Tindark was a platform city located on the other side of Cularin from Mikish. It was home to the Metatheran Cartel's and SoroSuub's regional offices on Cularin. Thus, it received a lot of traffic, but it was a quieter city in attitude to other platform cities like Mikish. The Metatheran Cartel owned part of the spaceport and also vast storage houses.[1]

Tindark's police force did not have a lot of training or high-end equipment, but they attempted to overcome this by high visibility. The police commissioner was even known to dress up civilians in uniform and send them on patrol. The police did not patrol around the Cartel's storage houses, which nonetheless had never been robbed. It was believed that the Cartel had some droidekas from their Trade Federation days which patrolled their properties.[1]

In 40 BBY, the baron administrator of Tindark, Piklin Katt, was assassinated. He was murdered in his bed. No one knew who he had angered, but his successor was inspired to be very cautious in his dealings.[1]

Notable inhabitants of Tindark around 31 BBY included Kyun Squnn, the second administrator of the SoroSuub Corporation regional offices; and Dirneele, a club dancer.[1]



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