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"May the spirit of death make a clerical error and forget you exist."
Okadiah Garson raises his glass in a toast[1]

Duchess Satine and Senator Amidala make a toast.

A toast was a cultural ritual involving alcohol. The ritual was a sign of appreciation or respect for an individual or event. Those participating in the event could clink their glasses together, or in a large crowd might simply raise them in the air.


"Well, we probably shouldn't drink too much of this since we've all got homework to do. But we should make a toast, at least. Here's to a successful first mission—and many more thereafter!"
Iden Versio[2]

A toast on Canto Bight

Early in the Clone Wars, the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker made a deal with the Ohnaka Gang that they hoped would lead to the Galactic Republic's capture of the Separatist political leader, Count Dooku. Hondo Ohnaka held a banquet, supposedly in honor of the successful transaction, and offered a toast, but the event was a sham. Kenobi and Skywalkers' drinks were drugged, but the two detected the ruse and switched the drinks. As the pirates passed out around them, Skywalker offered his own toast to the unexpected opportunity that the pirates had unwittingly provided them.[3]

During a celebration of Empire Day on Lothal a group was gathered at Old Jho's Pit Stop, a local cantina, when an Imperial TIE fighter pilot ordered that the broadcast of the HoloNet News should be played, according to Imperial law. On the broadcast, reporter Alton Kastle described how Emperor Sheev Palpatine had ended the Clone Wars and founded the glorious Empire. The pilot then shouted for everyone to raise their glasses in honor of the Emperor, but few joined the toast, as the Empire and its policies, and by extension the Emperor, were unpopular with the group.[4]



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