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"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.…"
―Journal of the Whills[1]

The story of galactic history involved countless beings over thousands of generations.

This is a timeline of galactic history—a chronological record of events relevant to the galaxy. This timeline uses galactic standard calendar dates, which are expressed in terms of years before (BBY) and after (ABY) the Battle of Yavin.[2]

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Timeline of galactic history[]

Prehistory (Eons–25,000 BBY)[]

The Wellspring of Life

The Old Republic (c. 25,000 – c. 1000 BBY)[]

Expansionist Period (c. 25,000 BBY)[]

22,000 – 5000 BBY[]

Fall of the Old Republic (c. 5000 – c. 1000 BBY)[]

Battles with the Jedi (c. 5000 BBY)[]

c. 5000 – c. 1000 BBY[]

Dark Age (c. 1000 BBY)[]

  • c. 1032 BBY
    • The Jedi-Sith War[88] ends with the Jedi Order and[86] the Galactic Republic[18] victorious.[86]
    • The sole Sith survivor, Darth Bane,[94] creates the Grand Plan—a plot to destroy the Jedi and the Republic from within for the coming of Sith rule over the galaxy[95]—and establishes the[96] Rule of Two,[35] a lineage of Sith who would operate in the shadows, preserving the Sith's vendetta against the Jedi whilst preparing for their own return. Centuries before the Clone Wars, the Rule of Two is revealed to the Jedi Order, though still they presume the Sith's eradication and believe that Bane's plan is ruined with his defeat[96] allegedly at the hands of his apprentice, Darth Zannah, in a duel on the Inner Rim planet Ambria. This pattern is repeated by nearly all Sith thereafter.[97]
    • The Sith Lord becomes the last of his kind to be laid to rest on Moraband's Valley of the Dark Lords.[96]
    • The Sith Wars waged between the Republic and the Sith Empire[60] has ended by this point.[98] The Sith Wars saw the participation of the Jedi Order on the side of the Republic[8] as well as the participation of the Chiss Ascendancy, which encountered multiple alien species before retreating to their borders.[60] The Jedi Cervil the Uncanny had left begind testimonies about lightwhips being effective against the Sith's Forbidden Forms,[99] and Ithorian population of Auratera continues restoring the world to its natural state following the Sith Wars.[8]

Republic Era (c. 1000–19 BBY)[]

Rise of the Republic (c. 1000 BBY)[]

c. 1000 – c. 300 BBY[]

High Republic Era (c. 300 – c. 82 BBY)[]

  • c. 332 BBY
  • c. 319 BBY
    • The third volume of the Aionomica book is subject to a forgery scandal.[136]
    • Mustafar comes into the possession of the Techno Union.[137] The Union charges the native Mustafarians rent[41] whilst providing the technology for them to mine their mineral-rich world.[77] The natives' labor serves to pay their rent, and the planet becomes known for its mining activities.[41]
  • c. 318 BBY[138]
    • The modern Chiss Syndicure is formed, ending an era where armed conflicts between rival families was common.[61]
  • c. 272 BBY
  • c. 265 BBY
  • c. 262 BBY
  • c. 257 BBY
  • c. 252 BBY
  • 250 BBY
  • c. 249 BBY
  • c. 248 BBY
  • 247 BBY
    • Bell Zettifar joins the Jedi Order.[145]
  • c. 244 BBY
  • c. 242 BBY
  • c. 240 BBY
  • Around 232 BBY[152][153]
    • At this point, the Outer Rim contains few well-mapped hyperspace lanes that allows those seeking adventure, as well as those seeking to evade the Republic's laws, to do so.[51]

      With the breakdown of hyperspace throught the galaxy, Knights of the Jedi Order gathered at Starlight Beacon and were tasked to protect those stranded in the darkness of space.

    • The Coruscant-based Republic Chancellor Lina Soh envisions a galaxy of Great Works that ranged from infrastructure to culture in an effort to expand the Republic's reaches, better connect the peoples of the galaxy, and bring inspiration and peace for all citizens. Efforts are made to negotiate a new peace treaty between the Quarren and the Mon Calamari, as well as to mass-produce bacta—a "miracle" substance[51] primarily made from a barley originally cultivated on Thyferra[154] that was intended to replace juvan—in the hopes of revolutionizing medicine.[51]
    • As part of Chancellor Soh's pledge to maintain the Republic's hold on[51] the hard-to-navigate Outer Rim,[155] outreach programs are established in the Rim.[51]
    • In the Galactic Frontier,[156] where order and justice is maintained by Knights of the Jedi Order who, at independently-operated outposts[51] such as the Jedi Temple outpost on Caragon-Viner,[157] work closely with the Republic without direct assistance from the Coruscant Jedi Temple, the Starlight Beacon space station is constructed as part of the series of outreach programs.[51] Launched in 232 BBY,[152] it features a large Jedi temple designed by Palo Hidalla and is placed in the center of dark zones in the Rim to guide travelers[155] and boost the region's transmission times, intended to be the first Beacon of a new galactic communications relay network.[51]
    • A conclave between the Jedi Order and the Republic involving Jedi Master Avar Kriss and Admiral Pevel Kronara of the Republic Defense Coalition is held at Starlight Beacon.[51]
    • The strain from the Jedi mission to Zeitooine leads Dez Rydan to request a transfer to the Starlight Beacon.[142]
    • With the Jedi and the Republic's Starlight program infringing on his territory, and coupled with his family's past conflicts against the Jedi, the Nihil leader, Marchion Ro, instigates the Great Hyperspace Disaster.[51]
    • In hyperspace, the Legacy Run, a Kaniff Yards Class A modular freight transport of the Byne Guild, encounters a Nihil ship and is destroyed.[51] Starships across the galaxy are abruptly knocked out of hyperspace by missiles of debris from the Legacy Run, which also threaten to destroy space stations, moons, as well as planets. The Republic turns to the Jedi for help in saving lives and ending the crisis,[51] and Jedi activity sees a significant increase.[135]
    • Due to being delayed at the Starlight Beacon, Master Avar Kriss and Admiral Pevel Kronara become the first to respond to the disaster in the nearby Hetzal system, coordinating efforts to save citizens from aboard the Third Horizon.[51]

      Starlight Beacon better connected citizens, and the joint Jedi–Republic effort marked a golden age for life in the galaxy.

    • Vernestra Rwoh, having been the Padawan of Stellan Gios, is made a Jedi Knight at the age of sixteen, becoming one of the youngest Knights of the Jedi Order in a generation.[158]
    • Vernestra Rwoh is stranded on a jungle moon with several other individuals, including Avon Starros of the Starros Clan, when their transport ship, the Steady Wing, is sabotaged by the Nihil.[99]
    • The Jedi Wayseeker Orla Jareni, Jedi Knight Dez Rydan, Jedi Padawan Reath Silas, and Jedi Master Cohmac Vitus, as well as the cargo ship Vessel's Captain Leox Gyasi, co-pilot Affie Hollow, and the navigator Geode are ripped out of hyperspace as a result of the Great Disaster. They take refuge in a seemingly abandoned Amaxine space station.[142]
    • Aboard the Amaxine station, The Jedi passengers of the Vessel are disturbed by dark visions. Believing that a set of four binding statues contained the dark side influence, the Jedi take away the Force artifact for purification in the Sith shrine located beneath the Coruscant Jedi Temple. However, they are proven wrong, and realize that the statues had contained something else.[142]
    • A series of Emergences come to threaten star systems across the galaxy.[51]
    • Following the First Emergence in the Ab Dalis system, the Nihil attack an evacuation convoy belonging to Garello Technologies.[51]
    • The Nihil attack Trymant IV as the Trymant IV disaster occurs. Zeen Mrala joins Lula Talisola's group of Jedi Padawans in defending Bralanak City from hyperspace debris and raiders led by[159] the Eye of the Nihil, Marchion Ro.[51]
    • The San Tekka clan, having risen from a family of hyperspace prospectors in the outer reaches of the galaxy to a dynasty privy to leading technology that allows Chancellor Soh's Republic to continue expanding safely to new areas about a century ago, operates alongside the galactic government as it responds to the Great Disaster.[51]
    • While restoring the statues aboard the Amaxine station, the Jedi are attacked by the Nihil. To defend themselves against overwhelming forces, the Jedi are forced to destroy the statues to unleash what it contained. A group of Drengir, who were put into stasis by the Sith through the binding statues long ago, are thus awakened from their slumber. While the Vessel's crew escape amidst the chaos, several Drengir are released into open space in the process.[142]
    • The tragic poet Omar Berenko is reputed for residing at the Varykino artists' retreat on Naboo.[51] Centuries before the year 22 BBY, the controversial Berenko was kidnapped from a scenic balcony overlooking the lakes after penning the disturbing and visionary epic poem titled Defense of Naboo in the Room of Morning Mists.[12]

      Omar Berenko penned the disturbing epic Defense of Naboo at his scenic lake retreat at Varykino.

