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This article is about a timeline of galactic history. You may be looking for the Galactic Timeline series of videos or Time Tales, a fan-made Star Wars timeline initially launched in 1996.
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"I don't think there's ever been a time in our recorded history when there wasn't a war going on somewhere."
"All the more reason for changing the future, then."
Jacen Solo and Lumiya[src]

This is a timeline of galactic history recording the galaxy's important events. All dates are given according to the Galactic Standard Calendar.

Timeline of galactic historyEdit

Pre-Republic eraEdit

  • c. 1,000,000 BBY
    • An ancient aquatic civilization thrives on the planet Jerrilek, but eventually goes extinct in the following millennia.[5]
    • The semi-intelligent ancestors to the Gorothites emerge on Goroth Prime.[2]
  • c. 90,000 BBY
    • The metropolis eventually known as Galactic City has grown to the point where new levels are built atop old ones, beginning the trend of upward building that continues for thousands of years.[1]
  • c. 53,300 BBY
    • The Quake comes to an end as Quesh becomes geologically stable.[13]
  • c. 35,000 BBY
    • The Rakata, having developed technology powered by the dark side of the Force, establish an Infinite Empire that begins to expand throughout the Unknown Regions and into the western galaxy.[16]
  • 33,357 BBY
    • The terraforming computer on Kashyyyk malfunctions, causing a hyper-acceleration in the growth of the planet's forests and giving rise to the enormous wroshyr trees.[17]
  • c. 30,000 BBY
    • The Infinite Empire of the Rakata reaches its peak, spanning dozens of worlds across the galaxy. They annex the holdings of other spacefaring species such as the Gree and the Kwa.[1]
    • The Killiks of Alderaan attempt to invade the planet Korriban, but are repelled by the Sith species.[1]
    • The Killiks vanish from Alderaan,[1] Alsakan[18] and the galaxy at large, having been relocated to the Unknown Regions; modern scholars believe that the Celestials are responsible.[1]
  • c. 27,700 BBY
    • The Sith species on Korriban are visited by the Rakata of the Infinite Empire, but King Adas leads his people in driving the Rakata offworld after realizing they intend to conquer the planet.[1]
    • Korriban is devastated by the Rakatan attack, turning it into a wasteland and causing most Sith to relocate to the forested world of Ziost. Korriban becomes the species' holy tombworld.[19]
    • Using Rakatan Force-driven hyperdrive technology, the Sith spread out among the planets of the Stygian Caldera, and the planet Tund becomes a place of exile for heretics among the Sith.[1]
  • 25,793 BBY
    • The Force Wars on Tython begin between the followers of Ashla and the followers of Bogan.[25]
    • Tatooine was conquered by the Infinite Empire.[1]
    • The Infinite Empire launches a campaign of conquest against the Je'daii Order and the Settled Worlds.
  • c. 25,200 BBY
    • The Infinite Empire is struck by a mysterious plague that strips the Rakata of their ability to use the Force, prompting slave revolts across the galaxy and the Empire's collapse.[1]
    • The Tionese nobleman Xer VIII is born around this time.[27]
  • 25,116 BBY
    • Xim's conquest of the Thanium Worlds comes to a close.[1]
  • 25,096 BBY
    • Xim's empire completes the conquest of the Kiirium Reaches, despite the loss of its ruler.[1]

Expansionist EraEdit

  • 25,053 BBY
    • With the Rakatan hyperdrive having been reverse-engineered by Corellian scientists, the inhabitants of the Core Worlds begin to expand outward and settle the known galaxy.[26]
    • The Galactic Republic is founded with the signing of the Galactic Constitution, and Coruscant becomes the new government's capital.[26]
  • 25,000 BBY
    • The Perlemian Trade Route is founded, linking Coruscant with Ossus and the Tion Cluster.[1]
    • The Corellian Run is mapped, ensuring the economic dominance of Corellia in the forming Republic; the Corellian Run forms the southern border of the Slice.[1]
    • Republic scouts make contact with the Jedi Order on Ossus, and Jedi Master Haune Tiar accompanies the scouts back to the Republic. After conferring for several weeks, the Order pledge themselves to the Republic's service.[29]
    • With the development of the hyperdrive, Queen Rana allows for a wave of colonization to embark from Duros; one of the colony worlds is the planet Neimoidia,[1] which is colonized by a group of Duros led by Chla C'cHaan. (Approximate date)[30]
    • The Jedi Sar Agorn takes on a Padawan in Cope Shykrill, but Shykrill falls to the dark side of the Force and is struck down. (Approximate date)[19]
  • 24,500 BBY
    • The First Great Schism erupts in the Core Worlds between the Jedi Order and the Legions of Lettow, members of the Jedi Order who seek to use the dark side against the Order's wishes. The Legions' leader Xendor originally asked for permission to create an academy for the study of Force techniques outlawed by the Jedi, and after their refusal he founded the Legions on Lettow—prompting the Order to declare war on them.[31]
    • The Schism sees Xendor's death at Columus, and the conflict ends not long afterwards as the Order invaded Lettow.[31]
  • 24,000 BBY
    • The Tionese War begins: the Tionese unite as the Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion and attack the Republic, storming down the Perlemian. The Republic begins producing warships at Core shipyards, but the Tionese push into the heart of the Republic and bomb numerous worlds. The Republic ultimately repels the Tionese with a desperate counterattack by numerous Core systems, sparking a series of offensives and counteroffensives that last around a century.[31]
  • 23,900 BBY
    • The Tionese War comes to an end as the Republic devastates the worlds of the Tion Cluster, though the Republic's sterilization of Desevro prompts the Jedi to break with the Republic.[31]
    • The Republic negotiates with the Jedi, who eventually agree to serve as the Republic's watchmen.[31]
  • c. 23,643 BBY
    • The planet Uphrades experiences a period of significant volcanic activity, resulting in especially fertile soil tens of thousands of years later.[32]
  • c. 22,800 BBY
    • A Jedi scout follows the Force's call into the Unknown Regions, discovering the crystal world of Ilum. Ilum soon becomes an important religious world for the Jedi Order.[1]

