 18: The Threat Within2002-03-01
39 BBY (Part 1)
29 BBY (Part 2)
Jedi Apprentice Special Edition: The Followers2002-04-01
39 BBY (Part 1)
22 BBY (Part 2)
Secrets of the Jedi2005-03-01
39 BBY4 ABYThe Rise and Fall of Darth VaderRyder Windham2007-10-01
33 BBYDarth Maul: SaboteurJames Luceno2001-02-15
Maul: LockdownJoe Schreiber2014-01-28
3332 BBYEpisode I Adventures 1: Search for the Lost JediRyder Windham1999-09-01
Episode I Adventures Game Book 1: Search for the Lost Jedi
Episode I Adventures 2: The Bartokk Assassins1999-10-01
Episode I Adventures Game Book 2: The Bartokk Assassins
Episode I Adventures 3: The Fury of Darth Maul1999-11-01
Episode I Adventures Game Book 3: The Fury of Darth Maul
Episode I Adventures 4: Jedi Emergency1999-12-01
Episode I Adventures Game Book 4: Jedi Emergency
Episode I Adventures 5: The Ghostling ChildrenDave Wolverton2000-01-01
Episode I Adventures Game Book 5: The Ghostling Children
Star Wars Adventures 7: The Ghostling Children
Star Wars Adventures Game Book 7: The Ghostling Children
Episode I Adventures 6: The Hunt for Anakin Skywalker2000-02-01
Episode I Adventures Game Book 6: The Hunt for Anakin Skywalker
Star Wars Adventures 8: The Hunt for Anakin Skywalker
Star Wars Adventures Game Book 8: The Hunt for Anakin Skywalker
Episode I Adventures 7: Capture Arawynne2000-03-01
Episode I Adventures Game Book 7: Capture Arawynne
Star Wars Adventures 9: Capture Arawynne
Star Wars Adventures Game Book 9: Capture Arawynne
Episode I Adventures 8: Trouble on Tatooine2000-04-01
Episode I Adventures Game Book 8: Trouble on Tatooine
Star Wars Adventures 10: Trouble on Tatooine
Star Wars Adventures Game Book 10: Trouble on Tatooine
Episode I Adventures 9: Rescue in the CoreRyder Windham2000-05-01
Episode I Adventures Game Book 9: Rescue in the Core
Episode I Adventures 10: Festival of Warriors2000-06-01
Episode I Adventures Game Book 10: Festival of Warriors
Episode I Adventures 11: Pirates from Beyond the Sea2000-07-01
Episode I Adventures Game Book 11: Pirates from Beyond the Sea
Episode I Adventures 12: The Bongo Rally2000-08-01
Episode I Adventures Game Book 12: The Bongo Rally
32 BBYCloak of DeceptionJames Luceno2001-05-29
Darth Maul: Shadow HunterMichael Reaves2001-01-30
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenaceTerry Brooks1999-04-21
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenacePatricia C. Wrede1999-05-03
Journal: Anakin SkywalkerTodd Strasser1999-05-03
Journal: Darth MaulJude Watson2000-03
Journal: Queen Amidala1999-05-03
Episode I Adventures 13: Danger on NabooA. L. Singer2000-09-01
Episode I Adventures Game Book 13: Danger on Naboo
Star Wars Adventures 11: Danger on Naboo
Star Wars Adventures Game Book 11: Danger on Naboo
Episode I Adventures 14: Podrace to Freedom2000-10-01
Episode I Adventures Game Book 14: Podrace to Freedom
Star Wars Adventures 12: Podrace to Freedom
Star Wars Adventures Game Book 12: Podrace to Freedom
Episode I Adventures 15: The Final Battle2000-11-01
Episode I Adventures Game Book 15: The Final Battle
Star Wars Adventures 13: The Final Battle
Star Wars Adventures Game Book 13: The Final Battle
29 BBYRogue PlanetGreg Bear2000-05-02
