Tinoon Station, also known as Tinoon Customs Station, was a Golan Space Defense SpaceGun and a customs station. It was stationed in close orbit with Tinoon Storage. The station was a civilian installation that administered cargo storage and transfers.

Ace Azzameen was to pass by this station with an Imperial Probe that he recovered for his sister Aeron Azzameen. At first the Station told Ace to stop his engines and prepare for an inspection. However, the station then fell under attack by a pirate raid force consisting of Y-wings, Heavy Lifters that went for the supplies, and a pair of Marauder-class corvettes called Wraith. The Station sent its security forces consisting of Planetary Fighters and a DP20 frigate Tinoon Sec but were struggling to repel the Pirates. Several security fighters were lost in combat and Tinoon Sec rammed its native station in an apparent accident. Ace Azzameen then intervened and helped drive out the pirates. By the time the battle was over, the pirates were all either driven off or dead. Tinoon Station was grateful and granted Ace permission to continue with his previous objective.




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