Great Manifest PeriodEdit

  • c. 19,000 BBY
    • The planet Kamino undergoes abrupt climate change, which causes the planet's glacial reserves to melt; all of Kamino's landmasses will be completely submerged within two hundred years.[1]
  • 18,780 BBY
    • The Shawken Spire, a massive spire that touches low orbit and was constructed over the course of nine thousand years, is destroyed.[1]

The Indecta EraEdit

  • 17,018 BBY
    • The Indecta Era begins.[31]
    • The First Alsakan Conflict begins, sparking fourteen thousand years of conflict between Alsakan and Coruscant. Alsakan leads its supporters, the Axis worlds, in blocking the Grand Companies of the Spin from expanding south, and the trading conglomerates are backed by Duros merchant barons and the Coruscant-dominated Republic.[31]
    • Republic forces conquer the planet Virujansi.[31]
  • 16,921 BBY
    • The Battle of Kes, the only direct armed conflict between the Republic and Alsakan during the early Alsakan Conflicts, occurs.[31]
  • c. 16,700 BBY
    • The First Alsakan Conflict ends as the Bureau of Ships and Services forces a peace—the Bureau threatens to withhold access to the hyperspace beacons.[31]

Kymoodon EraEdit

Pius Dea EraEdit

Ductavis EraEdit

Rianitus PeriodEdit

Subterra PeriodEdit

Manderon PeriodEdit

Post-Manderon periodEdit

  • 5000 BBY
    • The Unification Wars come to an end, with the Koros system united under Empress Teta's rule.[1]
    • Belsavis enters an ice age. (Approximate date)
    • Marka Ragnos dies, prompting a duel between the rival Sith Lords Ludo Kressh and Naga Sadow, who both seek to succeed Ragnos. As Ragnos's spirit looks on, Sadow emerges victorious and is anointed the new Dark Lord of the Sith.[49]
    • The Great Hyperspace War—a galactic conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire—erupts when two young hyperspace scouts, Gav and Jori Daragon, accidentally make contact with the Sith.[1]
    • The Manderon Period ends.[1]
    • Sadow instigates the Great Hyperspace War in hopes of conquering the Republic, invading major Republic worlds such as Coruscant and the Koros system along the Daragon Trail hyperlane.[1]
    • The Dark Reaper is constructed. (Approximate date)
    • King Adas's holocron is lost on the planet Ashas Ree following the death of its owner, Lord Garu.[50]
    • Sadow's forces are ultimately driven back when his forces are revealed to be largely illusions, and Sadow flees back to the Sith Empire, where he is confronted by Ludo Kressh.[1]
    • Sadow escapes after destroying Kressh's fleet just ahead of a Republic fleet pursuing him, and ultimately finds refuge on the moon of Yavin 4.[1]
    • The Sith starship Omen crashes on the remote planet Kesh, stranding its crew as the Lost Tribe of Sith, while its sister ship Harbinger is thrown into the future and arrives around 41 ABY.[51]
    • Supreme Chancellor Pultimo orders an invasion of the Stygian Caldera to wipe out the remains of the Sith Empire.[1]
    • A supernova occurs in the Moddell sector, forming the Din Pulsar. (Approximate date)[1]
    • Duros scouts discover the planet Adnerem. (Approximate date)[52]
    • Csilla undergoes an ice age, blanketing its surface with glaciers and forcing the Chiss species to move underground. (Approximate date)[18]
    • The symbol of the Academy of Carida is carved into the moon of Carida, earning it the name of the Mascot Moon. (Approximate date)[53]
    • The Star Cabal is founded. (Approximate date)
  • 4999 BBY
    • Vitiate calls the remaining Sith Lords of the Empire to his homeworld of Nathema, where he binds their wills to his own and conducts a powerful ritual of Sith magic. The Ritual of Nathema strips the Force from the entire planet, killing everyone on the world except Vitiate; Vitiate is made immortal and immensely powerful, becoming the Sith Emperor.[48]
    • Blaming Nathema's destruction on the Jedi, the Sith Emperor gathers the remains of the Empire and embarks on a length exodus from Sith Space.[48]
  • 4985 BBY
    • Ravilan Wroth poisons a Keshiri village with cyanogen silicate in an attempt to encourage the Lost Tribe to escape from Kesh, but Seelah Korsin poisons more villages and frames Wroth for the massacre. Wroth and the fifty-seven remaining pureblood Sith are executed as a result.[54]
  • 4980 BBY
  • 4975 BBY
    • The Skyborn Rangers are founded.
    • Yaru Korsin dies following an uprising led by his wife Seelah, and his daughter Nida succeeds him as Grand Lord.[55]
  • 4960 BBY
  • c. 4904 BBY
  • 4896 BBY
  • 4800 BBY
    • The Gank Massacres begin: with the discovery of the spice ryll, the newly-discovered Porporite species is whipped into a homicidal frenzy by the spice, prompting various factions to hire mercenaries from the Gank species to protect them. The Gank exterminated the Porporites and went on a violent rampage of their own.[9]
  • 4789 BBY
    • Master Jumper Barkin leads a group of Republic rocket-jumpers on a combat mission during the Gank Massacres.[41]
  • 4775 BBY
    • The Gank Massacres are brought to an end by Jedi Knights and the Juggernaut war droids, droids commissioned by Chancellor Vocatara to assist the Republic against the Ganks.[41]
  • c. 4645 BBY
  • 4606 BBY
  • c. 4600 BBY
  • 4598 BBY
  • c. 4500 BBY
    • Parties from the Republic begin to contact the planet Kamino, seeking to make use of the Kaminoans' exceptional cloning technology.[1]
    • By this time, Republic scouts had discovered the star systems of the future Corporate Sector.[1]
