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"Pilots. You are the Empire's strength. We do not accept defeat."
―Captain Terisa Kerrill, to Titan squadron and others[5]

Titan Squadron was a starfighter squadron of the Galactic Empire that consisted of five TIE fighter pilots, was active during the Galactic Civil War, and participated in several conflicts against the New Republic.


"Unrelenting Might."
―Titan Squadron's unofficial motto[4]

The starships of Titan Squadron.

Titan Squadron was a starfighter squadron of the Galactic Empire within its Imperial Starfighter Corps. Titan's pilots were trained to lead heavy strikes against enemy stations and planets and to scatter hostile armadas ahead of Imperial capital ships.[4] It included at least five Imperial pilots, including a pilot who was later promoted to Flight Baron for their achievements following the battle of Galitan. The other four members were equipped with the standard Imperial pilot uniform. The squadron was led by Captain Varko Grey and reported to Captain Terisa Kerrill[1]

Titan Squadron and the fleet

Titan Squadron flew TIE/IN interceptors, TIE/ln space superiority starfighters, TIE/sa bombers, and TIE/rp Reaper attack landers, and outfitted with non-standard loadouts, depending on each mission requirement. Post the battle of Galitan, the squadron adopted the use of TIE/D Defender fighters as well. The squadron was headquartered on the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Overseer, with support ships that consisted of Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carriers, Arquitens-class command cruisers, Raider-class corvettes, IGV-55 surveillance vessels, and Imperial Gozanti-class cruisers, as well as reinforcements from Admiral Rae Sloane's fleet.[1]

The known members of Titan Squadron included Titan Leader Varko Grey, a human male; Rella Sol, a human female; Shen, a cybernetic-supported human male; and Havina Vonreg, a human female. There was one additional pilot, who went by the callsign Titan Three, that was assigned to the squadron following the Battle of Endor. Additionally, Willard Waylin served as the squadron's chief mechanic while on the Overseer.[1]



"Captain, the station is lost. Call off the attack."
―Captain Terisa Kerrill, to Captain Varko Grey[2]

Var-Shaa Imperial dockyard destroyed

Though their numbers had dwindled after the Empire's defeat at Endor, the squadron's determination pushed them to continue in battles against New Republic forces.[4] After the Battle of Endor, Titan Squadron fought at Var-Shaa, when New Republic Defense Fleet initiated a strike on the Imperial dockyards located in orbit above the planet. The Imperials suffered heavy losses, including at least one TIE bomber pilot, an Imperial Star Destroyer and the entire dockyard. As the remaining Imperials retreated, Captain Varko Grey missed his opportunity to board the Star Destroyer Overseer as it jumped to lightspeed. Grey managed to hide from the passing New Republic fleet, but his TIE interceptor was spotted by a T-65B X-wing starfighter and both fought in a duel that led them down to the planet below. Grey managed to destroy the X-wing but was also shot down and crashed into the water on the surface. Grey survived and was later picked up by Imperial reinforcements.[2]

Talcene system[]

"Overseer to Titan. Finish your inspection. Your new wingmate has arrived."
―Captain Terisa Kerrill[1]

Titan Squadron receive a new squadmate

Sometime after the Battle of Var-Shaa, Titan Squadron operated with the fleet in the Talcene System. When Admiral Rae Sloane learned of Star Destroyers being attacked by Project Starhawk and Lindon Javes, she ordered Titan Squadron to hunt down and destroy Project Starhawk. Captain Terisa Kerrill made a request to Sloane to requisition a particular pilot.[1]

Hosnian Prime[]

"One of our spies, Agent Thorn, has discovered vital intelligence on Project Starhawk. Your mission is to extract her from an orbital outpost above Hosnian Prime."
―Captain Terisa Kerrill, to Titan Squadron[1]

Orbital outpost over Hosnian Prime

In approximately 4 ABY,[6] Captain Kerrill and Titan Squadron were ordered to eliminate Project Starhawk, the New Republic's secret weapon, by Admiral Rae Sloane. One of the Empire's spies, Agent Thorn had discovered intelligence on the project and the squadron was sent to extract her from an orbital outpost over Hosnian Prime. They were brought there by three Imperial Gozanti-class cruisers. Upon arriving, Titan's TIEs launched and began taking out the station defenses. The outpost then deployed X-wings to fight them off. They also launched GR-75 medium transports to flee, but Titan Squadron destroyed them. Once the outpost's shields and turbolasers were destroyed, an Imperial shuttle landed with stormtroopers, who extracted Thorn. Titan Squadron escorted the shuttle with the agent inside, defending it from X-wings and A-wings. Following it's escape, the squadron managed to dock with the Imperial Gozanti-class cruisers and fled, just as a MC75 Star Cruiser arrived.[1]


"Convoy's alerted to our presence! No way we'll track their jump now."
―Captain Varko Grey[1]

After the extracting Agent Thorn, Titan Squadron participated in an attack on a convoy of the New Republic to gain intelligence data on the location of Project Starhawk. While another Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Tormentor, led by Captain Amos and the last Star Destroyer in the local fleet, initiated the attack too early. The mission was successful, despite the actions from Amos, and the sector coordinates of Project Starhawk was retrieved from the convoy.[1]