    • The Jedi High Council convenes to discuss the threat of the Nihil, and after a contested debate between Grandmaster Lahru and Jedi Masters such as Yarael Poof, Rana Kant, Oppo Rancisis, Keaton Murag, Ada-Li Carro, and the stand-in of Grandmaster Yoda—who was on sabbatical from Council affairs—Ephru Shinn, approves a joint effort between the Jedi and the Republic in a mission against the Nihil as proposed by Chancellor Soh.[51]
    • The Nihil conduct a raid on Elphrona, capturing Jedi Master Loden Greatstorm and farmer Ottoh Blythe. Marchion Ro executes the farmer, intending to keep Geatstorm for future plans.[51]
    • The Battle of Kur occurs. Marchion Ro sends Kassav's Tempest to death in the Kur Nebula, intending to trick the Jedi and the Republic that they had destroyed the Nihil. The Trandoshan Jedi Master Sskeer loses his left arm and blames himself for the death of Master Jora Malli.[51]
    • The medical substance kolto is in common use at this point.[142]
    • Jedi Grandmasters Pra-Tre Veter and Yoda join other Jedi and Republic personnel, amongst them Chancellor Lina Soh, the newly-minted Jedi Knight Keeve Trennis, and the newly-appointed marshal of the Starlight Beacon, Avar Kriss, aboard the latter station in its dedication ceremony for light and life.[160]
    • Sskeer hides a devastating secret that was tearing him apart,[161] drawing a private emotional outburst from him soon after Starlight's dedication.[160]
    • Surik, which formed a part of a phrase used by the Jedi Sskeer, existed by this point.[154]
    • By this point, the Hutt Clan is sanctioned from trading openly in Republic space.[154]
    • Drengir crisis
      • The Drengir abduct children on Sedri Minor.[154]
      • Mission to Sedri Minor[154]
        • The Nihil attack a Hutt Clan ship in the recently–Republic-aligned Kazlin system, prompting the Jedi Sskeer, Keeve Trennis, and the Kotabi bond-twins Terec and Ceret to investigate the resulting wreckage. Tracing the Hutt craft's origin to the Sedri system, Sskeer and Ceret take a T-1 shuttle to Sedri Minor. Avar Kriss and Vernestra Rwoh take the Ataraxia to join Trennis aboard the Hutt craft.[154]
        • On Sedri Minor, Ceret is captured by the Drengir, and Kriss, Terec, Trennis—traveling aboard the Ataraxia—join Sskeer on the moon. Ceret yields to the powerful shadow cast by the Drengir and joins their collective mind. Sharing the same mind with Ceret, Terec also succumbs to the Drengir's influence and becomes crazed. While Kriss and Trennis confront the Drengir at their underground dwelling, Sskeer dispairs that he could not help Terec, who was uncontrollable and inconsolable.[162]
        • While Avar Kriss and Keeve Trennis free Ceret as well as a local boy from the Drengir, they are surrounded by more Drengir, who are accompanied by Sskeer. Sskeer had had his mind joined with the Drengir's collective consciousness, and had grown a botanical, plant-like left arm.[162] Sskeer captures Kriss' crew, and the secret history of the Drengir is revealed.[163]
      • The Jedi and the Republic's Starlight Beacon is threatened by an age-old enemy.[163]
      • The Drengir, hungry for Jedi, arrive at a serene and remote Jedi outpost that the Jedi Lily Tora-Asi lived in.[164]
      • As a consequence of Menir's bitterness and unwillingness to accept any change, the Drengir plague the village Skirl on the planet Batuu.[165]

        Jedi glory was at its peak in the High Republic Era, although dark forces rising in the new frontier of the Outer Rim threatened the Force itself.

  • c. 231 BBY[166]
  • During the High Republic Era (exact chronology undefined)
  • 200 BBY
  • 196 BBY
  • c. 162 BBY
  • c. 150 BBY
  • 131 BBY[178]
  • c. 119 BBY; nearly a century before the Imperial Era[180]
  • c. 116 BBY
  • c. 112 BBY
  • c. 106 BBY[186]
  • c. 104 BBY
    • Ramil is born on Serenno.[187]

      Serenno, of House Serenno, was home to Counts Ramil and Dooku.

    • Li Qiong is born.[188]
  • c. 102 BBY
    • By this point, the Blue Dragon pirates had begun wrecking significant damage on Fire, remaining the single most destructive force to plague the station for the next twenty years.[74][189]
    • Zhang Jincheng begins to ascend the hierarchy of Fire, the city in the Heaven system.[190]
    • Jamie Brasen becomes the President of Begamor and is elected to represent the planet as a senator of the Republic Senate. While Brasen appears to be a benevolent politician, he indulges in corruption and transforms Begamor into a dictatorship. Brasen develops a cult of personality, brainwashing citizens with holographic programs worshipping himself, isolating his world from the Republic HoloNet, and enforcing strict surveillance over Begamor. An appearance of prosperity for the planet's capital city is maintained while poverty, slavery, and organ trading is left to fester in the streets.[74][191]
    • Ma, an executive of the Heaven-earth corporation that rules the Heaven system, dies of suspicious circumstances.[192]
    • Dooku is born[193] on Serenno.[194] He joins the Jedi Order that same year.[195]
    • Sifo-Dyas is born[196] on Minashee.[43]
    • Arath Tarrex is born[197] to the Jedi Yula Braylon. Tarrex's lineage is kept a secret from the Jedi High Council.[43]
  • c. 101 BBY
    • The last reported sighting of a Loth-wolf on Lothal until the Liberation of Lothal occurs.[198]

      From this point onwards, Loth-wolves are not reported to be seen for a hundred years.

  • c. 99 BBY
  • c. 94 BBY
  • 93 BBY
  • c. 92 BBY
    • The Knights of Silver Dawn begin to clash with the Blue Dragon. The two would clash over thirty times over the course of the next ten years.[207]
    • Li Qiong begins working for the Nan family[208] of the Heaven system, becoming a loyal handmaiden to Nan Heli's daughter, Nan Moyou.[74]
    • Marino Pomana begins working for Jamie Brasen as his chef.[209]
    • President Brasen begins the construction of the Begamor barrier,[210] a constly planetary shield designed to stop any incoming or departing spacecraft that are not personally authorised by Brasen himself.[74]
  • 91 BBY
    • At or after this point, Maz Kanata sees a holocron that she had no knowledge of and had put into storage for the last time for the next 125 years.[211]

      The long-lived pirate Maz Kanata and her holocron would reunite after over a century.

  • c. 90 BBY[212]
  • c. 88 BBY[213]
    • By around this point, Jedi Master Trennis had left the Jedi Order and became known as a member of the Lost Twenty.[43]
  • c. 87 BBY
  • c. 86 BBY[217]
    • Members of the Hawkbat Clan undergo their Initiate Trials, afterwhich Tera Sinube takes Zang Arraira as his Padawan, Lene Kostana takes Sifo-Dyas as hers, and Yoda takes Dooku as his. Arath Tarrex, secretly the son of Jedi Council member Yula Braylon, is not selected after mocking Dooku for wanting to be selected by the Altiri Master Kostana.[43]

      Jedi Master Tera Sinube

  • c. 85 BBY
  • c. 84 BBY
  • c. 83 BBY
    • On Fire, the Knights of Silver Dawn, personally led by Li Yu, clashes with the Blue Dragon, personally led by its leader, the dragon head. Li lets the dragon head escape with his life in the belief that it would be more profitable for the head to be alive than dead.[74][224]
    • Nan Moyou and Nan Heli go on a short vacation at the Nan family villa.[225]
    • Mostema and Sean study the Outer Rim's sectors, including Oplovis sector. In particular, the two Jedi study its Heaven system.[226]
    • The industrial output of the distant, loosely Republic-affiliated Heaven system exceeds that of the famous industrial world Metalorn.[74][227]
  • c. 82 BBY
    • The funeral of Countess Anya and an ensuing mission to Asusto occurs.[228]
    • Towards the end of the High Republic Era, the Jedi Mostema and Sean uncover the corrupt nature of Begamor's President Jamie Brasen after several years of investigation by a top Republic agent.[74][229]
    • By this point, Sean had constructed his lightsaber with a crystal that he bonded with on Ilum.[74] As Ilum and its crystals grew in prominence for the Jedi, the number of Padawans traveling to Zoph for its Zophis crystal is decreased.[88]
    • The Jedi Council sends Mostema and Sean to the Heaven system to investigate the murder of Nan Heli, an executive member of the system's ruling corporation who strongly advocated for the Republic against popular separatist tendencies and who made extensive studies of the Force.[74]
    • By this point, legends of Jedi using the Force to destroy entire planets have spread to Nan Heli's star system.[74]
    • The Nihil are recalled by Sean as an illicit organization that once invaded the Republic.[74]

      Sean meditates amongst the lights and lives of the Heaven system.