    • The Altiri and Anarrians come into contact with each other, sparking a global conflict that lasts for almost six hundred years.[18]
    • An independent scout vessel drops out of hyperspace too close to the gravity well of the planet Iol, causing the pilot to crash on the planet and inadvertently uncovering a large vein of ore used in the creation of durasteel. The pilot names the planet Iol and submits a claim to the world, but Tangan Industries intercepts and modifies his claim to give the company rights to the world.[18]
    • The Barabel War, a millennia-long conflict among the Barabel species, erupts due to disputes over hunting grounds on their homeworld of Barab I.[12]
  • c. 4498 BBY
    • Tangan Industries has completed a full mining colony on Iol, which expands into three cities scattered across the planet over the next few centuries.[18]
  • 4400 BBY
    • After being denied Knighthood, a Padawan named Freedon Nadd explores the Yavin system and encounters Naga Sadow's spirit, who sways Nadd to the dark side of the Force. Nadd kills Sadow's spirit and establishes himself as a king on the planet Onderon, where he institutes a policy to banish criminals into the wilds beyond the walls of the city of Iziz. Nadd establishes a dynasty of dark side-wielding monarchs.[9][19]
    • The exiled criminals manage to tame Onderon's wild beasts to become the Beast Riders, and the Beast Riders wage war on Iziz, sparking the Beast Wars.[9]
    • The Mon Calamari of Dac begin to launch starliners to colonize planets around their homeworld over the next two centuries. (Approximate date)[1]
    • Around this time, a team of Jedi Knights including the Devaronian Chamma are sent to investigate a distress call on the planet Athiss. There, the group is attacked by Sith devotees, and Chamma succumbs to the dark side during the encounter. Disappointed in his failure, Chamma goes into self-imposed exile on H'ratth. (Approximate date)[62]
  • 4300 BBY
    • The Miraluka Jedi Master Noab Hulis arrives on H'ratth and speaks with Chamma, convincing him to return to the light and end his exile.[62]
  • 4250 BBY
  • c. 4241 BBY
  • 4225 BBY
  • c. 4200 BBY
  • c. 4100s BBY
    • New navicomputer technology begins to render jump-beacons obsolete.[31]
  • 4166 BBY
    • The Mon Calamari species makes first contact with the Republic when Republic scouts encounter Mon Calamari starships near Ruisto.[1]
    • The planet Darvannis is discovered by spice smugglers in the Calaron sector. (Approximate date)[64]
  • 4129 BBY
  • c. 4100 BBY
    • Bacta is introduced to the galaxy, becoming a competitor to kolto. (Approximate date)[1]
  • 4086 BBY
  • 4085 BBY
    • A vintage of wine that will become known as the particularly rare Ord Mantell 432 BTC is produced on Ord Mantell.[28]
  • 4070 BBY
  • 4067 BBY
    • The Republic exploration vessel Starveil is lost while performing a study of the Luire system; the ship's last communication indicates that the crew planned to land on the fifth planet Nyriaan, but the ship is never found.[40]
  • c. 4056 BBY
    • The Dynamet Corporation donates a large sum of credits to the hospital Mercy General on Taris for the construction of a wing devoted to curing the rakghoul plague. The hospital is renamed Dynamet General in thanks.[67]
    • Around this time, civil war breaks out between Taris's nobility and the planet's largely alien lower class. The conflict is sparked when rising levels of toxic pollution poison the planet's oceans and famine sweeps the city-world, and the nobility begin to hoard food for themselves. Though the lower classes rise up against the nobility, the rebellion is ultimately crushed after millions died in the fighting.[17]
  • c. 4050 BBY
    • Scouts from the planet Shor discover the planet Giaca.[18]
    • Drokko Kira is banished from the city of Iziz for challenging the dark side legacy of Freedon Nadd.[68]
  • c. 4043 BBY
  • 4030 BBY
  • 4024 BBY
  • 4021 BBY
    • The Nevoota Extinction ends with the extermination of the insectoid Nevoota.[31]
  • 4020 BBY
  • 4017 BBY
    • The Mandalorian Crusaders attack the planet Basilisk in the Battle of Basilisk. The Basiliskans are supported by Republic reinforcements under Jedi Master Sidrona Diath, but ultimately are overrun and seed their own homeworld with toxins to deny it to the Mandalorians.[31]
    • The Mandalorians retreat from Basilisk, but take numerous Basiliskans, Basiliskian warships, and Basilisk war droids with them.[31]
  • 4015 BBY
    • The Great Droid Revolution: the Czerka assassin droid HK-01 seizes power by subverting the programming of thousands of droids and turning them against their masters. Jedi intervention finally brings the conflict to an end after three months.[31]
  • 4009 BBY
    • The Systino crime syndicate discovers the planet Sraato, a world rich in valuable natural resources. The Systino syndicate dominates most of the criminal activity in the sector for the next two hundred years.[18]
  • 4008 BBY
  • 4007 BBY
    • The Quesaya Border Conflict erupts, and the Republic rocket-jumpers play a role in ending the conflict.[41]
    • Jev Sunrider's Force ghost appears to his grandson Andur Sunrider on Darada and warns him that he will play an important part in the coming war.[62]
  • 4004 BBY
  • 4003 BBY
    • The Giju Passage is blazed by Herglic scouts, and within twenty-five years the route becomes an established trade route into Herglic space.[72]
  • 4002 BBY
    • The Mandalorians attack the Deep Core planet Kuar and conquer the world.[31]
    • Onderon makes contact with the Galactic Republic and encounters galactic civilization.[66]
  • 4001 BBY