Zavian Abyss[]

"Titan! Return to the Overseer for immediate hyperspace jump!"
―Captain Terisa Kerrill[1]

The Overseer ambushed in the Zavian Abyss

After Desevro, Titan Squadron participated in a battle that occurred in the Zavian Abyss, when the Overseer was lured inside and ambushed, in an attempt by the New Republic to prevent it from finding Project Starhawk. During the ambush, the New Republic revealed their prototype Starhawk-class battleship Starhawk, which used its powerful tractor beam to pull the Overseer into the large asteroids floating nearby, and nearly crippled it. However, LT-514 was able to successfully scan the New Republic convoy's navicomputer containing Project Starhawk sector and system details. Titan retreated to the Overseer on orders from Captain Kerrill, and the Star Destroyer jumped to lightspeed.[1]

Remitik system[]

"Titan Squadron, LT-514 will remote-pilot the cargo ships to the Overseer…Gralm won't notice a thing while he's under siege."
―Captain Terisa Kerrill, to Titan Squadron[1]

Titan Three defends the munitions depot

Following the damage to the Overseer that occurred in the Zavian Abyss, it ended up in the Remitik system and was forced to seek help from the nearby Imperial munitions depot, commanded by Colonel Gralm, who denied their request for help and munitions. Instead, Gralm ordered Kerrill's forces to help him defend the depot from rebel guerrillas. Not happy however Kerrill seized the opportunity, and ordered Titan Squadron to secretly scan the depot for munitions while on patrol, and found baradium in a pair of Zeta-class Heavy Cargo Shuttles. During an attack by the New Republic, as Titan Squadron were fighting off waves of bombers, the baradium shuttles were remotely-piloted back to the Overseer while Gralm was distracted with the events of the battle. Once onboard, Titan Squadron boarded the Overseer and left the system, leaving Gralm very angry.[1]

Mon Cala[]

"Show no mercy, Titan. Sowing terror and outrage here means victory at Nadiri."
―Captain Terisa Kerrill[1]

Titan Squadron arrive to scour Mon Cala

Titan Squadron carried out hit-and-fade strikes on a New Republic fuel depot in orbit over Mon Cala, engaging Anvil squadron, which was defending the planet. The strikes were part of a larger operation planned by Admiral Rae Sloane to lure the New Republic Defense Fleet away from the Nadiri Dockyards in order for the Empire to attack Project Starhawk.[1]

Nadiri Dockyards[]

"But you, Titan Squadron, will lead the strike against the Starhawk. If New Republic patrols and perimeter defenses intercept you on approach, show them no mercy."
―Captain Terisa Kerrill[1]

Nadiri Dockyards

Following the success of the strike on Mon Cala, the New Republic Defense Fleet were dispersed from the Nadiri Dockyards, which left it exposed for an assault by Titan Squadron. The squadron targeted the shield generators and hangars, to soften the dockyard's defenses, and then Titan Three loaded up on Baradium missiles and fired them at the Starhawk, crippling its hyperdrive. The Overseer launched a final volley of missiles, but was blocked by the Temperance at the last second, sustaining massive damage, including its hyperdrive. Titan Squadron retreated back to the Overseer and they left.[1]

Sissubo debris field[]

"But, in order to stop them, I need you to break off from the Overseer and fly ahead of the enemy fleet to set a trap."
―Captain Terisa Kerrill, to Titan Squadron[1]

Titan Squadron force New Republic ships into Ringali Nebula

After crippling the Starhawk and the Temperance at the Nadiri Dockyards, Titan Squadron attacked General Hera Syndulla's fleet as it limped its way to Chandrila through Sissubo's debris field. The squadron found exposed cores from the wreckage of Imperial Star Destroyers floating around the debris field and targeted these as waves of ships passed through. They managed to destroy two waves of corvettes and Nebulon-B frigates. This resulted in the New Republic forces to change course, diverting into the Ringali Nebula.[1]


"This is it, Titan Squadron. Our moment of victory is at hand."
―Captain Terisa Kerrill[1]

Titan Three attacks a Nebulon-B frigate

After forcing General Syndulla's fleet into the Ringali Nebula, the New Republic forces were cornered over the moon Galitan and severely wounded. Admiral Sloane sent reinforcements from her fleet to aid Kerrill's mission to finish off the rebels. Titan Squadron attacked the damaged Starhawk, which was defended by Anvil Squadron reinforcing Syndulla's fleet. Titan were able to break through and send a single TIE into the Starhawk's tractor beam core and overload it with a barrage of fire, leading to its certain demise. Imperial defector Lindon Javes arrived and a duel ensued, which lead to Javes' defeat. With the mission complete, Kerrill ordered Titan Squadron to withdraw back to the Overseer and they jumped to hyperspace. The rest of Imperial forces remained to mop up the New Republic forces, but were destroyed when Syndulla sacrificed the crippled Starhawk, by sending it into the moon's exposed core, sending a shockwave that destroyed all nearby ships.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Titan Squadron first appears in the 2020 CG short Hunted, which was released on September 14, 2020, as part of the promotional campaign for the 2020 video game Star Wars: Squadrons.[2]



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