    • By this point, the Judicial Department's peacekeeping fleet had been established as military arbiters of the Republic.[74]
    • The Mining Guild had been founded and operational by this point.[74]
    • At the Nan family villa, Sean is separated from Master Mostema and is saved from the Vermilion Birds pirates by Li Yu. Li recruits Sean into the ranks of his Knights of Silver Dawn, a civil mercenary group mainly composed of his debtors that procures supplies for their own impoverished community on Wind, a planet of the Heaven system.[74]
    • By this point, bacta had become a common medical subtance in the Heaven system and human replica droids were invented.[74]
    • Sean is admitted to the Knights of Silver Dawn's elite red apricot squad. They pursue a lost Silver Dawn shipment of enigmatic tenebrae, which was lost on Fire, the space station.[74]
    • A celebration of the tenth anniversary of the launch of the 74th generation of Irregular occurs in the city of Fire.[74]
    • After defeating the Jade Rats on Fire, red apricot squad traces the enigmatic tenebrae to the Blue Dragon pirates. The squad realizes that they were manipulated into having to raid the Blue Dragon by the manager of Fire, Zhang Jincheng, though the Knights decide to continue their mission and find a way to place the blame of recent misfortunes surrounding Fire on Zhang afterwards.[74]
    • Red apricot squad forces the Blue Dragon to return the shipment of enigmatic tenebrae by threatening Zhang Níngtao, an official of the Security Bureau who served as the contact between corrupt ranking members of the Heaven-earth corporation and the Dragon.[74]
    • Sean, determined to save the slaves who were held by Zhang, hires his own squadmates out of his own expense to evacuate the slaves. To do so, red apricot team enlists the help of Zhang, who agrees to do so on the condition that he would be smuggled out of the Heaven system to safety by the Knights and a Hutt whose local name is "Kong Zhang."[74]
    • Zhang helps Sean deduce that the Nan family was responsible for the attack on Nan Heli's villa.[74]
    • The Silver Dawn ferries Nan Moyou to the Heaven system's political capital.[74]
    • Nan Yujin returns to the capital from Muunilinst and helps Nan Moyou in her attempt to become the heir of the Nan family. Determining that there is no justice in the Heaven-earth corporation, they decide to continue using the Knights of Silver Dawn as allies in winning favor amongst the ruling corporation's leadership council.[74]
    • Sean discovers that Zhuang Yuanying of red apricot squad is a member of the native dragon people, who had been persecuted by the Heaven system colonists and used as medical supply. Sean thus realizes that the local justice system ensures the suppression of individual rights, and that the Republic is knowingly ignorant of the persecution of the dragon people—Republic intervention would not solve the issue; not even the dismantling of the Heaven-earth corporation. Prejudice against the native humanoids is deeply ingrained in the culture of the Heaven system's people.[74]
  • c. 80 BBY

c. 82 – 32 BBY[]

Fall of the Republic (32–19 BBY)[]

Prelude to galactic war (32–22 BBY)[]

  • 32 BBY (continued)

    The Trade Federation marches upon Theed

    • As planned by Darth Sidious, the Trade Federation blockades Naboo in protest of the Senate's decision to tax their much-used Free Trade Zones, escalating the trade disputes;[302][93] Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum secretly dispatches Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi to serve as the ambassadors for scheduled negotiations with the Federation in hopes of resolving[93] the Naboo Crisis.[295]
    • Invasion of Naboo; Darth Sidious further manipulates the Trade Federation leadership into instigating a peace crisis for the Republic with the deployment of military forces for the occupation of the harmonious world of Naboo.[93]
      • The Capture of Theed; the Trade Federation Droid Army establishes itself at the Naboo capital and begins forcefully removing its citizens to prison camps.[93]
      • Anakin Skywalker wins the Boonta Eve Classic; with Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn's interference, the slave is freed from the Toydarian junk dealer Watto and follows the Jedi.[93]
      • As the Jedi group leave Tatooine, a duel ensued as Darth Maul attempts to fell them; Jedi encounters Sith for the first time since the Sith were thought extinct nearly a millennium ago.[93]
      • Battle of Naboo. Queen Padmé Amidala returns to Naboo and forms an alliance between the Naboo and Gungans. Qui-Gon Jinn is killed by Darth Maul, who, in turn, is dealt a mortal wound by Obi-Wan Kenobi[93] in the Padawan's rage.[303] Anakin Skywalker deactivates the droid army by destroying the Droid Control Ship.[93]
    • Senator of Naboo Palpatine is elected Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, replacing Finis Valorum.[93] Oshadam takes Palpatine's place as senator of the Chommell sector.[254]

      The Jedi, as well as the newly elected Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, watch on as a new era of peace is celebrated between the Gungan and Naboo societies.

    • The Jedi High Council promotes Obi-Wan Kenobi to the rank of Jedi Knight and permits him to train Anakin Skywalker as a Jedi per the late Qui-Gon Jinn's wishes. The Council, the Chancellor, the Naboo leadership, Kenobi, and Skywalker later attend the funeral of Qui-Gon Jinn and a victory parade at Theed.[93] The Gungans host a funeral at their sacred place for their fallen warriors afterwards.[132]
    • Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas foresees an upcoming full-scale conflict, but is accused of war-mongering and removed from the Jedi Council. He secretly commissions the Kaminoans of the distant planet Kamino to grow a clone army for the Republic.[101][17]
    • Hired by the Sith Lord Tyranus, the Pyke Syndicate murders Sifo-Dyas, who was sent by the Jedi Council to resolve a tribal dispute on Felucia but instead secretly went to negotiate with the Pykes on Oba Diah along with Chancellor Valorum's aide, Silman, per the Chancellor's initiative. Silman is secretly captured by the Pykes for leverage against Tyranus, and the Sith Lord fakes Sifo-Dyas' death on Felucia during the tribal conflict.[304]
    • Lord Tyranus hires bounty hunter Jango Fett as the Kaminoans' clone template based on Fett's reputation.[305][195]

      Sidious' new apprentice, Lord Tyranus, hires the infamous bounty hunter Jango Fett for the creation of a clone army of the Republic to orchestrate a costly galactic war.

    • Tyranus is sent by Darth Sidious to secure a business arrangement with the weapons-dealing Kaldana Syndicate on Sullust. Tyranus does so while also establishing a business agreement between Serenno and Sullust's SoroSuub Corporation as Count Dooku. Having been sent by the Jedi Council to investigate the underground weapons-dealing on the planet for the Republic, Jedi Knight Jak'zin is killed by Dooku during the latter's mission to Sullust.[306]
    • Under the control of the Sith, the clones from the template of Fett had behavioral modification biochips inserted which would activate Protocol 66 under the command of the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.[304]
    • Boba Fett is born[307] a clone of Jango Fett on Kamino originally under the name Alpha[308]. Per Jango's request, Boba is the only clone completely unaltered by the Kaminoans,[101] and as the son of Jango, the clone Fett is trained by his father as a bounty hunter.[57]

      Inhibitor chips overrode clones' wills, submitting them to the whim of the Supreme Chancellor.

    • Omega is born after Alpha. Her genome is near-indentical to that of Jango Fett and Alpha. Unlike Boba, Omega is kept on Kamino and raised by Nala Se as her assistant.[308]
    • Han is born on Corellia.[309]
    • Miara Larte is born. (Approximate date)[310]
  • c. 31 BBY
  • 31 BBY
  • 30 BBY
  • 29 BBY
  • 28 BBY
  • 27 BBY

    Zillo Beasts were hunted to near-extinction by the Dugs of Malastare.

  • 26 BBY
  • 25 BBY
  • 24 BBY
  • 23 BBY
  • 22 BBY
    • Jango Fett takes his son, Boba, on a bounty hunt with a team of three other hunters. The Fetts are betrayed by two of the hunters, though they are killed by Boba, who lets the third hunter go to spread word of the incident. Boba Fett thus begins to build his reputation.[305]
    • The mother of the individual who came to be known as TK-462 gives birth to Xea on Eriadu. (Approximate date)[332]
    • Border dispute on Ansion occurs with Skywalker and Kenobi involved.[101] The result of the border dispute left the galaxy staggered.[14]
    • By this point,[101] the Naboo spice-miners' strikes that occurred after the Invasion of Naboo has begun[106] for months.[12]
    • Plot to assassinate Senator Amidala. Separatist leaders hope to silence the senator from Naboo, who opposes the Military Creation Act. The bounty hunter Jango Fett is hired. He uses Zam Wesell in two attempts which failed. Zam is captured, but Jango kills her to prevent the Jedi from questioning her.[101]
    • Mission to Kamino. Obi-Wan Kenobi uses Fett's Kamino saberdart to trace him to the Kamino system in the Outer Rim. There he finds the clone army commissioned by Sifo-Dyas. He finds Jango Fett, and the two battle. Fett escapes with his son Boba, and Obi-Wan tracks him to Geonosis.[101]

      Entangled by his duty as a Jedi, his commitment to freeing his mother, and his passion for Padmé Amidala, Anakin Skywalker contemplates his choices at the onset of war at Varykino.