28 BBYJedi Quest: Path to TruthJude Watson2001-09
27 BBYJedi Quest 1: The Way of the ApprenticeJude Watson2002-04-23
Outbound FlightTimothy Zahn2006-01-31
Jedi Quest 2: The Trail of the JediJude Watson2002-04-23
Jedi Quest 3: The Dangerous Games2002-08-01
25 BBYJedi Quest 4: The Master of Disguise2002-11-01
Jedi Quest 5: The School of Fear2003-02-01
Jedi Quest 6: The Shadow Trap2003-05-01
Jedi Quest 7: The Moment of Truth2003-11-01
24 BBYJedi Quest 8: The Changing of the Guard2004-03-01
Jedi Quest 9: The False Peace2004-07-01
23 BBYJedi Quest 10: The Final Showdown2004-11-01
Star Wars Adventures 1: Hunt the Sun RunnerRyder Windham2002-10
Star Wars Adventures Game Book 1: Hunt the Sun Runner
Star Wars Adventures 2: The Cavern of Screaming Skulls2002-11
Star Wars Adventures Game Book 2: The Cavern of Screaming Skulls
Star Wars Adventures 3: The Hostage Princess2002-12
Star Wars Adventures Game Book 3: The Hostage Princess
Star Wars Adventures 4: Jango Fett vs. the Razor Eaters2003-01
Star Wars Adventures Game Book 4: Jango Fett vs. the Razor Eaters
Star Wars Adventures 5: The Shape-Shifter Strikes2003-02
Star Wars Adventures Game Book 5: The Shape-Shifter Strikes
Star Wars Adventures 6: The Warlords of Balmorra2003-03
Star Wars Adventures Game Book 6: The Warlords of Balmorra
22 BBYThe Approaching StormAlan Dean Foster2002-01-29
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the ClonesR. A. Salvatore2002-04-23
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the ClonesPatricia C. Wrede2002-04-23
Boba Fett 1: The Fight to SurviveTerry Bisson2002-04-23
Boba Fett 2: Crossfire2002-11-01
Boba Fett 3: Maze of DeceptionElizabeth Hand2003-04
The Cestus DeceptionSteven Barnes2004-06-01
The Hive2004-05-27
Jedi TrialDavid Sherman & Dan Cragg2004-10-26
The Clone WarsKaren Traviss2008-07-26
The Clone WarsTracey West2008-07-26
The Clone Wars: Grievous Attacks!Veronica Wasserman, Tracey West & Rob Valois2009-02-05
The Clone Wars: Bounty Hunter: Boba FettJason Fry2010-05-13
The Clone Wars: Defenders of the RepublicRob Valois2010-10-07
The Clone Wars: Warriors of the Deep2011
The Clone Wars: Secret Missions 1: Breakout SquadRyder Windham2009-09-03
The Clone Wars: Secret Missions 2: Curse of the Black Hole Pirates2010-07-22
The Clone Wars: Secret Missions 3: Duel at Shattered Rock2011-03-03
The Clone Wars: Secret Missions 4: Guardians of the Chiss Key2012-03-15
The Clone Wars: Wild SpaceKaren Miller2008-12-09
Boba Fett 4: HuntedElizabeth Hand2003-10-01
Republic Commando: Hard ContactKaren Traviss2004-10-26
ShatterpointMatthew Stover2003-06-03
The Clone Wars: No PrisonersKaren Traviss2009-05-19
Republic Commando: Triple Zero2006-02-28
21 BBYClone Wars Gambit: StealthKaren Miller2010-02-23
Clone Wars Gambit: Siege2010-07-06
Republic Commando: True ColorsKaren Traviss2007-10-30
20 BBYThe Clone Wars: Darth Maul: Shadow ConspiracyJason Fry2013-01-01
MedStar I: Battle SurgeonsMichael Reaves & Steve Perry2004-06-29
MedStar II: Jedi Healer2004-09-28
19 BBYYoda: Dark RendezvousSean Stewart2004-11-23
Boba Fett 5: A New ThreatElizabeth Hand2004-04-01
Boba Fett 6: Pursuit2004-12
Labyrinth of EvilJames Luceno2005-01-25
