Mister Tisilan was the alias of a male Bith who served as a Rebel Alliance agent tasked with acquiring supplies.


He was part of the network set up by logistics agent Redda Macrebe. Tisilan's cover was a Bith art dealer who frequented several art galleries. His primary task was the liberation of cultural art treasures from the private collections of Imperial officials. The acquired art was then either to be returned to the planet of origin or sold on the black market.

This resulted in either a diplomatic boost for the Rebel Alliance with the allied planet that the treasure was restored to, or generating funds for other supplies. Through his actions, Tisilan was credited with gaining the support of six system governments by returning stolen art treasures.


One of the only things known about Mister Tisilan (whose real name is unpronounceable to humans) is that he was an ascetic with little need for material goods. He also owned six art galleries along the Trax Tube trade route, which aided his cover as a legitimate art dealer.


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