    • Anakin is charged with the protection of Senator Padmé Amidala. They go covertly travel to the latter's homeworld while Kenobi searches for the assassin. As they spend more time together, the two fall in love.[101]
    • Anakin is haunted by dreams of his mother dying. Believing them to be true, he returns to his homeworld of Tatooine and conducts a mission to prevent her from dying. He finds Shmi in a Tusken Raider camp, who then dies in his arms. In a fit of rage, he slaughters the Tusken Raiders and swears that he will never again be powerless in the face of death after his mother's funeral.[101]
    • Jar Jar Binks proposes that Chancellor Palpatine be given emergency powers to raise an army without the interference of the Senate. The proposal is accepted, and the clone army developed by the Kaminoans is recognized as the Grand Army of the Republic.[101]
    • Geonosian Archduke Poggle the Lesser, an long-time, ardent supporter of the Separatist cause, hosts the Separatist Council[294] within the hive galleries of his ruling Stalgasin hive colony.[12]
    • The various corporation leaders on the Council,[333] including Nute Gunray of the Trade Federation,[101] ratifies[333] the Geonosian accord;[334] the Confederacy of Independent Systems is officially founded.[334]

      The Sith exploited the galaxy's budding corporate interests to create a confederacy against the Republic.

    • Obi-Wan Kenobi is captured on Geonosis whilst reporting his findings of the Trade Federation presence and the Separatists' battle droid production to Jedi Councilors Yoda and Mace Windu. Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala go to his rescue but are captured also. The three are set to be executed after their refusal to join the Sith and surrender to Poggle and the Separatists.[101] Amongst themselves, the Jedi assemble a strike team of over two-hundred to save those captured by the Geonosians, whilst Jedi Master Yoda travels to Kamino to gather the Republic's new army.[12]

Clone Wars (22–19 BBY)[]

Imperial Era (19–5 ABY)[]

Clone Wars (continued; 19 BBY)[]

"The Dark Times" (19–0 BBY)[]

Battle of Yavin[]

Galactic Civil War—after the Battle of Yavin (0–5 ABY)[]

Renewed hope (0–2 ABY)[]

Empire ascendant (3 ABY)[]

  • 3 ABY
    • Echo Base is established inside a mountain on Hoth by the Rebel Alliance.[722][726] The base is expanded[725] after scouting and surveying work was done on several locations within Hoth's temperate zone.[12]

      The Sixty-First Mobile Infantry's base ship, the Thunderstrike, and its escort, Apailana's Promise.

    • The Rebel Alliance launch the Mid Rim Offensive campaign.[4]
      • Battles are fought between the Empire and the Rebellion's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry on Phorsa Gedd, Ord Tiddell, and Bamayar.[4]
      • The Empire regains territory in the Mid Rim, pushing out the Alliance. The rebels decide to halt their offensive, and the Mid Rim Retreat begins. Some Mid Rim revolutionaries follow the Alliance, though many stayed to continue their struggle locally.
      • Attack on Haidoral Prime; Imperial Governor and Ruling Council member Everi Chalis defects to the Rebel Alliance.[4]
      • After a battle in the Kontahr sector, the Sixty-First Mobile Infantry is sent by the Rebel Alliance to protect the Coyerti and secure their world in an effort to distract Imperial forces from the rebel withdrawal. The Coyerti campaign begins, ultimately resulting in an Alliance-Coyerti victory.[4]
      • Rebel groups are sent throghout the Mid Rim to conduct missions designed to distract Imperials from the Mid Rim Retreat. The Twenty-First travel to Bestine IV on one such mission.[4]
    • At some point before the Battle of Hoth[727]
    • Weeks before the Battle of Hoth
      • Luke Skywalker begins to fly snowspeeders with Dak Ralter at Hoth's Echo Base.[732]

        "Love is letting go." Leaving her loved ones, Chelli Aphra delayed Darth Vader's tenacious pursuit of the Rebellion.

      • Death Squadron is misled in their search for the Rebellion's main base of operations by Chelli Lona Aphra to[733] the long-lost Jedi world of Tython.[12] With the Empire redirected from probing Hoth, the Rebel Alliance is given an extra few weeks to prepare for an imminent Imperial intrusion.[733][734]
      • Despite the Alliance's efforts, Imperial forces continue to find rebel groups, such as the Sixty-First in the Metatessu sector, and conduct attacks on the insurgents, tracking and pursuing them relentlessly.[4]
      • Desperate for supplies, the Sixty-First make a raid on an Imperial heavy freighter in the Redhurne system.[4]
    • The Battle of Hoth occurs. The Alliance suffers a costly blow when the Empire attacks Echo Base, although Carlist Rieekan's evacuation order helps rebels escape in time to avoid a complete catastrophe.[735]
    • Prelate Verge of the Imperial Ruling Council continues to hunt down the Sixty-First, commanding the unsuccessful infiltration of the rebel vessel Thunderstrike.[4]
    • By around this point, Lando Calrissian had freed the slaves held at the Fantanine mining colony.[736]
    • Following advice from the Force spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker heads to Dagobah to begin his training with Jedi Master Yoda.[735]
    • Darth Vader hires bounty hunters Boba Fett, Bossk, Dengar, IG-88B, and Zuckuss and 4-LOM to track down the Millennium Falcon, which travels across the Anoat sector, eventually reaching Bespin's Cloud City from the Hoth asteroid belt.[735]
    • Duel on Cloud City between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Skywalker learns that Vader is his father, Anakin, although Luke lets go and surrenders himself to the abyss of Cloud City rather than join the dark side.[735]

      Luke Skywalker chose to leave his training on Dagobah to save his friends.

    • Han Solo is frozen in carbonite and taken by Boba Fett. Aboard the Millennium Falcon, Luke Skywalker, Lando Calrissian, Leia Organa, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and R2-D2 escape from Cloud City, which is occupied by Imperial forces.[735]
    • Darth Vader embarks on a quest for revenge against those who hid his son Luke Skywalker from him.[737] With the forensics droid ZED-6-7,[738] Vader returns to the Lars moisture farm and later to Padmé Amidala's apartment on Coruscant for clues.[737]
    • "The Contessa" is faced with rebuilding her rebel[739] Corona Squadron after it fought at the Battle of Hoth and regrouped aboard the Liberty.[331] Tasked by Mon Mothma to organize the starfighter defense at Rendezvous Point Delta-Three, "the Contessa" assigns Wedge Antilles to reform Red Squadron from Rogue Squadron veterans and other individuals.[739]
    • Under Commander Wedge Antilles, Red Squadron foils the plans of a group of hostile pirates.[739]
    • Dengar gambles with and is indebted to the Ohnaka Gang, whose original leader, Hondo Ohnaka, had been replaced by Skragg.[740]
    • Having cracked the Rebel Alliance's codes, which were top secret and known only to a few individuals, such as R2-D2, the Empire tracks down rebels regrouping from the Battle of Hoth who initiated communications with other Alliance divisions.[741]

      The Empire relentlessly pursued the scattered rebel forces in the aftermath of their near-destruction on Hoth.

    • The Falcon arrives at a battle at Rendezvous Point Delta-Three. The new arrivals aide in the rebels' escape from Imperial forces led by Ellian Zahra,[741] who was reassigned by Darth Vader and the Emperor from a non-essential post at the spice mines of Kessel to hunt down remnants of the Rebellion.[742] Following the incident, Commander Zahra received explicit instructions from Lord Vader: Luke Skywalker was not to be harmed.[741]
    • After taking a fork-nosed ice worm fossil from Imperial forces on Hoth to sell to the Shadow University through Sava Estat, Chelli Lona Aphra embarks on a job to find the Rings of Vaale, which allegedly grants eternal fortune, immortality, and abilities to rival the most powerful Force user when used together. Doctor Aphra, archaeology student Detta Yao, the bounty hunter Black Krrsantan, and the mercenary "Just Lucky" pursue the rings against Ronen Tagge, scion of the Empire's aristocratic Tagge family. After losing years of research to Tagge at the Ruins of Kolkur, Professor Eustacia Okka and her droid, TA-418, who had done research on the rings, join Aphra aboard the Ark Angel III,[743] traveling to Vaale, Dianth, the home of the The Architects of Vaale who made the rings. They discover murals of High Republic iconography warning that when used independently, one ring would grant eternal life at the cost of the user's madness, while another would grant fortune at the cost of hastening the user's eventual demise.[744]
    • With the assistance of Just Lucky, Tagge's mercenaries trace Aphra's crew to Vaale, taking the Ring of Fortune before destroying the city of living bone with Aphra and her crew captured.[745] Aphra's crew is taken to Ronen Tagge's Private Penthouse in Canto Bight, where they kill Ronen, who was wearing the two rings, and escape from after stealing several priceless artifacts.[746]

      A replica of the Nihil Path engine set both the Unbroken Clan and the Tagge dynasty in pursuit; while the clan was reputed for not letting go, Tagge hired the rogue archaeologist Doctor Aphra for the hunt.