Old Sith WarsEdit

  • 4000 BBY
    • The Kyyr system is enveloped in a supernova, forming the Thornhedge Nebula and Pulsar and also devastating the Ootmian Pabol. (Approximate date)[1]
    • The planet Ession is colonized. (Approximate date)[73]
    • The Exchange is founded. (Approximate date)
    • The Omwati establish a colony on Coruscant.
    • Muzara is colonized.
    • Flashpoint Stellar Research Station is established on the planet Flashpoint.[74]
    • Jedi Master Arca Jeth sends his three apprentices, Ulic Qel-Droma, Cay Qel-Droma, and Tott Doneeta, to Onderon in order to bring an end to the ongoing Beast Wars. Their mission soon goes awry when Princess Galia is kidnapped during a Beast Rider raid on Iziz. The Jedi pursue Galia, only to discover that she intends to marry the Beast Rider Oron Kira, and Onderon's royal family are practitioners of the dark side.[9]
    • Their attempts to negotiate a peace with Queen Amanoa fail when she unleashes the dark side against them, and the Beast Riders lay siege to Iziz. Arca Jeth arrives and lends his battle meditation to the Beast Riders, bringing about their victory, and his powerful presence in the light side causes Freedon Nadd's spirit to abandon Queen Amanoa and leave her to die. Galia and Kira are married and assume the throne of Onderon.[9]
  • 3999 BBY
  • 3998 BBY
    • The Freedon Nadd Uprising erupts on Onderon as King Ommin leads an army of dark side-empowered Naddists against the Jedi Order and Beast Riders. The Naddists interrupt Amanoa's funeral and capture Arca Jeth, and also succeed in recovering the sarcophagi of both Amanoa and Freedon Nadd.[9]
    • The Galactic Republic and additional Jedi Knights arrive on Onderon and engage Ommin's army, and the Jedi ultimately defeat Ommin and liberate Arca Jeth. At the same time, the Tetan nobles Aleema Keto and Satal Keto, who were visiting Ommin and learning Sith lore from the king, escape back to their home system of Empress Teta and become Freedon Nadd's new apprentices.[9]
  • 3997 BBY
    • The Keto cousins stage a military and political coup in the Empress Teta system, seizing control of the system from their parents as they establish the Sith cult known as the Krath. The coup begins the Krath Holy Crusade.[76]
    • A Republic and Jedi task force comes to the aid of the planet Empress Teta, which has managed to hold off the Krath, but the Sith cult drives the Republic out of the system at the Battle of Koros Major. Ulic Qel-Droma is infected by Aleema Keto's Sith magic during an attack on the Republic's command ship Reliance I, and he unknowingly begins to slip towards the dark side.[77]
    • The Jedi Conclave at Deneba is disrupted by Krath war droids, and the servant droids at the conclave attack the Jedi at the event. The Jedi destroy their attackers, but Arca Jeth is killed by Krath droids in the battle.[78]
    • Ulic Qel-Droma attempts to infiltrate the Krath from within, but is seduced to the dark side by Aleema Keto. Qel-Droma kills Satal and becomes the Krath's leader alongside Aleema, and a Jedi rescue mission fails when Qel-Droma refuses to depart.[79]
    • Around the same time, The power-hungry Jedi Exar Kun searches for Sith teachings and discovers the spirit of Freedon Nadd on Onderon's moon Dxun, where he is trained in the ways of the dark side before heading to Yavin 4 to acquire more power. Kun ultimately kills Nadd's spirit and seeks out Ulic Qel-Droma to eliminate a potential rival.[80]
    • Nomi Sunrider organizes a second rescue mission at the same time that Kun arrives on Empress Teta, and Kun and Qel-Droma clash in a duel. However, the duel is ended by the spirit of Marka Ragnos, who anoints Kun and Qel-Droma as Dark Lords of the Sith as well as Master and apprentice. Joining forces with Kun, Qel-Droma refuses Sunrider's attempt at a rescue, and the two Sith form the Brotherhood of the Sith.[81]
