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"I had a contact. One of Saw's rebels, but he's just gone missing. His sister will be looking for him."
"Sweet family."
"The temple's been destroyed but she'll be there waiting. There're enough pilgrims around to make it a decent place to hide in plain sight, use as a dead drop. We'll give her your name and hope that gets us a meeting with Saw."
―Cassian Andor and Jyn Erso[2]

The sister of Tivik was a contact that Cassian Andor agreed to meet on the moon Jedha shortly before the Battle on Jedha for information on the Galactic Empire's planet killer. Unfortunately, neither he nor Jyn Erso were able to meet up with her due to an ambush set up by Saw Gerrera's Partisans against the Empire which also resulted in them getting captured by the Partisans after Andor was forced to shoot one of the Partisans to save Erso.[1]

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