This is a list of video games within the Star Wars Legends continuity.


Old Republic eraEdit

3956 BBYKnights of the Old RepublicBioWare
3951 BBYKnights of the Old Republic II: The Sith LordsObsidian Entertainment
36433641 BBYThe Old RepublicBioWare
c. 3639 BBYThe Old Republic: Rise of the Hutt Cartel
c. 3638 BBYThe Old Republic: Galactic Starfighter
c. 3638 BBYThe Old Republic: Galactic Strongholds
c. 3638 BBYThe Old Republic: Shadow of Revan
3637 BBY3631 BBYThe Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire
3630 BBYThe Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne
The Old Republic: Onslaught
3000 BBY[1]4 ABYGalactic BattlegroundsEnsemble Studios


Rise of the Empire eraEdit

32 BBYEpisode I: The Phantom MenaceBig Ape Productions
Obi-Wan's AdventuresHotGen Studios
Battle for NabooFactor 5
Star Wars Racer ArcadeSega
Episode I Racer
Episode I Jedi Power Battles
Bounty Hunter
Early Learning Activity CenterLucas Learning
Yoda's Challenge Activity Center
Star Wars Math: Jabba's Game Galaxy
Pit Droids
Jar Jar's Journey
Racer Rush
32 BBY19 BBYPlug it in and Play: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the SithJakksTVGames
32 BBY4 ABYBattlefrontPandemic Studios
c. 32 BBYEpisode I: The Gungan FrontierLucas Learning
24 BBYRacer RevengeRainbow Studios
22 BBYEpisode II: Attack of the ClonesTHQ
Jedi StarfighterLucasArts
The Clone WarsPandemic Studios
2219 BBYBattle for the RepublicTHQ Wireless
Republic CommandoLucasArts
22 BBY3 ABYBattlefront IIPandemic Studios
22 BBYBattlefront: Mobile SquadronsMikoishi
22 BBY6 ABYGalactic Battlegrounds: Clone CampaignsEnsemble Studios
21 BBYThe New Droid ArmyTHQ
The Clone Wars (Didj)LeapFrog
The Clone Wars: Jedi Trials
Jedi Math
Clone Wars AdventuresSony Online Entertainment
The Clone Wars: Jedi AllianceLucasArts
Path of the Jedi
Yoda Battle Slash
Republic Ace
The Clone Wars: Clones vs.
The Clone Wars: Live Fire
The Clone Wars: Sharpshooter
Gunship Over Florrum
Swamp Station Sweep
Droids Over Iego
Clone Weapons Training
Force Jump Training
Air Strike
Jetpack Trooper
Cad Bane: Jedi Hunter
The Clone Wars: Lightsaber DuelsKrome Studios
The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes
The Clone Wars mobile gameTHQ Wireless
19 BBYEpisode III: Revenge of the SithThe Collective, Inc.
Grievous GetawayTHQ Wireless
Battle Above Coruscant
19 BBY—? ABYBattlefront: Elite SquadronLucasArts
c. 15 BBYDroids: Escape from AaronMastertronic
32 BBYThe Force UnleashedLucasArts
2 BBYThe Force Unleashed IILucasArts
c. 2 BBY or afterDeath Star DesignerUbisoft
1 BBYEmpire at WarPetroglyph


Rebellion eraEdit

0 BBYRebel AssaultLucasArts
Lethal AllianceUbisoft
The Arcade GameAtari
Star Wars Namco
Star WarsJVC
Trench Run
Super Star WarsSculptured Software
X-WingTotally Games
0 BBY1 ABYDark ForcesLucasArts
0 BBY3 ABYRogue SquadronFactor 5
0 BBY4 ABYStar Wars Trilogy ArcadeSega
Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of the ForceNintendo
Flight of the FalconTHQ
Rogue Squadron II: Rogue LeaderFactor 5
0 BBY6 ABYForce CommanderLucasArts
0 ABYRebellionCoolhand Interactive
X-Wing Tour of Duty: Imperial PursuitTotally Games
03 ABYX-Wing Tour of Duty: B-wing
Star Wars: Assault TeamDisney Interactive
04 ABYBattlefront: Renegade SquadronRebellion Developments
Rogue Squadron III: Rebel StrikeFactor 5
1 ABYGalaxiesSony Online Entertainment
Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed
Galaxies: Rage of the Wookiees
Galaxies: Trials of Obi-Wan
3 ABYThe Empire Strikes BackParker Brothers
The Empire Strikes Back (NES)JVC
The Empire Strikes Back MobileTHQ Wireless
The Empire Strikes Back (arcade game)Atari
Super Empire Strikes BackSculptured Software
Battle for HothFluffyLogic
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: Balance of PowerTotally Games
DemolitionLuxoflux, Inc.
Jedi ReadingLeapFrog
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire video gameLucasArts
Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire
c. 3 ABYImperial AceFishlabs Entertainment
34 ABYTIE FighterTotally Games
X-Wing Alliance
4 ABYReturn of the Jedi
Star Wars ArcadeSega
Super Return of the JediSculptured Software
Death Star BattleAtari


Unknown placementEdit

Rebellion eraX-Wing vs. TIE FighterTotally Games
CantinaTHQ Wireless
DroidWorksLucas Learning
Masters of Teräs KäsiLucasArts
Empire at War: Forces of CorruptionPetroglyph
Galaxies Trading Card Game: Champions of the ForceSony Online Entertainment
Galaxies Trading Card Game: Squadrons Over Corellia
Galaxies Trading Card Game: Galactic Hunters
Galaxies Trading Card Game: Agents of Deception
Galaxies Trading Card Game: The Shadow Syndicate
Galaxies Trading Card Game: The Nightsister's Revenge
Galaxies Trading Card Game: Threat of the Conqueror
Galaxies Trading Card Game: The Price of Victory
The Interactive Board Game[2]Hasbro Inc.