    • Nakano Lash resurfaces near Kessel.[747] Having been informed by Aphra and Black Krrsantan on Burnin Konn that she has resurfaced, Bossk races to find Lash. The latter is also sought by her former protégé, Beilert Valance, as well as Boba Fett, who deviated from delivering Han Solo in carbonite to settle a personal score with Lash. Lash had torn apart the group of hunters years ago on Corellia, when she killed their client and the sole heir of the Mourner's Wail Syndicate, Khamus, as well as causing the death of Krynthia, the sole heir of the Unbroken Clan, instigating a continuation of violence between the two groups, which formed the three crime syndicates of Corellia with the addition of Lady Proxima's White Worms.[748]
    • Leaving her lover, Losha, and her peaceful life on the Moon of Logal Ri behind, T'onga pursues Lash to avenge the death of her brother, T'ongor, while Thisspiasian hunter Ooris Bynar pursues Lash with the help of the bondsman Syphacc.[747]
    • Amanaman agrees to notify Lando Calrissian should Boba Fett appear at Jabba's Palace. Jabba himself forces Calrissian to agree to spy on the Rebellion on his behalf with the threat of death.[155]
    • Having deduced alongside the rebel Fourth Division they have saved at Rendezvous Point Delta-Three that the Empire was using Alliance codes to hunt down rebels at rendezvous points, the crew of the Millennium Falcon leave the EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Redemption at Backup Rendezvous Point Gamma-Nine to return to Cloud City.[749]
    • While the Liberty and Corona Squadron, previously at Rendezvous Point Delta-Three, did not join the rebels at Backup Rendezvous Point Gamma-Nine. Instead, Corona Squadron undertake a series of reconnaissance missions for the Rebellion, charting the planet D'Qar shortly before the Battle of Endor.[331] D'Qar would house only a small Alliance outpost during the Galactic Civil War before becoming the base of the Resistance decades later.[12]
    • Luke Skywalker seeks and fails to find his lost lightsaber, whilst Leia Organa, in her resolve to rescue Han Solo, infiltrates and is captured by the local Imperial garrison in her quest to learn more of the carbon-freezing mechanism. Meanwhile, Lando Calrissian finds his friend Lobot and sabotages the surrounding area of refined tibanna.[750]

      Through a vision, Luke Skywalker lets go of his lightsaber and sets off to save Leia Organa.

    • Skywalker lets go of his weapon following a vision through the Force. He then joins with Calrissian and Lobot to rescue Leia Organa from the Empire. In doing so, they accidentally free the Bespin Wing Guard, who are admitted into the Rebel Alliance.[750]
    • Luke Skywalker parts ways with the crew of the Millennium Falcon. With R2-D2, he travels to the planet he envisioned earlier in search of a woman, whom Skywalker also witnessed in his vision, for help in his Jedi future and the fate of the Rebellion.[751]
    • Skywalker meets Verla, a former disciple the Jedi Ferren Barr who rejected the Jedi, the Sith, and the Force in order to live her life. On Luke Skywalker's promise that he would not disturb her again be it the will of the Force, Verla gives the aspiring Jedi the location of a yellow-bladed lightsaber for him to claim for the extinct Jedi Order. After a duel of wills against the phantom Grand Inquisitor, who found himself tied to a fate worse than death as he is bound by Darth Vader to the mortal realm despite dying years ago over Mustafar, Skywalker asserts his understanding that the Jedi believed in self-sacrifice; compassion—dying for a greater cause.[752]
    • Darth Vader and ZED-6-7 trail a transmitter from Padmé Amidala's apartment and travel to Vendaxa[738] after being led to a false finding of Luke Skywalker.[751] On Vendaxa, the pair encounter a group[738] of Amidalans—individuals seeking to avenge the mysterious death of Padmé Amidala[753]— being attacked by native fauna whilst investigating the cause of Amidala's death.[738]
    • Darth Vader and his droid finds the group's sole survivor: Sabé, a handmaiden of the late Padmé Amidala. Sabé's group intent on avenging Amidala's death, Vader tells the handmaiden that he as well sought revenge on those who hid the cause of Amidala's death, and Sabé joins Vader and leads him to Naboo, where she had hidden the security recordings taken from Amidala's apartment.[738]
    • Now on a hunt for the truth of Padmé Amidala's death, Darth Vader comes across Sabé's associates, former Royal Naboo Security Forces guards of Amidala Captains Gregar Typho and Tonra, who long suspected the senator was murdered after leaving for Mustafar during the last moments of the Clone Wars. With their presumption that Darth Vader had killed Padmé Amidala and Anakin Skywalker confirmed by the Sith Lord himself, Sabé's group ambush him, though their confrontation is interrupted by an[754] elder sando aqua monster.[57][753]
    • Darth Vader slays the sando aqua monster after fleeing with ZED-6-7, thereby increasing the species' chances of extinction within a century to eighty-three percent. Vader then leads his death trooper unit to battle the Amidalans, who guarded the tomb of Padmé Amidala under the leadership of Ric Olié. With memories of the group's leader teaching Anakin Skywalker to operate Amidala's Royal Naboo Starship surfacing, Vader spares Olié and proceeds to Amidala's tomb, although he is stopped by Sabé and other handmaidens of the former Naboo Queen and senator. Unable to kill them, he immobilizes Padmé Amidala's bodyguards and enters her tomb.[753]

      Rejected by his son, the cyborg Vader struggled with his desire for power and his chosen destiny as a Jedi and current servitude to the Sith, tearing through his past only to be reminded of his losses.

    • Darth Vader and ZED-6-7 trace a med implant at Amidala's tomb to Polis Massa, which had been attacked and abandoned by this point. Vader and his droid are followed and attacked by the Amidalans, who are defeated. Finding a holorecording of his wife's death at the maternity ward, Vader destroys ZED-6-7 in his rage before wallowing in grief, hearing his lover's last words that there is still good in Anakin Skywalker as he returns to the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, where he submits to the Emperor.[755]
    • Mourner's Wail kills Unbroken Clan soldiers in a bombing on Chorgad. In retaliation, General Vukorah of the clan attacks[756] a Mourner's Wail spice run[757] in the Kessel Sector,[756] prompting the latter group to bomb a Caviness IV settlement.[756]
    • Ooris Bynar is killed by Nakano Lash after tracing the latter to Ruusan, and Bossk is left on the graveyard world of Galmerah by Boba Fett. Valance and T'onga reach Lash, who reveals that she only killed Khamus because they were sent to murder a pregnant Krynthia. Lash further reveals that she had been raising Khamus and Krynthia's child, Cadeliah, in the hope that she would unite the two warring syndicates as their joint heir.[757]
    • While T'onga's lets go of her desire for vengeance, she is mortally wounded by Boba Fett, who fulfills his desire to arrange Lash's death by leaving her on her starship, which is destroyed by Vukorah of the Unbroken Clan. Fett escapes aboard the Slave I, and Valance vows to protect Cadeliah as per Lash's dying wish, taking his ship, the Broken Wing, alongside Cadeliah.[758]

      With the criminal underworld at war amidst the galactic struggle against the Empire, Valance had to navigate through fragments of his past while honoring the selfless acts of Nakano Lash, his mentor, and his savior, Han Solo.

