Toalagar was a pilot in the Rebel Alliance who was captured by the Galactic Empire and sent to the penal colony at Stars' End. Toalagar, together with some other captured Rebel pilots, managed to escaped and stowed away on the BFF-1 bulk freighter Genue, bound for Kashyyyk. A subsequent rescue mission by the Alliance successfully rescued them just before they were recaptured by Imperial forces.

The escapees had been hearing rumors for months of a new Imperial weapon but had been unable to get close to anybody who knew more. However, they were able to learn that Wookiee slaves were being sent to work on the project. Toalagar's fellow escapee, Captain Samuel Raider, informed the Alliance about the Wookiees and was chosen to lead a rescue mission. Raider chose Keyan Farlander and Sunnar Jan-lo as his wingmen but replaced Jan-lo with Toalagar after his friend asked to take part.

The three Rebel pilots would fly R-22 Spearheads against Assault Gunboats defending the freighter Toral before Y-wings disabled the freighter ahead of a boarding operation. Although the mission was a success, Toalagar's R-22 was destroyed by a concussion missile launched by one of the Assault Gunboats during the first pass and the pilot was killed.

Raider later blamed himself for his friend's death, realizing that Toalagar was too rusty to have returned to combat immediately.


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