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the SithMatthew Stover2005-04-02
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the SithPatricia C. Wrede2005-04-02
Republic Commando: Order 66Karen Traviss2008-09-16
KenobiJohn Jackson Miller2013-08-27
Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth VaderJames Luceno2005-11-22
Imperial Commando: 501stKaren Traviss2009-10-27
Coruscant Nights I: Jedi TwilightMichael Reaves2008-06-24
18 BBYThe Last of the Jedi 1: The Desperate MissionJude Watson2005-05-01
The Last of the Jedi 2: Dark Warning2005-09-01
The Last of the Jedi 3: Underworld2005-12-01
The Last of the Jedi 4: Death on Naboo2006-04-01
Coruscant Nights II: Street of ShadowsMichael Reaves2008-08-26
The Last of the Jedi 5: A Tangled WebJude Watson2006-07
The Last of the Jedi 6: Return of the Dark Side2006-11-17
The Last of the Jedi 7: Secret Weapon2007-03
The Last of the Jedi 8: Against the Empire2007-10
The Last of the Jedi 9: Master of Deception2008-02-01
The Last of the Jedi 10: Reckoning2008-05-07
Coruscant Nights III: Patterns of ForceMichael Reaves & Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff2009-01-27
1817 BBYThe Last Jedi2013-02-26
15 BBY4 ABYA New Hope: The Life of Luke SkywalkerRyder Windham2009-09-01
10 BBYThe Han Solo Trilogy 1: The Paradise SnareA. C. Crispin1997-05-05
54 BBYThe Han Solo Trilogy 2: The Hutt Gambit1997-09
5 BBY10 ABYTales from the EmpireVarious1997-11-03
32 BBYThe Force UnleashedSean Williams2008-08-19
Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of SharuL. Neil Smith1983-07-12
Lando Calrissian and the Flamewind of Oseon1983-09-12
Lando Calrissian and the Starcave of ThonBoka1983-11-12
30 BBYDeath StarMichael Reaves& Steve Perry2007-10-16
21 BBYHan Solo at Stars' EndBrian Daley1979-04-12
Han Solo's Revenge1979-10-12
Han Solo and the Lost Legacy1980-08-12
Adventures in Hyperspace: Fire Ring RaceRyder Windham2010-06-01
Adventures in Hyperspace: Shinbone Showdown2010-06-01
20 BBYThe Han Solo Trilogy 3: Rebel DawnA. C. Crispin1998-03-09
1 BBYThe Force Unleashed IISean Williams2010-10-05
Dark Forces: Soldier for the EmpireWilliam C. Dietz1997-02-15
Death TroopersJoe Schreiber2009-10-13

Era-reb Rebellion era

0 BBY18 ABYTales from the New RepublicVarious1999-12-01
0 BBYShadow GamesMichael Reaves & Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff2011-11-29
Star Wars Episode IV: A New HopeAlan Dean Foster1976-11-12
Star Wars Episode IV: A New HopeRyder Windham2004-10-01
Journal: The Fight for JusticeJohn Peel 1998-07
Journal: Captive to EvilJude Watson 1998-07
Tales from the Mos Eisley CantinaVarious1995-08
0 ABYStar Wars Missions 1: Assault on Yavin FourRyder Windham1997-09-01
Star Wars Missions 2: Escape from Thyferra1997-10-01
Star Wars Missions 3: Attack on Delrakkin1997-11-01
Star Wars Missions 4: Destroy the Liquidator1997-12-01
Star Wars Missions 17: Darth Vader's ReturnRyder Windham1999-01-01
Star Wars Missions 18: Rogue Squadron to the Rescue1999-02-01
Star Wars Missions 19: Bounty on Bonadan1999-03-01
Star Wars Missions 20: Total Destruction1999-04-01
Winner Lose AllTimothy Zahn2012-12-10
Rebel Force 1: TargetAlex Wheeler2008-12-02
Rebel Force 2: Hostage2009-01-01