    • Several slivilith - living probe creatures created by the Yuuzhan Vong - appear in the galaxy.
  • 3996 BBY
    • In the Duel on Kuar on the Plains of Harkul, Ulic Qel-Droma defeats Mandalore the Indomitable in combat, winning his loyalty.
    • Exar Kun locates and reactivates the Dark Reaper, and begins using it to conquer planets.
    • After months of conquering planets from the Deep Core to the Outer Rim, the Sith launch their attack on Coruscant. During the battle, Ulic Qel-Droma is captured and subsequently put on trial for treason.
    • Mandalore the Indomitable is defeated by the Republic at the Battle of Onderon and killed by the beasts of Dxun. He is succeeded by Mandalore the Ultimate.
    • Sith Lord Ulic Qel-Droma turns away from the dark side.
    • Exar Kun is defeated at the Battle of Yavin 4 by Ulic Qel-Droma and the Republic.
    • The Dark Reaper is deactivated and its power source, the Force Harvester, is hidden on Raxus Prime.
    • Both the Great Sith War and the Krath Holy Crusade end with the Recapture of the Empress Teta system.
    • Mandalore the Ultimate begins secretly summoning clans from across the galaxy, building up arms and ships on Dxun, working toward the day when a new crusade can be launched.
    • The Jedi Order create the Lost City of the Jedi to aide the recovery of the planet Yavin 4's ecology as well as to ensure that Exar Kun never returned again.
    • An attack by the Sith devastates Mustafar—the gas giant Lefrani is tugged out of its orbit by a dark side weapon, causing Mustafar to be caught between the gravitational fields of Lefrani and the gas giant Jestefad. All life on the planet's surface dies as the surface is ripped apart by immense tidal stresses.[1]
    • The Jedi Order relocates to Coruscant following Ossus's devastation.[1]
  • 3995 BBY
  • 3994 BBY
    • Carth Onasi is born on Telos IV.
    • Ulic Qel-Droma revisits Yavin 4 to learn what had happened to Exar Kun, but is unable to learn anything as to his former comrade's fate.[83]
    • Revan is born on an unknown planet, believed to be somewhere in the Outer Rim Territories.
  • 3993 BBY
    • During the Great Hunt, Jedi Knights successfully cleanse the planet Tatooine of terentateks. The Great Hunt is officially ended, but the Jedi Council secretly dispatches three Knights—Duron Qel-Droma, Shaela Nuur, and Guun Han Saresh—to seek out and eradicate the last of the terentateks on Korriban.[84]
    • The trio's mission falls apart when Saresh, furious that Nuur and Qel-Droma are in a relationship, strikes out on his own and hunts down a terentatek on Kashyyyk. Saresh is killed by the terentatek, and Nuur and Qel-Droma are killed by their target in the caves of Korriban.[84]
    • Krynda Draay, daughter of Noab Hulis and widow of Barrison Draay, is roused from the depression that the Sith War put her in when she meets the Miraluka child Q'Anilia. Q'Anilia's powers of precognition impress the half-Miraluka seer, and inspires Draay to found a Jedi Covenant dedicated to preventing the rise of the Sith.[85]
  • 3988 BBY
    • The Arkanian Offshoot Edessa is born on Osadia.[86] Wyrick believes her to be his greatest success in the New Generation Project, and her name—Edessa, or "triumph"—reflects that.[87]
    • Krynda Draay receives a Force vision that becomes known as the Prophecy of the Five. The prophecy foretells five individuals—one for the light, one for the dark, one for the dark in the light, one for the light in the dark, and one who stands alone—that will play pivotal roles in the next great conflict in which "all that has been built will fall."[88]
  • 3986 BBY