    • Vukorah finishes purging those loyal to the old line of the Unbroken Clan and hires Zuckuss and 4-LOM to hunt down Valance and Cadeliah to secure her own place as leader of the clan.[759]
    • Remy delivers a replica of the Nihil Path engine to De'Rruyet Industries on Corellia before assisting Sana Starros with a drop-off on the world.[760]
    • The Gortus 4 colony signs over rights to their moon, prompting the Tagge Construction Division to be tasked with establishing an ore factory within a week.[761]
    • The strikes on the Keshk lunar colony continue for the eighth day as a result of wage disputes with the Keshk Corporation.[761]
    • Beol De'Rruyet reveals that his De'Rruyet Industries has found a way to replicate the Nihil Path engine with the potential to completely change the galactic economy or end the galactic war.[761]
    • Lucky reports Ronen's fall to Lady Domina Tagge,[746] who captures Aphra to Tagge Space after bounty hunter pursuits through Taris, Burnin Konn, and Arveesh Station. The head of Tagge Corporation hires Aphra to gather more information on the De'Rruyet Path engine replica.[761]
    • Aphra enlists the help of Sana Starros to gain an audience with Lady Proxima at the Den of the White Worms on Corellia, who directs them to the Unbroken Clan. After clan leader Vukorah finished interrogating Remy, Aphra and Starros steal a datapad containing a transcript of Remy's interrogation, following a lead to[760] an ancient battlefield on Dol'har Hyde. There, Aphra and Starros are attacked by Vukorah and the Unbroken Clan.[762]
    • Working alongside "Just Lucky" in Canto Bight, Ariole Yu offers to let Koz go if the latter pays his debt to Wen Delphis, leader of the Sixth Kin, although Kin enforcers are ambushed by traitors.[763] With treason apparent amongst the ranks of the Kin, Wen Delphis sends "Just Lucky" and Ariole Yu to eliminate the alleged traitor Gallin Crae and his contact off-world.[764]
    • Emperor Palpatine instructs Domina Tagge to capture Beol De'Rruyet's Nihil Path engine replica.[763] Aided by Lapin, Domina Tagge discovers that slicers had stolen confidential data from TaggeCo as well as its competitors.[764]
    • For wallowing in grief, Vader is deposited by Darth Sidious to the black sands of Mustafar, on the spot where the Sith apprentice was immolated decades prior. To turn Vader's anger back into fear and the fear into pain, Sidious sends Ochi of Bestoon, assassin of the Sith, as a reminder.[765]
    • The Eye of Webbish Bog calls out to Vader, reminding the cyborg of his inner conflicts between his personal desire for power, his current servitude to the Sith and destined servitude to the Force, and his personal needs for family. After receiving a wayfinder to Exegol from the Eye,[766] Vader defeats Ochi's droid army and departs Mustafar holding Ochi captive in an escape pod retrofitted onto his green Jedi starfighter.[767]
    • Darth Vader and Ochi reach the vicinity of Exegol,[767] where they fly through an Imperial blockade led by Administrator Sly Moore as well as a creature of a summa-verminoth sub-species. After receiving a vision of his son, Luke Skywalker, striking him down and taking his place at the Emperor's side, Vader makes a forbidden use of the Force to subdue the beast, thereby violating his master's command. Through fear of the Emperor's plans, Vader had become angered and was fueled by hatred, leading to a demonstration of power whereby the cyborg gained control over the beast and rode it to Exegol's Sith Citadel.[768]
    • Vader confronts his master but is subdued by pain. Vader's beast lies dead, and Ochi loses his eyes; overwhelmed by the power of the Emperor, Vader chooses to yield to the latter as his servant. Vader, the Emperor, Ochi, Sly Moore, and Mas Amedda then leave Exegol—leaving its Sith cultists, minions, experiments, and a growing fleet of planet-destroying Star Destroyers.[769]
    • The Rebellion's Fourth Division joins forces with the Seventh Division after battling Ellian Zahra's assault group[667] at Elessia.[770]
    • Operation Starlight begins; the Fourth Division aims to reassemble the scattered Alliance Fleet.[770]
      • The Pathfinders of the Rebel Alliance conduct a heist at Coruscant's Imperial Museum with help from Lando Calrissian and Lobot to steal the Autonomous Translator Module, Mark II droid, through which the Fourth and Seventh Divisions intend to establish new secret communications with other rebels.[770]
      • Starlight Squadron is established. Consisting of Wedge Antilles, Freyta Smyth, L'ulo L'ampar, Shara Bey, Evaan Verlaine, and Mart Mattin, it attempts to contact other rebel groups and establish new secret communications through the codes provided by the Autonomous Translator Module, Mark II linguistics droid, which is kept operational by Lobot.[771]

        Lando Calrissian insisted on saving Lobot despite the latter's loss of mind and the lives of rebels being at stake.

      • Starlight Squadron finds the ruins of the Sixth Division instead and is ambushed by Imperial probe droids. Amidst the chaos, Lobot begins to die in his efforts to keep the rebels' linguistics droid operational. While Lando Calrissian remains adamant in telling Lobot to cease maintaining the droid, Kes Dameron, fearing for his love, Shara Bey, demands Calrissian to let Lobot die in exchange so that Bey may be saved.[771]
      • Calrissian is detained by order of Leia Organa. After secretly learning its language, C-3PO deactivates the Rebellion's linguistics droid in its refusal to yield its self-interest to save Lobot. With command of the droid's language, communications are reestablished with Starlight Squadron, which escapes from Zahra and her flagship, Tarkin's Will, by exploiting the Empire's disregard for its own droids.[772]
      • However, Shara Bey, Starlight's commanding officer, is captured by Zahra's forces. While a despaired Kes Dameron is counseled by Leia Organa, Lando Calrissian is reunited with Lobot and, seeing that the Rebellion would not care for them, offers to pay off his debt to Jabba the Hutt by stealing the deactivated linguistics droid and its embedded rebel codes.[772]
      • Having traced the location of Tarkin's Will, the Rebellion plans to strike back at the Empire.[772]
    • Aphra, Starros, and the Unbroken Clan attempt to seize the replica on Midarr. The engine is destroyed during the resulting firefight, but Aphra steals the crystal core of the original Path engine and gives it to Domina Tagge. In refusing to let Aphra and Starros go yet again, Vukorah loses an eye while chasing them.[764]
    • Valance and Cadeliah flee to meet Valance's lover, Yuralla Vega, at a rebel outpost on Lowik.[759] Valance leaves Cadeliah in the care of Yuralla Vega as Zuckuss and 4-LOM attack the Lowik rebels,[773] who are separated from Rebel Command as the Empire had broken the rebel security codes. While Valance distracts the hunters by visiting random ports throughout the galaxy, the Lowik rebels evacuate before the Empire's arrival, though they ask Valance to save a lone transport that was lost in the process. Valance does so to settle his debt to Han Solo, but is shot down by the Ohnaka Gang, which is led by Skragg, advised by a captive Dengar,[774] and in pursuit of the locations of the rebel armada.[740]
    • Working for Jabba alongside the Hutt's majordomo, Bib Fortuna, the hunter Bossk joins the hunted in the Great Hunt of Malastare, sparing Grummgar and killing the InterGalactic Banking Clan Vice Chair Exum Jermit, who had been refusing to do business with Jabba.[775]
    • Hunt for Han Solo
      • While en route transporting Han Solo to Jabba on Tatooine, Boba Fett loses Solo to mysterious figures on Nar Shaddaa after killing the Kanji Criminal Enterprise's pit fighting champion, Wyrmen Lictor, in the Garkata Fighting Arena.[776]

        Dozens of galactic figures battle for Han Solo, frozen in carbonite, after Boba Fett lost Solo on the Smuggler's Moon, Nar Shaddaa.

      • Crimson Dawn resurfaces under Lady Qi'ra. They steal Han Solo from Boba Fett[777] with the help of Deva Lompop, who in doing so betrays Jabba.[778] Qi'ra aims to bring the great factions of the galaxy together in an auction for Han Solo—a frozen figure wanted by all and hosted by Crimson Dawn on Jekara.[777]
      • Jabba places a large bounty on Boba Fett,[779] believing that he had betrayed him by selling Solo to another party.[780] T'onga is thus motivated to take up arms again against Fett, and T'onga's wife, Losha, follows.[779]
      • Valance battles Skragg's Ohnaka Gang, saves the rebel transport, and secures the rebel locations for the Rebel Alliance's Private Blanch Sproull. Hearing of Han Solo's capture by Boba Fett from Dengar, Valance takes Dengar captive to rescue Solo.[740] Aboard a Corona-class armed frigate stolen from the Ohanak Gang, the two hunters pursue Boba Fett and his Slave I.[775]
      • Vader, believing that any attempts to rebel against the Emperor is futile, changes his strategy of keeping Luke Skywalker and his friends alive; Vader decides that killing his son is the only way, and sets out to hunt for Han Solo using the services of Bokku the Hutt and Ochi of Bestoon.[781]
      • Aboard Jabba's yacht, the Star Jewel, alongside Bib Fortuna, Bossk learns of Jabba's bounty on Boba Fett.[779]
      • Intent on killing Fett and rescuing Solo, Valance is tracked down by Zuckuss and 4-LOM in the Y'Toub System. Dengar arranges a deal between the four of them to postpone pursuing the Unbroken Clan's bounty on Cadeliah and instead hunt down the wanted Fett.[779]
      • Boba Fett is confronted by Zuckuss and 4-LOM. They are defeated and left for dead on Nar Shaddaa and Tatooine, respectively.[777]
      • Chewbacca hears from Sagwa a lead on Han Solo's location.[782]
      • Working with Dengar to trail Boba Fett, Valance seeks to help Han Solo since the latter saved his life. The pair run into Chewbacca and C-3PO on Nar Shaddaa. Chewbacca warns Valance not to cross paths with him again on their search for Solo, and they part in peace. Valance and Dengar learn from Devono Vix that Crimson Dawn had returned and stolen Solo from Fett, but Vix is immediately killed by the assassin Deathstick.[780]

        The assassin Deathstick was under the employ of Lady Qi'ra, leader of Crimson Dawn.