New Republic eraEdit

5 ABYJedi Knight: Dark Forces IILucasArts
10 ABYJedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith
12 ABYJedi Knight II: Jedi OutcastRaven Software
14 ABYJedi Knight: Jedi Academy


Unknown eraEdit

Imperial AssaultTiger Electronics
Jedi Adventure
Millennium Falcon Challenge
Rebel Forces
Ask YodaTHQ Wireless
Jedi ArenaAtari
Star Wars Arcade: Falcon GunnerVertigore Games
Lightsaber DuelTHQ Wireless
Jedi Mind Tricks



32 BBYAnakin's SpeedwayLucas Learning
3219 BBYLightsaber Battle Game
Rise of the Empire eraSuper Bombad RacingLucas Learning
19 BBYRepublic Commando: Order 66Magellan Interactive
320 BBYLEGO Star Wars: The Video GameTraveller's Tales
0 BBY4 ABYLEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
32 BBY4 ABYLEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
22 BBYLEGO Star Wars: The Quest for R2-D2 Three Melons
LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone WarsTraveller's Tales
The Clone Wars Game
34 ABYYoda StoriesLucasArts
Monopoly Star Wars EditionArtech Studios
Star Wars ChessThe Software Toolworks


VernostHughes Training
Rebel RescueLucasArts
Ewok AdventureAtari
Knights of the Old Republic IIILucasArts
Imperial Commando
Battle of the Sith LordsRed Fly Studio

Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy14 ABY/LegendsStar Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast12 ABY/LegendsStar Wars: Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith10 ABY/LegendsStar Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II5 ABY/LegendsStar Wars: Return of the Jedi: Death Star BattleStar Wars ArcadeSuper Star Wars: Return of the JediStar Wars: Return of the Jedi (video game)4 ABY/LegendsStar Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden EmpireStar Wars: DemolitionX-Wing vs. TIE Fighter#Expansion packStar Wars: X-Wing AllianceStar Wars: TIE FighterStar Wars: Yoda StoriesStar Wars: Shadows of the Empire (video game)Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back3 ABY/LegendsStar Wars Galaxies1 ABY/LegendsRogue Squadron IIIRebellionStar Wars ArcadeStar WarsStar Wars: Rogue SquadronRebel AssaultStar Wars: Dark ForcesStar Wars: X-WingStar Wars: Force Commander0 ABY/LegendsStar Wars: Empire at War1 BBY/LegendsStar Wars Battlefront: Elite SquadronStar Wars: Battle Above CoruscantStar Wars: Grievous GetawayStar Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (video game)19 BBY/LegendsStar Wars: The New Droid Army21 BBY/LegendsStar Wars Battlefront: Mobile SquadronsStar Wars: Battlefront IIStar Wars: Republic CommandoStar Wars: Battle for the RepublicStar Wars: The Clone Wars mobile gameStar Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic HeroesStar Wars: The Clone Wars: Lightsaber DuelsForce Jump TrainingClone Weapons TrainingDroids Over IegoSwamp Station SweepGunship Over FlorrumStar Wars: The Clone Wars: SharpshooterStar Wars: The Clone Wars: Live FireStar Wars: The Clone Wars: Clones vs. DroidsPath of the Jedi (game)Fierce TwilightStar Wars: The Clone Wars: Jedi AllianceStar Wars: Jedi StarfighterStar Wars: The Clone Wars (video game)Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (video game)22 BBY/LegendsStar Wars: Racer Revenge24 BBY/LegendsStar Wars: Jar Jar's JourneyStar Wars: Pit DroidsStar Wars Math: Jabba's Game GalaxyStar Wars: Yoda's Challenge Activity CenterStar Wars: Early Learning Activity CenterStar Wars: Anakin's SpeedwayStar Wars: Bounty HunterStar Wars: StarfighterStar Wars Episode I: Jedi Power BattlesStar Wars: Episode I RacerStar Wars: Obi-WanStar Wars Racer ArcadeStar Wars: BattlefrontStar Wars: Battle for NabooStar Wars: Episode I Obi-Wan's AdventuresStar Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace (video game)32 BBY/LegendsStar Wars: The Old Republic3,643 BBYStar Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords3,951 BBYStar Wars: Knights of the Old Republic3,956 BBY

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. The Essential Atlas
  2. Although the game is a board game, it comes with a video tape, therefore making it—at least partially—a "video" game.
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