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The Tintinna, also known as T'iin-T'iin and Tin-Tin Dwarves, were a sentient species indigenous to Rinn. Though most Tintinna remained on their primitive homeworld, others ventured into the galaxy, some becoming valued members of starship crews.

Biology and appearance[]

"I'm not a youngling, you know. I'm fifty three."

Tintinna were small (0.9 meters on average) and rodent-like. They possessed pink skin but were covered in brown fur. Their ears were small and round, and they had small black eyes. Their hands were dexterous and pink with four clawed digits. Tintinna had teeth typical of rodent species,[1] and they had to spend at least part of their time gnawing in order to keep their teeth from growing too large and cumbersome.

The Tintinna temperament was typically pleasant; Tintinna were curious, amicable beings who could get along with most other species.[1][2]

Some in the galaxy believed the Tintinna to be related to the Ranats, due to their similar size and appearance.[1]

Society and culture[]

A lone Tintinna in Ithaqua Station on the Outer Rim Territories planet of Toola.

Tintinna lived on their homeworld of Rinn, but their society was considered primitive by galactic standards. They lived in subterrannean burrows dug with only hands and feet. These nests were insulated by pieces of wood, leaves, and other materials. Tintinna in their native environment often smelled of wood chips. Without outside help, their technology advanced to the point of steam power.[1][2]

The Tintinna divided themselves into many tribes. Each of these was ruled by a chief and a shaman. These tribes lived in small settlements carved out from the mountains of their world. Tintinna farmers worked the countryside to feed the population, and traders carried goods and news from one settlement to another.[1][2]

Because Rinn was located in a remote portion of the Outer Rim Territories, Tintinna had little contact with the outside galaxy. Some offworlders used the planet as a hideout, and a few Tintinna left Rinn in their company. The Tintinna's natural curiosity allowed these explorers to adapt quickly to galactic technology. Many offworld Tintinna used their naturally keen senses to find work as lookouts. Those unfamiliar with the Tintinna often underestimated the creatures, mistaking them for pets or primitive simpletons.[1][2]


During the Clone Wars, a Tintinna named Meekerdin-maa was a member of the crew of the transport ship, the Uhumele. Meekerdin-maa, or "Ratty" as he was nicknamed, was present when the fugitive Jedi Dass Jennir stowed away aboard their ship. Ratty accompanied both Jennir and the ex-Separatist Bomo Greenbark as they sought to rescue Greenbark's family from slavers. When that mission failed, Jennir left the crew, who continued to experience a string of bad luck, having run-ins with dangerous gangsters and Darth Vader himself. Ratty and the others eventually ended up on Kidron, where they met up with another Jedi fleeing the newly formed Galactic Empire - Beyghor Sahdett.

Later in the reign of the Empire, a Tintinna named Kit was taken in by the smuggler, Shug Ninx. Ninx believed Kit to be nothing more than a non-sentient creature, and at first thought of him as a pet. Despite not giving Ninx any indication that he had met off-worlders before, Kit was able to organize all of Ninx's tools and made some repairs to his ship. As soon as Ninx discovered this, he realized his assumptions had been a mistake, and he took Kit on as a partner.

Another Tintinna named Squeak was present in Mos Eisley on the fateful day when Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi hired Han Solo and Chewbacca.


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A Tintinna.

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