    • Nomi Sunrider, by now the head of the Jedi Order, calls a conclave of the Order on Exis Station. However, the conclave is interrupted when Nomi's daughter Vima steals an ion mining vessel and is nearly killed before Tott Doneeta rescues her. Vima seeks out Ulic Qel-Droma on Rhen Var and becomes his student, studying the ways of the Force.[9]
    • The Cathar Jedi Sylvar tracks down Ulic on Rhen Var and attacks him for his crimes and the death of her master Crado during the Great Sith War. Their duel ends when Qel-Droma refuses to fight, freeing Sylvar from the grips of her rage; however, the spacer Hoggon shoots Qel-Droma moments later in hopes of gaining fame.[9]
  • 3985 BBY
  • 3984 BBY
  • 3982 BBY
  • 3980 BBY
    • Vima Sunrider makes an entry in the Great Holocron regarding Ulic Qel-Droma's redemption and death.[19]
  • 3978 BBY
    • Mandalore the Ultimate is influenced by an agent of the Sith Empire into waging war on the Republic.[48]
  • 3977 BBY
    • The planet Vortex is inducted into the Republic.[1]
    • Zayne Carrick is discovered by the Jedi Order and brought to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.[89]
  • 3976 BBY
  • 3973 BBY[82]
  • 3970 BBY
  • 3969 BBY
  • 3968 BBY
  • 3967 BBY
    • The Jedi Knight Jelph Marrian is expelled from the Order after alienating the Jedi Council, and he joins the Jedi Covenant as a Shadow.[56]
  • 3966 BBY
  • 3965 BBY
    • The Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders first begin to combat the Republic Military as they move closer and closer to the Republic's edge, thus beginning the "False War."[1]
    • Mission Vao and her brother, Griff, stow away on a ship to Taris.
  • 3964 BBY
    • The Mandalorians clash with the Republic at the Jebble-Vanquo-Tarnith line for several weeks.
    • The First WatchCircle of the Jedi Covenant commits the Padawan Massacre, the murder of their five Padawans on Taris, after the Rogue Moon Prophecy foretells a dark figure who will bring destruction to the galaxy—a figure they believe is one of their Padawans. The Padawan Zayne Carrick arrives late and escapes with the con man Marn Hierogryph, but is framed for the Massacre.
    • Carrick escapes from the Jedi Tower after his capture, and his escape sparks rioting and mass panic across Taris as the public loses faith in the Jedi. Mandalore the Ultimate views this as a signal to attack and takes the planet Vanquo just as the year ends.
  • 3963 BBY
    • The Mandalorians break through the Republic lines and begin the Taris Siege, and proceed to invade the Republic through three separate corridors in what becomes known as the Onslaught. One of those corridors sees the nuclear devastation of Serroco, though the Mandalorians' offensives are all halted by the end of the year.
    • Q'Anilia commits suicide after being led to believe that her mentor and mother figure, Krynda Draay, had died.
    • The Revanchists, a group of young interventionist Jedi led by a charismatic Knight known as "the Revanchist," uncover evidence of the Battle of Cathar. In light of the Mandalorians' actions, the Jedi Council begrudgingly sanctions the Revanchists' entrance into the Mandalorian Wars, and the Revanchist adopts the name Revan.
    • A Yuuzhan Vong scout arrives in Wild Space.
  • 3962 BBY
  • 3961 BBY
    • Over the course of this and the next year, Revan leads the Republic in rolling back the Mandalorians' advances, though often at the cost of civilians thanks to "moral shortcuts."
    • Lillia Venn becomes Grand Lord on Kesh.[56]
  • 3960 BBY
    • The Mandalorian Wars come to an end at the Battle of Malachor V, where Revan kills Mandalore the Ultimate and the Mass Shadow Generator wipes out most of the Mandalorian and Republic fleets while destroying the planet's surface.[31]
  • 3959 BBY
  • 3957 BBY
    • Revan is captured onboard his flagship, after Malak turns against him. Bastila Shan brings Revan back to the Jedi, who use the Force to strip his memories and create a new identity for him.[17]

