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This article is about the Tionese language. You may be looking for the Tionese people.

Tionese, also called Old Tionese, was formerly the language of Tion. It was eventually replaced by Galactic Basic Standard. By the last centuries of the Galactic Republic, its usage was reduced to designating names with its letter names. Its letters were used by organizations such as the Galactic Empire, which used them to designate its squadrons.[1]

Just as the so-called -wing starships were named after the shapes of the letters of the High Galactic alphabet, Lambda-class shuttles somewhat resembled the letter λ.

The word vigo meant "nephew" in Old Tionese, and was adopted as a rank in the Black Sun criminal organization.


A large neon sign on Dunari's Rest displaying text in this script.

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"It appears that multiple alphabets are in common use, as is evidenced by the existence of names and terms such as R2-D2, attack pattern Delta, Lambda-class shuttle, Aleph-class starfighters, and others stemming from the more visible Aurebesh written script."
Pablo Hidalgo[src]

This article describes the instances of the Greek alphabet in the Star Wars canon. Greek letter names are frequently used both in real life and in science fiction to designate ships, technology, constellations etc.

The 2010 Hyperspace article The Written Word reveals that this is in fact the Tionese alphabet, which would eventually lose popularity in favor of Galactic Basic.[1]



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