This article is about the creature known as 'titavians'. You may be looking for the ship, Titavian IV.

The Titavian, also know as the Goffbird, was a near legendary creature native to Naboo.


Titavian wingspan

Goffs were huge flying reptavians that perched on mountains and crags at the remote edges of oceans and swamps on Naboo. It was assumed that the goffs ate carrion since large animal bones and limbs were found near their perches. They have also been observed feeding on the dead floating carcasses of sando aqua monsters. It was also assumed that it laid eggs. Their bodies were so large they averaged an amazing 100 meter wing span.


A titavian wing shown with aiwhas for scale.

They had difficulty taking off due to their large size. They needed a great deal of room to take off, so high cliffs were handy. They could spread their wings and leap off, then eventually catch the currents. They were vulnerable on flat ground but they had no predators due to their massive size.

As a rite of passage, a Gungan warrior had to capture feathers from the wing of a titavian while riding an aiwha. Captured feathers were then used in their Kaadu war saddles. This was a dangerous feat because, although not aggressive, one absent swipe of the titavians massive wing could easily kill both rider and his aiwha mount.


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