Inter-Sith Wars periodEdit

Draggulch PeriodEdit

The Great Peace of the RepublicEdit

  • 294 BBY
    • The star Carosi reaches the point where most of its hydrogen is consumed and begins an unusually rapid expansion into a red giant. Over the next three centuries, the star's expansion would destroy the five innermost planets of its system, including Carosi IV, the Carosite homeworld.[126][127]
  • 192 BBY
    • Recycling bacteria in a manner that revolutionizes waste management develops on Coruscant.
  • 142 BBY
    • The planet of Belasco begins a war with a neighboring planet.
  • 124 BBY
    • The Senate approves two significant and related pieces of legislation. One declares the Outer Rim Territories a free-trade zone exempt from taxation, and the other extends the definition of functional constituencies entitled to representation in the Senate to guilds and corporations.[1]
    • The Treaty of Trammis is orchestrated by Jedi Master Omo Bouri.
  • 92 BBY
    • Qui-Gon Jinn is born on an unknown planet. He is discovered by the Jedi, and begins his training in infancy.
  • 61 BBY
    • Followers of the H'kig religion, fleeing from persecution on their homeworld, settle the planet Rishi.
  • 22 BBY
    • Roganda Ismaren is born. (Approximate date)
    • The Ansion Border Dispute takes place. The Commerce Guild attempts to convince Ansion to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems. However, the dispute is settled by a Jedi delegation consisting of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Luminara Unduli, and Barriss Offee.
    • Two years after it was first introduced, the Senate convenes to vote on the Military Creation Act. However, the vote on the bill is delayed after two failed assassination attempts on Senator Padmé Amidala.
    • For her own protection, Senator Amidala is sent back to Naboo along with Anakin Skywalker. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan Kenobi begins investigating the assassination attempts, with his search eventually leading him to Kamino, where he discovers Sifo-Dyas' clone army for the first time; he subsequently comes to the conclusion that the army's prime clone, Jango Fett, carried out the assassination attempts on Senator Amidala.
    • Anakin returns to his homeworld of Tatooine and meets his stepfather Cliegg Lars, Cliegg's son Owen and Owen's girlfriend Beru for the first time. He also encounters his protocol droid C-3PO for the first time since he departed from Tatooine.
    • Anakin learns from Cleigg that his mother, Shmi, had been kidnapped by a band of Tusken Raiders a month previously. Anakin desperately goes looking for her and eventually finds her in a small Tusken encampment. Unfortunately, Shmi's wounds are too severe, and only moments after Anakin rescues her, she dies in her son's arms. Anakin is overcome with grief and anger and, in a blind fury, massacres the entire encampment.
    • Kenobi follows Fett from Kamino to Geonosis, where he learns that the leaders of the Trade Federation, the Commerce Guild, the Techno Union, and the InterGalactic Banking Clan, as well as Geonosian Archduke Poggle the Lesser, have pledged their droid armies to Count Dooku, and that Nute Gunray had ordered the assassination attempts on Senator Amidala as revenge for the Battle of Naboo. Shortly afterwards, he is captured by Dooku.
    • After receiving a message from Kenobi revealing that the CIS was marshaling a droid army, the Senate convenes in a special session where Chancellor Palpatine is granted emergency powers, allowing him to pass the Military Creation Act without approval from the Senate. Palpatine uses his newfound powers to formally create the Grand Army of the Republic.
    • Anakin and Padmé, being accompanied by C-3PO and R2-D2, travel to Geonosis in a bid to rescue Obi-Wan, but ultimately end up being captured themselves. The three are slated to be executed in Geonosis' Pentranaki Arena.
    • The First Battle of Geonosis begins when Mace Windu leads a task force of Jedi to rescue Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padmé. In the ensuing clash between the Jedi and the Separatists' battle droids, many Jedi, including High Council member Coleman Trebor, are killed, and Jango Fett is killed as well. When it appears that the Jedi are going to lose the battle, Master Yoda arrives with reinforcements: the clone troopers from Kamino. With the timely arrival of the clones, the battle is won by the Republic, but Dooku escapes.
    • The battle on Geonosis marks the official beginning of the Clone Wars.
    • Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala marry in secret on Naboo.[156]
    • Neeyutnee is elected Queen of Naboo.
    • Kit Fisto is elevated to the Jedi High Council, replacing Coleman Trebor.

