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Toba was a male Gungan who flew the hyperlanes near the Naboo system as a smuggler during the Great Peace of the Republic. An adventurous spirit from an early age, Toba was born to influential parents in the city of Otoh Gunga—his mother the former Rep Neesada Bari, and his father, the powerful bongo manufacturer Bullba. The Gungan enjoyed his youth, embarking on dangerous excursions of his own design and living as a playboy until the Invasion of Naboo, during which he entered service in the Gungan Grand Army and fought in the Battle of the Great Grass Plains. Inspired by the combat prowess and offworld exploits of his Bombad General, Jar Jar Binks, Toba aspired to a life away from Otoh Gunga and Naboo.

After the Invasion of Naboo, Toba was among the first colonists on the moon Ohma-D'un, and soon found work as a shuttle pilot, ferrying goods and individuals between the moon and Naboo. The Gungan ultimately progressed into two years of service with the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps, as a part of the anti-pirate patrol Iron Cesta Flight. Toba found it difficult to adapt to the regimentation of military life however, and withdrew from service, pooling his resources to purchase the B'zabuu-class transport Sea Killer, and begin life as a smuggler. In spite of his new exploits along the hyperlanes, Toba maintained Ohma-D'un as his base of operations.


Idols and playthingsEdit

Toba was a male Gungan born into a wealthy family in the city of Otoh Gunga on Naboo during the Great Peace of the Republic. His father, Bullba, was the owner of BullbaBong, a successful bongo manufacturer and reseller—and his mother was Neesada Bari, who had served on the Gungan High Council as a Rep three times. Toba had siblings, but of Bullba and Neesada's children he was the most adventurous and inquisitive of the lot, frequently exploring caves and taunting gooberfish. While still a child, Toba rode on the back of a deadly opee sea killer, and survived. Nevertheless, the Gungan was content to enjoy his family's wealth, and lived as a playboy for several years.[1]

In 32 BBY, Naboo was invaded by forces of the Trade Federation, a corporate entity protesting the taxation of trade routes.[2] Although Otoh Gunga faced reprisals from Federation forces commanded by the Sith Lord Darth Maul and Commander OOM-9,[3] Toba survived to join the Gungan Grand Army, against the wishes of his mother. The Gungan was one of the youngest to serve in the Grand Army as it assembled in preparation for the Battle of the Great Grass Plains,[1][2] in which a force led by Bombad Generals Tobler Ceel and Jar Jar Binks would engage OOM-9's army. Meanwhile, the newly-allied forces of the Royal House of Naboo and Galactic Republic would reclaim the planet's capital city, Theed, and the Royal Space Fighter Corps would attempt to destroy the Federation's Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship Vuutun Palaa, which in turn would deactivated OOM-9's forces.[4]

Toba was assigned to Binks's command, as as the Battle of Grassy Plains took place, the young Gungan discovered that he had a passion for the art of combat. He particularly marveled at his Bombad General's battle prowess,[1] as Binks managed to dispatch a number of B1 battle droids, a Droideka, and even an Armored Assault Tank largely by his own hand.[2] It was common knowledge among the Gungans that Binks had recently traveled extensively off-world,[1] and as the battle was won by the Gungan/Naboo/Republic coalition,[2] Toba decided that he would follow in the footsteps of his new idol, and leave Naboo for the stars. The gungan took it upon himself to self-instruct about the ways of piloting, and gave himself a hazardous crash course in the skill utilizing one of Bullba's bongos.[1]

To Ohma-D'un and beyondEdit

In the wake of the liberation of Naboo, the Gungan people elected to colonize one of the planet's moonsOhma-D'un. Toba was among the first hired to help build the colony, and carved a niche for himself piloting an armed BullbaBong BB-2 Shuttle, leased at a discounted rate from his father's spaceworks division. In his new role, Toba set about ferrying both cargo and workers, in addition to the sporadic tourist or diplomat. It soon became his goal to earn enough money from his shuttle run to purchase a hyperdrive for the ship and ultimately work outside the Naboo system. After months of working his shuttle run and modifying the leased vehicle, Toba was accepted into the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps, who were accepting Gungans as part of their new peace accords in the wake of the liberation of Naboo. The youthful Gungan was among the first to be trained by the Royal Space Fighter Corps pilots, and in time Toba became a volunteer in the service of Queen Amidala.[1]

Toba found it difficult to adapt to the regimented nature of serving in the military after his time working freelance—nevertheless he persisted with his new career, determined to establish himself as a pilot of note. Along with several other Gungan pilots in the same program, Toba formed Iron Cesta Flight, a unit made up of G-1 starfighters, which were a joint venture between BullbaBong and Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps and were designed for longer periods of independent flight and combat in-system than their N-1 starfighter predecessors. Iron Cesta Flight's duty was to patrol the Naboo system for any pirates looking to harass those commuting between Naboo and Ohma-D'un. After two years of service Toba was offered the opportunity to command Iron Cesta Flight, but the Gungan had still not fully adapted to the military life. With a windfall from a wealthy aunt, and his savings, he left the RSF Corps, and decided to pursue his dream of life beyond the Naboo system.[1]

The Gungan used his pooled resources to purchase a small SoroSuub starship, the B'zabuu-class transport Sea Killer, and a used astromech droid, R5-R5.[1] Within a month, the Gungan had made several cosmetic and armament modifications to the craft.[5] Toba was also able to purchase several contracts from a smuggler friend who had incurred several debts with the Hutt Cartel. The Gungan still called Ohma-D'un home, where he kept his base of operations. In his new career as a smuggler, Toba frequented the hyperlanes identifying as an "independent trader." The Gungan tried to ensure that for the most part, his smuggling practices were never to the detriment of BullbaBong—in turn, Bullba turned a blind eye to his son's illegal activities.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Toba was one to risk his life adventuring even in his youth, partaking in various activities that were considered hazardous to one's health. He was a brave explorer, and also had a thirst for the heat of combat. Drawing inspiration from his commanding officer in the Gungan Grand Army, Bombad General Binks, Toba developed a yearning to leave Otoh Gunga and Naboo at an early age to pursue a career offworld. Toba could also be an obstinate individual, directly disobeying his mother when he joined the Gungan Grand Army. He was also not one for tutelage, instead choosing to learn skills by his own hand. Toba's lifestyle clashed with the structured regime of military life, which adversely impacted his time in Naboo's RSF Corps. Ultimately, Toba found himself in the smuggling trade, and would attempt to make sure that his more untoward activities did not impact his father's business.[1]

Appearance, attire, and skillsEdit

Toba had brown skin, and wore shoulder pads on his upper body. He also wore flight goggles. Toba could speak Basic, Huttese and Gungan Basic.[1]

Equipment and vehiclesEdit

Toba owned a blaster pistol and later a heavier model of such a weapon, a comlink, and a tool kit, among other items. His first ship was a BullbaBong shuttle, which he did not own outright and was in fact leased from his father's manufacturing company. In his later service with the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps, Toba possessed a pair of pilot's goggles, and flew a G-1 starfighter, which was also a co-development from his family's holdings. Toba was eventually able to purchase his own ship, the used B'zabuu-Class Transport Sea Killer.[1] After a month of ownership, the Gungan had the visage of an opee sea killer painted on the nose of the Sea Killer, causing the freighter to resemble a 25-meter-long flying fish to others. Just in case the ship's engines were not adequate to escape trouble, Toba also modified the craft with a "Getaway" missile launcher scavenged from a Corellian Engineering Corporation YG-4400 light freighter.[5]


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