Rebel Force 3: Renegade2009-05-01
Rebel Force 4: Firefight2009-09-01
Rebel Force 5: Trapped2010-01-01
AllegianceTimothy Zahn2007-01-30
Rebel Force 6: UprisingAlex Wheeler2010-05-01
Star Wars Science Adventures 1: Emergency in Escape Pod FourJude Watson & K.D. Burkett1999-02
Star Wars Science Adventures 2: Journey Across Planet X1999-02
Star Wars Missions 9: Revolt of the Battle DroidsDave Wolverton1998-05-01
Star Wars Missions 10: Showdown in Mos EisleyRyder Windham1998-06-01
Star Wars Missions 11: Bounty Hunters vs. Battle Droids1998-07-01
Star Wars Missions 12: The Vactooine Disaster1998-08-01
Galaxy of Fear 1: Eaten AliveJohn Whitman1997-01-01
Galaxy of Fear 2: City of the Dead1997-01-01
Galaxy of Fear 3: Planet Plague1997-04-01
Galaxy of Fear 4: The Nightmare Machine1997-05-12
Galaxy of Fear 5: Ghost of the Jedi1997-07-07
Galaxy of Fear 6: Army of Terror1997-09-08
Choices of OneTimothy Zahn2011-07-19
Galaxy of Fear 7: The Brain SpidersJohn Whitman1997-11-10
Galaxy of Fear 8: The Swarm1998-01-12
Galaxy of Fear 9: Spore1998-03-09
Galaxy of Fear 10: The Doomsday Ship1998-05-11
Galaxy of Fear 11: Clones1998-08
1 ABYGalaxy of Fear 12: The Hunger1998-09-08
Star Wars Missions 5: The Hunt for Han SoloDave Wolverton1998-01-01
Star Wars Missions 6: The Search for Grubba the Hutt1998-02-01
Star Wars Missions 7: Ithorian Invasion1998-03-01
Star Wars Missions 8: Togorian Trap1998-04-01
Honor Among ThievesJames S. A. Corey2014-03-04
Galaxies: The Ruins of DantooineVoronica Whitney-Robinson & Haden Blackman2003-12-30
Star Wars Missions 13: Prisoner of the Nikto PiratesDave Wolverton1998-09-01
Star Wars Missions 14: The Monsters of Dweem1998-10-01
Star Wars Missions 15: Voyage to the Underworld1998-11-01
Star Wars Missions 16: Imperial Jailbreak1998-12-01
2 ABYSplinter of the Mind's EyeAlan Dean Foster1978-02-12
Razor's EdgeMartha Wells2013-08-30
3 ABYStar Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes BackDonald F. Glut1980-04-12
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes BackRyder Windham2004-10-01
34 ABYTales of the Bounty HuntersVarious1996-12
Shadows of the EmpireSteve Perry1996-05
Shadows of the EmpireChristopher Golden1996-10-01
4 ABYTales from Jabba's PalaceVarious1995-12-01
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the JediJames Kahn1983-05-12
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the JediRyder Windham2004-10-01
Journal: Hero for HireDonna Tauscher 1998-07
The Bounty Hunter Wars 1: The Mandalorian ArmorK. W. Jeter1998-06
The Bounty Hunter Wars 2: Slave Ship1998-10
The Bounty Hunter Wars 3: Hard Merchandise1999-07-06
The Truce at BakuraKathy Tyers1994-01

Era-new New Republic era

5 ABYJedi Prince 1: The Glove of Darth VaderPaul Davids & Hollace Davids1992-06-01
Jedi Prince 2: The Lost City of the Jedi1992-06-01
Jedi Prince 3: Zorba the Hutt's Revenge1992-07-01
Jedi Prince 4: Mission from Mount Yoda1993-01-01
Jedi Prince 5: Queen of the Empire1993-03-01
Jedi Prince 6: Prophets of the Dark Side1993-04-01
Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of MindorMatthew Stover2008-12-30
Dark Forces: Rebel AgentWilliam C. Dietz1998-03-11
Dark Forces: Jedi Knight1998-10-14
