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This is a list of canon Star Wars video games.

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Multiplatform games (MP)
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Mobile games (M)
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Browser games (B)
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Title Developer(s) Publisher(s) Released
32 BBY[1] M Star Wars Journeys: The Phantom Menace[2] Disney Interactive Disney Interactive 2014-04-22
3219 BBY[1] M Star Wars Journeys: Beginnings[2] Disney Interactive Disney Interactive 2014-12-18
32 BBY34 ABY MP Star Wars Battlefront II[3] DICE
Motive Studios
Electronic Arts 2017-11-17
14 BBY[4] MP Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Respawn Entertainment Electronic Arts 2019-11-15
5 BBY[1][5] B Star Wars Rebels: Ghost Raid[2] Disney Interactive Disney Interactive 2014-07-16
5 BBY[1][6] B Star Wars Rebels: Rebel Strike[2]
  • Exact placement currently unknown.
Disney Interactive Disney Interactive 2014-10-09
5 BBY4 BBY[7] M Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions
  • Exact placement currently unknown.
Gigataur Disney Interactive 2015-03-26
4 BBY[1] B Star Wars Rebels: Team Tactics Disney Interactive Disney Interactive 2015-10-14
4 BBY[1] B Star Wars Rebels: Strike Missions Disney Interactive Disney Interactive 2015-10-14
3 BBY2 BBY B Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops Disney Interactive Disney Interactive 2016-??-??
0 BBY-0 ABY M Star Wars: Heroes Path Disney Interactive Disney Interactive April 22 2014
0 BBY5 ABY[1][8] MP Star Wars Battlefront[9][2] DICE Electronic Arts 2015-11-17
03 ABY[1][10] M Star Wars: Commander[2][11] Disney Interactive Disney Interactive 2014-08-21
3 ABY[1] B Star Wars: Yoda's Jedi Training Disney Interactive Disney Interactive 2016-02-23
4 ABY5 ABY[1][12] M Star Wars: Uprising Kabam Disney Interactive 2015-09-10
4 ABY5 ABY[13] M Star Wars: Rise to Power Electronic Arts[13] Lucasfilm Ltd. TBA

Unknown placementEdit

Year Title Writer(s) Released
MP Star Wars: Squadrons

Notes and referencesEdit

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