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"Pilots. You are the Empire's strength. We do not accept defeat."
Terisa Kerrill, to the squadron and others[src]

Titan Squadron was a starfighter squadron of the Galactic Empire that consisted of five TIE fighter pilots was active during the Galactic Civil War, and participated in several conflicts against the New Republic. One member had a distinctive red skull on their pilot helmet, in addition to red stripes on his TIE/IN interceptor.


"Unrelenting Might."
―Titan Squadron's unofficial motto[src]

The starships of Titan Squadron.

Titan Squadron was a starfighter squadron of the Galactic Empire within its Imperial Starfighter Corps. Titan's pilots were trained to lead heavy strikes against enemy stations and planets and to scatter hostile armadas ahead of Imperial capital ships.[4] It included at least five Imperial pilots, a including pilot who achieved a certain status within the Imperial Military, as denoted by the red stripes on their TIE/IN interceptor, and the red skull-like pattern on his helmet. The other four members were equipped with the standard Imperial pilot uniform, and flew a TIE/ln space superiority starfighter, a TIE/sa bomber, and a TIE/rp Reaper attack lander with red stripes. The squadron was headquartered in a hangar, along with other Imperial personnel.[1]


"This is it, Titan Squadron. Everything we've done has led to this. Finish those Vanguard scum!"

An Imperial pilot of Titan Squadron.

Titan Squadron was active within the Imperial Starfighter Corps prior to the Battle of Endor and participated in the Galactic Civil War. Though their numbers had dwindled after the Empire's defeat at Endor, the squadron's determination pushed them to continue in battles against New Republic forces,[4] including Vanguard Squadron.[1] They were commanded by the Imperial officer Terisa Kerrill.[2]

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Titan Squadron is set to appear in Star Wars: Squadrons, which is slated to release on October 2, 2020.[1]



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