      • Valance and Dengar are pursued by Deathstick at Qi'ra's behest. In a brief interlude, Dengar contacted Bib Fortuna, seeking reassurance that[552] his love interest, the Aruzan[783] Manaroo, remained safe under Jabba's captivity[552] while the bounty hunter remained indebted to the Hutt.[784]
      • Valance and Dengar quietly escape to Canto Bight. While he remains indebted to Wen Delphis of the Sixth Kin, Dengar reclaims his ship, the Punishing One, on the condition that he and Valance stir up trouble at the Crimson Dawn gathering.[785] Before they leave, Dengar promises to give Deathstick the location of Cadeliah.[784]
      • Crimson Dawn attacks the Mourner's Wail. T'onga and Losha are cuaght amidst the attack.[780] After repelling the Dawn, T'onga informs Mourner's Wail leader Khamdek that he has a granddaughter—Cadeliah. Khamdek asks T'onga to keep Cadeliah safe from the Dawn.[552]
      • T'onga and Losha recruit gladiator champion Tasu Leech, who seeks a worthy challenge, and Zuckuss, who was left bitter by the fact that his own friend, 4-LOM, had lost memory of him and attempted to kill him.[785]
      • On Nar Shaddaa, General Vukorah is invited to the Crimson Dawn gathering by Deathstick.[785]
      • R2-D2, C-3PO, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, and Sagwa are ambushed by the Kanji gang on Nar Shaddaa, and the rebels escape aboard the Falcon. The gang reports their sighting of Luke Skywalker to Imperial Garrison on Vandor.[782]
      • R2-D2 informs Skywalker of the locations of dozens of Jedi outposts. Sagwa joins the Rebellion, and the Falcon is recalled to the Rebel Fleet by General Leia Organa after an unknown party contacted the Alliance regarding Solo.[782]
      • Invitations are sent out to various individuals throughout the galaxy, including Jabba the Hutt, Black Sun's Boss Gyuti,[786] and Imperial General Hurst Romodi.[787]

        Durge resurges

      • Sly Moore and her court hire IG-88 to destroy Vader in the fear that he could overpower the Emperor. After defeating IG-88 at Zee-Nine City Seven in Hutt Space, Vader, Ochi, and Bokku find a Crimson Dawn lead to Han Solo. Bokku is tasked by Vader with obtaining Solo,[788] as is Sly Moore.[787]
      • Bounty hunter Boushh and his crew, hired by Crimson Dawn, attempt to assassinate the corporation's executive board. In the ensuing fight, Domina Tagge roots out Tagge Corporation's mole, Silas Tagge, and kills him. She then persuades Boushh's crew to work for her, promising as payment to take them back to their homeworld, Uba IV, from which they had been exiled by Ubese society.[789]
      • Domina Tagge sends Aphra and Starros to track down Ebann Drake, who had left TaggeCo[764] for Crimson Dawn's auction. Aphra and Starros betray the bounty hunter Durge, who had also taken a bounty on Drake, and take Drake's invitation to Crimson Dawn's auction, which they attend per Domina Tagge's instructions.[786]
      • Amilyn Holdo, who had been working amongst the crime syndicates, informs Leia Organa that Solo was no longer with Fett, and is instead held at an auction hosted by Crimson Dawn. Organa asks Chewbacca to reach out to Lando Calrissian about the matter, and C-3PO accompanies the Wookiee to handle urgent tasks relating to Starlight Squadron's efforts to find the remainder of the Alliance Fleet.[790]
      • Luke Skywalker and Starlight Squadron rescue the Eleventh Division at Ab Dalis, saving High Command's Admiral Gial Ackbar and Alliance Chancellor Mon Mothma.[791]

        Rebel victory at Ab Dalis liberated Alliance High Command's Admiral Ackbar and Chancellor Mon Mothma from a relentless seige.

      • Calrissian agrees to help rescue Solo, although he also promises Jabba via Fortuna that his package would be delivered over Jekara. Upon the Falcon's arrival over the world, Calrissian secretly jettisons the rebels' linguistics droid into space. As the droid drifts away, it attempts to bargain with Calrissian, temporarily repairing Lobot's implants and restoring his personality.[790]
      • Calrissian regrets his actions and vows to revive Lobot, although Chewbacca, Organa, and C-3PO pilot the Falcon down to Jekara.[790]
    • Auction for Han Solo and aftermath
      • On Jekara, Boba Fett leaves Bossk for dead after the Trandoshan attempted to capture him for Jabba.[777]
      • Fett infiltrates the auction venue, and Jabba successfully outbids everyone for Solo with one million credits.[792] Back stage, Crae battles Ariole Yu and Lucky. Darth Vader arrives claiming Solo as his own.[793]
      • Qi'ra duels Lord Vader while Imperial General Romodi takes Han Solo aboard an Imperial shuttle headed for the Executor.[794]
      • Wishing to maintain the Hutts' relationship with the Empire, Jabba lets his prize go before leaving the auction halls himself. Dissatisfied that the Hutts' reputation is at risk, Bokku leads dissident Hutt Council members to take back Solo from Romodi's Imperial shuttle with a Hutt fleet.[794]
      • The rebels pursue the same shuttle aboard the Millennium Falcon.[794]
      • Wishing to save Han Solo, Valance teams up with his hated rival, Boba Fett, to pursue the same shuttle aboard the Slave I, leaving Dengar stranded on Jekara.[794]
      • Vader, sensing the presence of Luke Skywalker above Jekara, pursues the Jedi-trainee in orbit.[794]
      • Chelli Lona Aphra and Sana Starros steal a Black Sun necklace containing data crystals from the Crimson Dawn gathering and make their escape.[795] While escaping, work alongside Ariole Yu and Lucky, and Aphra kills Crae.[796] Aphra's electro-tattoos are fried after activating the thought dowser to incapacitate a pursuing Deathstick.[795]
      • Ariole Yu and Lucky are stranded at the Crimson Dawn venue by Aphra and Starros, who escape and find that a network of Crimson Dawn spies had infiltrated Black Sun, the Empire, the Rebellion, the Sixth Kin, as well as the Tagge Corporation.[795]
      • Most guests leave the venue after fighting broke out over Han Solo, but General Vukorah remains with Crimson Dawn, impressed with their confrontation with Vader.[784]

        Qi'ra brought about the re-emergence of the Crimson Dawn, challenging the might of the Empire.

      • Dengar is recued by Deathstick, to whom he hands the location of Cadeliah.[784]
      • T'onga, Losha, Tasu Leech, and Zuckuss track Dengar and Valance to Jekara, where they find Bossk, who frees himself using Zuckuss' knife.[784]
      • Qi'ra continues pulling her strings as Crimson Dawn's leader, anticipating the coming of the "end" while holding the a Sith holocron.[794]
        • At the Dawn's urging, the Hutt Council armada attacks the Executor, although the shuttle containing Han Solo is safely delivered to the Imperial flagship.[797]
        • Certain that his son's fear is keeping him from being a Jedi, Darth Vader leaves Luke Skywalker and, at Emperor Palpatine's command, personally executes the Hutt Council, including Bokku, over Jekara.[797] Vader thus also learns that Palpatine wants Skywalker alive, and that the Dark Lord fears losing the boy.[798]
        • Crimson Dawn also arranges for the crew of the Millennium Falcon to board the Executor and rescue Solo. However, he is instead taken by Boba Fett, who injures Valance and leaves him for dead aboard the Executor.[797]
      • Crimson Dawn, the rebels, and Boba Fett depart Jekara.[797]
      • Working for Crimson Dawn, Deva Lompop has IG-88 restored to take Solo back from Boba Fett. While IG-88 fails, the droid retreats to a junk world in order to bide his time and improve his systems.[799]
      • Boba Fett sells Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine, where Fett remains. Having become the sole leader of the Hutt clans, Jabba remains unfettered in regard to the Hutts' relationship with the Empire.[797]
    • Declaring the success of the "dawn," Qi'ra gathers warriors such as Ren's Knights of Ren in preparation for the reign of her organization.[797]
    • While the Emperor wanted Luke Skywalker alive, Ochi apprehends Sly Moore for attempting to save Skywalker from Vader. However, Vader lets Moore go to fulfill his next mission from the Emperor: to hunt down Crimson Dawn's operatives within the Empire.[798]
    • Ochi is ordered by Vader bring his assassin associates under the Sith Lord's fold. On Saki, Ochi kills his fellow master assassins to free an imprisoned Lady Qi'ra.[798]
    • Operation Ringbreaker begins.[4]
    • After eliminating a rebel cell in the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth,[801] Squadron Five of Shakara Nuress's 204th Imperial Fighter Wing, also known as Shadow Wing, reclaim the Kudo system from the defecting Admiral Gratloe's private faction. The 204th's Lyttan Dree and Zin Graw are killed amidst an attack by the Rebel Alliance after Graw, secretly wanting to defect to the rebels, leaked intelligence to the Alliance.[661]

Return of the Jedi (4 ABY)[]

  • 4 ABY

    Calm and collected, Leia Organa proceeded to disarm Boushh with a single blaster shot.