67 ABYX-Wing: Rogue SquadronMichael A. Stackpole1996-01-01
7 ABYX-Wing: Wedge's Gamble1996-05-02
X-Wing: The Krytos Trap1996-10-02
X-Wing: The Bacta War1997-02-06
X-Wing: Wraith SquadronAaron Allston1998-02-02
X-Wing: Iron Fist1998-07-06
78 ABYX-Wing: Solo Command1999-02-02
8 ABYThe Courtship of Princess LeiaDave Wolverton1994-05-01
Corphelion InterludeTroy Denning2003
A Forest Apart2003-02
Tatooine Ghost2003-03-04
9 ABYThe Thrawn Trilogy: Heir to the EmpireTimothy Zahn1991-06
The Thrawn Trilogy: Dark Force Rising1992-06
The Thrawn Trilogy: The Last Command1993-05
X-Wing: Isard's RevengeMichael A. Stackpole1999-04-13
11 ABYThe Jedi Academy Trilogy: Jedi SearchKevin J. Anderson1994-03-01
The Jedi Academy Trilogy: Dark Apprentice1994-07-01
The Jedi Academy Trilogy: Champions of the Force1994-09-01
I, JediMichael A. Stackpole1998-05-04
12 ABYChildren of the JediBarbara Hambly1995-05
DarksaberKevin J. Anderson1995-11-01
13 ABYX-Wing: Starfighters of AdumarAaron Allston1999-08-03
Planet of TwilightBarbara Hambly1997-05
14 ABYThe Crystal StarVonda N. McIntyre1994-12-08
1617 ABYThe Black Fleet Crisis: Before the StormMichael P. Kube-McDowell1996-03-01
The Black Fleet Crisis: Shield of Lies1996-08-01
The Black Fleet Crisis: Tyrant's Test1996-12-01
17 ABYThe New RebellionKristine Kathryn Rusch1996-12
18 ABYStar Wars: The Corellian Trilogy 1: Ambush at CorelliaRoger MacBride Allen1995-02-02
Star Wars: The Corellian Trilogy 2: Assault at Selonia1995-07
Star Wars: The Corellian Trilogy 3: Showdown at Centerpoint1995-10
19 ABYThe Hand of Thrawn Duology 1: Specter of the PastTimothy Zahn1997-11-03
The Hand of Thrawn Duology 2: Vision of the Future1998-09-01
ScourgeJeff Grubb2012-04-24
22 ABYJunior Jedi Knights 1: The Golden GlobeNancy Richardson1995-10-01
Junior Jedi Knights 2: Lyric's World1996-01-01
Junior Jedi Knights 3: Promises1996-04-01
Junior Jedi Knights 4: Anakin's QuestRebecca Moesta1997-05-01
Junior Jedi Knights 5: Vader's Fortress1997-07-01
Junior Jedi Knights 6: Kenobi's Blade1997-09-01
Fool's BargainTimothy Zahn2004-02-03
Survivor's Quest2004-02-03
23 ABYYoung Jedi Knights 1: Heirs of the ForceKevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta1995-06-01
Young Jedi Knights 2: Shadow Academy1995-09-01
Young Jedi Knights 3: The Lost Ones1995-12-01
Young Jedi Knights 4: Lightsabers1996-03-01
Young Jedi Knights 5: Darkest Knight1996-06-01
Young Jedi Knights 6: Jedi Under Siege1996-09-01
2324 ABYYoung Jedi Knights 7: Shards of Alderaan1997-01-01
24 ABYYoung Jedi Knights 8: Diversity Alliance1997-04-01
Young Jedi Knights 9: Delusions of Grandeur1997-07-01
Young Jedi Knights 10: Jedi Bounty1997-10-01
Young Jedi Knights 11: The Emperor's Plague1998-01-01
Young Jedi Knights 12: Return to Ord Mantell1998-05-01
Young Jedi Knights 13: Trouble on Cloud City1998-08-01
Young Jedi Knights 14: Crisis at Crystal Reef1998-12-01

Era-njo New Jedi Order era

2425 ABYBoba Fett: A Practical ManKaren Traviss2006-08
25 ABYThe New Jedi Order: Vector PrimeR. A. Salvatore1999-10-05
The New Jedi Order: Dark Tide I: OnslaughtMichael A. Stackpole2000-02-01
The New Jedi Order: Dark Tide II: Ruin2000-06-06