The Clone WarsEdit

Imperial PeriodEdit

The Rebellion eraEdit

  • 0 BBY
    • See battles & missions in the Galactic Civil War for this year
    • The last of the Houk–Weequay conflicts takes place when the Galactic Empire subjugates Sriluur.[22]
    • The Imperial Senate is formally disbanded, giving Emperor Palpatine absolute power.[170]
    • The first Death Star finishes construction.[170]
    • Despayre is destroyed by the Death Star in the first official test of the Death Star's superlaser.[170]
    • The Rebel Alliance claim what they consider to be their first major victory against the Galactic Empire at the Battle of Toprawa, obtaining a full set of plans for the Death Star, which are then transmitted to Princess Leia Organa onboard her personal starship, the Tantive IV.[170]
    • Princess Leia attempts to deliver the Death Star plans to her adoptive father, Bail Organa, on Alderaan, and also attempts to recruit the exiled Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi into the Alliance, but is captured by Darth Vader in orbit above Tatooine before she can.[170]
    • Leia places the plans into the memory systems of the astromech droid R2-D2. R2-D2, along with the protocol droid C-3PO, escape to the surface of Tatooine, where they are recovered by a band of Jawas and subsequently sold to moisture farmer Owen Lars and his nephew Luke Skywalker.[170]
    • In an attempt to locate Obi-Wan Kenobi, R2-D2 flees into the Jundland Wastes, but is recaptured by Luke and C-3PO. The three are attacked by a band of Tusken Raiders, but are subsequently rescued by Kenobi.[170]
    • The Desert Sands are dispatched to the surface of Tatooine to recover the Death Star plans. Though they are unable to find the plans, they track their last known location to the Lars homestead, where they kill both Owen and Beru Lars. After this, Luke agrees to help Kenobi return the plans to the Rebel Alliance and announces his intent to become a Jedi.[170]
    • Leia Organa is incarcerated onboard the Death Star. When she fails to yield the location of the Rebel Alliance's hidden base, her home planet, Alderaan, is ordered destroyed by Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. Bail Organa is killed in the planet's destruction.[170]
    • Admiral Natasi Daala is sent to oversee the Maw Installation by Grand Moff Tarkin.[171]
    • Luke and Obi-Wan acquire the services of Han Solo and Chewbacca, who agree to take them to Alderaan onboard his ship, the Millennium Falcon. However, they are captured by the Death Star upon entering the system.[170]
    • Leia Organa is rescued by Luke, Han and Chewbacca. Kenobi confronts Darth Vader for the first time since their duel on Mustafar nineteen years previously. He allows himself to be struck down by Vader to buy time for Luke and his friends to escape the Death Star onboard the Millennium Falcon, but lives on as a Force ghost.[170]
    • Luke, Leia, and the droids arrive at the Rebel Alliance's hidden base on Yavin 4, where they subsequently analyze the Death Star plans to discover a potential weakness in the station; they find one in the form of a thermal exhaust port.[170]
    • The Battle of Yavin begins when the Death Star arrives in the Yavin system with intent to destroy Yavin 4. A force of X-Wing starfighters is sent to destroy the Death Star following the successful analysis of the Death Star plans; though many Rebel fighters are destroyed, Luke Skywalker is successful in destroying the station thanks to the timely intervention of Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon. Grand Moff Tarkin, who is onboard the Death Star at the time of the station's destruction, is killed. The Alliance's victory at the Battle of Yavin marks a major turning point in the Galactic Civil War.[170]
    • Following the Battle of Yavin, Luke, Han, and Chewbacca all formally join the Rebel Alliance.[170]

After the Battle of Yavin (ABY)Edit

Rebellion era (continued)Edit

The New Republic eraEdit


The New Jedi Order eraEdit

  • 35 ABY
    • Efforts to rebuild galactic civilization after the Yuuzhan Vong war continue, with many war-torn worlds still under reconstruction.
    • The Jedi, struggling to come to terms with a new role in the galaxy and a new philosophy on the Force are called upon to act as police and diplomats by the Galactic Alliance, despite the wishes of Luke Skywalker.
    • Luke Skywalker sees an image of his mother for the first time through R2-D2.
    • The Dark Nest Crisis: a mysterious alien race called the Killiks with a leader very strong in the Force, who are ancient enemies of the Chiss return, with some of the younger members of the Jedi interfering, and becoming part of their alien "Hive," physically and mentally joined to each other.
    • Voren Na'al publishes the New Essential Chronology.

The Legacy eraEdit



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