    • Leia Organa travels to Ord Mantell to find Maz Kanata for assistance in rescuing Han Solo. Boushh attacks Organa, though the bounty hunter was defeated by the latter, who took from Kanata's teachings of patience. Organa wears Boushh's armor as a disguise, thanking Maz Kanata before leaving in the Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca and R2-D2.[802][803]
    • Boushh attempts to blackmail Black Sun. He fails and falls to agents of the crime syndicate, though his demise is not well-known.[804][803]
    • Leia Organa, disguised as Boushh, rescues Lando Calrissian from bounty hunters on Arkanis. One hunter, Bossk, attempts to capture Chewbacca, although the Wookiee is later rescued. Organa thus cements Boushh's reputation with Bossk.[805]
    • With the Millennium Falcon, Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca leave[735] the Redemption at Backup Rendezvous Point Gamma-Nine[749] to find Han Solo.[735] They eventually arrive at Jabba's Palace on Tatooine, where Solo is held.[806]
    • Corona Squadron is involved in a dogfight in the Hudalla system.[331]
    • Less than one week before Operation Yellow Moon, Bothan operatives obtain footage of a second Death Star at Endor.[672] The Bothans bring the information to the Rebellion's Mon Mothma, Gial Ackbar, and Airen Cracken at the cost of many lives.[806]
    • Rebel intelligence chief and general Airen Cracken's men report a confirmed sighting of Boba Fett's ship over Tatooine, and that Fett has been paid for the delivery of Han Solo and is continuing to work for Jabba the Hutt.[672]
    • With the Rebellion's fleet still scattered across the galaxy to prevent another major defeat, Captain Volk Aymeric's rebel convoy protecting Princess Leia Organa withstands an attack by Imperial forces.[672]
    • Rebels on Zastiga
      • Mon Mothma orders members of Rebel High Command to convene on Zastiga. Aboard the Mellcrawler, Nien Nunb transports Leia Organa, Caluan Ematt, and C-3PO from Aymeric's ship to Zastiga, where they join with Luke Skywalker and R2-D2.[672]

        Barely recovering from their defeat at Hoth, the Rebellion was forced to face the Empire's new Death Star.

      • On Zastiga, while Mon Mothma, Gial Ackbar, Airen Cracken, Crix Madine, Leia Organa, Carlist Rieekan, and a number of top admirals and generals—amongst them Nantz and Massa, as well as Veertag and Tantor—meet at a safe house to discuss the discovery of the second Death Star, Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, and Nien Nunb meet for a discussion of how Nunb saved Antilles at Hagar Secundus.[672]
      • Luke Skywalker, who had rejected Antilles' offer for him to rejoin Red Squadron[807] and had been delaying his return to Yoda on Dagobah to await news of Han Solo, expects that he would return to the Redemption. Skywalker also tells Leia Organa of his need to master patience to become a Jedi.[672]
      • The next day, taking from Skywalker's lesson, Organa proposes Operation Yellow Moon to buy much-needed time for the Rebellion and the galaxy at the risk of her life. Mon Mothma approves of the proposal after telling Organa not to deny herself another chance at love; duty cannot provide the comfort love would bring.[672]
      • Rebels leave Zastiga the following day.[672]
    • Operation Yellow Moon; Aboard Nien Nunb's Mellcrawler, Leia Organa leads a faux Alliance recruiting mission in the Corva sector, nearly a hundred-thousand light years away from the second Death Star, that is meant to distract the Empire while the Rebellion gathers an armada at Sullust.[672]
      • Imperials led by Captain Khione garrison Basteel and Sesid in retaliation for Organa attempting to recruit for the Alliance on the two worlds, imposing greater fear and oppression on their populace in the goal of instilling absolute obedience.[672]
      • Unwilling to cause more lives of others to be lost while doing their duty for the fate of the Rebellion and the galaxy, Organa's crew decide to go beyong their mission parameters and assist in a civilian uprising against the Empire on Jaresh, ensuring that the local resistance succeeds.[672]
      • Organa's crew proceed to the Yellow Moon, over which rebel recruits from the Corva sector are set to rendezvous as arranged by the Rebel Alliance. The Mellcrawler broadcasts a message to the gathered rebels that they are only a distraction for a major upcoming Alliance battle elsewhere, and telling them to flee. As the rebels leave, Captain Khione's Imperial flagship, the Shieldmaiden, arrives and captures the Mellcrawler.[672]

        Operation Yellow Moon taught that while duty was crucial, people struggled against the Empire for inter-personal love; whether to honor those who died in the conflict or to fight for a brighter future for those still living.

      • With the individual voluntary sacrifices of two members of Organa's crew, as well as a surprise return of the rebel recruits, the crew destroys the Shieldmaiden using the Mellcrawler as a bomb, escaping Khione's Star Destroyer with a stolen Imperial shuttle named Tydirium.[672]
    • Aboard the shuttle Tydirium, Leia Organa, Nien Nunb, and Kidi Aleri reach Kothlis, where they join Luke Skywalker. Skywalker reports that they had gathered that Han Solo is still in carbonite, held at Jabba's Palace.[672]
    • Iden Versio escapes from the Invincible Faith with Moff Raythe's message, in which Death Squadron is ordered to move to the far side of Endor as part of the Empire's plans to trap the Rebel Alliance during what the rebels think to be their surprise assault on the Emperor's new battle station.[808]
    • With his green-bladed lightsaber, Luke Skywalker leads a raid at Imperial Refining Platform M36 to secure an entire year's worth of fuel supplies for the Rebel Alliance. With the rebels skeptical of Skywalker for his Force abilities sometimes giving false positives of potential threats, the rebels refuse to heed Skywalker's call to risk jumping into hyperspace and are attacked by an Imperial Star Destroyer as a result. Skywalker resists Darth Sidious' telepathic urges to abandon the rebels for being weak and the temptation to leave the war to live a quiet life, rejoining the rebels aboard their transport. Controlling his anger that festered from his guilt of nearly abandoning the rebels, Skywalker assists their leader in helping the rebels escape to safety.[809]
    • Imperials and rebels battle on Mordal.[25]

      Leia Organa rescued her beloved Han Solo from the clutches of the crime lord Jabba the Hutt.

    • Rescue of Han Solo; on Tatooine, Han Solo is rescued from Jabba the Hutt, who is killed by Leia Organa. Boba Fett is consumed by the sarlacc of the Great Pit of Carkoon.[806]
    • Jabba's demise leads to the fall of his criminal empire; subsequent to the Hutt's death, Jabba's Palace's droid pool is permanently deactivated,[810][811] although the MerenData[490] EV-series supervisor droid EV-9D9[812] was only temporarily disabled[813] and later became a bartender at Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina on Tatooine by[814] 9 ABY.[815]
    • Lando Calrissian defeats a pirate fleet at the Battle of Taanab, earning himself the rank of general in the Rebel Alliance.[94]
    • The Imperial Security Bureau trace Zin Graw's leak to a rebel recruitment base for Imperial defects. Squadron Five is replenished with Bansu Ro and Rac Syrmo—newly-graduated cadets under Instructor Yurib Nakan at Carida—and destroys the recruitment base. They would return to the Pursuer, their base of operations, to hear news of the Emperor's presumed death.[662]
    • Yoda dies on Dagobah; Luke Skywalker discovers that he is not only truly the son of Darth Vader, but also the brother of Leia Organa.[806]
    • A strike team led by Alliance General Han Solo lands on the Forest Moon of Endor with the shuttle Tydirium. They gather Ewok allies from Bright Tree Village.[806]
    • Luke Skywalker tells Leia Organa that they are siblings and that Darth Vader is their father. Luke Skywalker then leaves to confront Vader himself, attempting to join forces with him to fight against the Emperor as Jedi.[806]

      Luke and Leia share a moment in Bright Tree Village, Endor.

    • Battle of Endor[806]
      • Departing the Sullust system, the Alliance Fleet flies into the trap set for them by the Emperor in the Endor system. Led by Admiral Ackbar from aboard the Home One, the rebels destroy the Executor.[806]
      • Han Solo's strike team and Ewok allies destroy the Death Star's shield generator, allowing rebel starfighters to infiltrate the Death Star's reactor core.[806]
      • Darth Vader no longer, Anakin Skywalker kills Darth Sidious, fulfilling the prophecy of the Chosen One and bringing balance to the Force by destroying the Sith. The second Death Star is destroyed by the Millennium Falcon.[806]

        Compassionate for the selflessness of his son, Anakin Skywalker let go of his hatred and cast away the Sith, bringing balance to the Force, fulfilling his destiny, and passed away with peace and purpose.

    • Concurrent to the Battle of Endor

Fall of the Empire (4 ABY–5 ABY)[]

New Republic Era (5–34 ABY)[]

Galactic Civil War (continued; 5 ABY)[]

Peace (5–28 ABY)[]

Cold War (29–34 ABY)[]