The New Jedi Order: Agents of Chaos I: Hero's TrialJames Luceno2000-08-01
The New Jedi Order: Agents of Chaos II: Jedi Eclipse2000-10-03
26 ABYThe New Jedi Order: Balance PointKathy Tyers2000-10-31
The New Jedi Order: RecoveryTroy Denning2001-10-01
The New Jedi Order: Edge of Victory I: ConquestGreg Keyes2001-04-03
The New Jedi Order: Edge of Victory II: Rebirth2001-07-31
27 ABYThe New Jedi Order: Star by StarTroy Denning2001-10-30
The New Jedi Order: Dark JourneyElaine Cunningham2002-01-29
The New Jedi Order: Enemy Lines I: Rebel DreamAaron Allston2002-03-26
The New Jedi Order: Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand2002-05-28
The New Jedi Order: TraitorMatthew Stover2002-07-30
28 ABYThe New Jedi Order: Destiny's WayWalter Jon Williams2002-10-01
The New Jedi Order: Ylesia2002-09
The New Jedi Order: Force Heretic I: RemnantSean Williams & Shane Dix2003-02-04
The New Jedi Order: Force Heretic II: Refugee2003-04-29
2829 ABYThe New Jedi Order: Force Heretic III: Reunion2003-07-01
29 ABYThe New Jedi Order: The Final ProphecyGreg Keyes2003-09-30
The New Jedi Order: The Unifying ForceJames Luceno2003-11-04
35 ABYDark Nest I: The Joiner KingTroy Denning2005-07-26
36 ABYDark Nest II: The Unseen Queen2005-09-27
Dark Nest III: The Swarm War2005-12-27

Era-leg Legacy era

40 ABYLegacy of the Force: BetrayalAaron Allston2006-05-30
Legacy of the Force: BloodlinesKaren Traviss2006-08-29
Legacy of the Force: TempestTroy Denning2006-11-28
Legacy of the Force: ExileAaron Allston2007-02-27
Legacy of the Force: SacrificeKaren Traviss2007-05-29
Legacy of the Force: InfernoTroy Denning2007-08-28
Legacy of the Force: FuryAaron Allston2007-11-27
41 ABY Legacy of the Force: RevelationKaren Traviss2008-02-26
Legacy of the Force: InvincibleTroy Denning2008-05-13
CrosscurrentPaul S. Kemp2010-01-26
43 ABYMillennium FalconJames Luceno2008-10-21
Fate of the Jedi: OutcastAaron Allston2009-03-24
Fate of the Jedi: OmenChristie Golden2009-06-23
Fate of the Jedi: AbyssTroy Denning2009-08-18
Fate of the Jedi: BacklashAaron Allston2010-03-09
44 ABYFate of the Jedi: AlliesChristie Golden2010-05-25
Fate of the Jedi: VortexTroy Denning2010-11-30
Fate of the Jedi: ConvictionAaron Allston2011-05-24
Fate of the Jedi: AscensionChristie Golden2011-08-09
Fate of the Jedi: ApocalypseTroy Denning2011-11-16
X-Wing: Mercy KillAaron Allston2012-08-07
45 ABYCrucibleTroy Denning2013-07-09


Alien ExodusRobert J. Sawyer
MandorlaAlex Irvine
Escape from DaguWilliam C. Dietz
Imperial Commando 2Karen Traviss (Original author)
Adventures in Hyperspace: The Big SwitchRyder Windham
Adventures in Hyperspace: The Last Blade MasterRyder Windham
LightsiderTom Veitch
The New Jedi Order: Dark Tide: SiegeMichael A. Stackpole
The New Jedi Order: Knightfall I: Jedi StormMichael Jan Friedman
The New Jedi Order: Knightfall II: Jedi FireMichael Jan Friedman
The New Jedi Order: Knightfall III: Jedi BloodMichael Jan Friedman
Blood OathElaine Cunningham
Untitled Boba Fett novelKaren Traviss
Sword of the Jedi trilogyChristie Golden
The Heart of the JediKenneth C. Flint
Legacy of DoomMargaret Weis
Untitled duologyPaul S. Kemp
Untitled trilogyTroy Denning
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