Tobb Jadak was a Human male from Balmorra and one-time pilot of the Stellar Envoy during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


Jadak was the junior member of the crew of the Stellar Envoy working with Reeze Duurmun during the era of the Clone Wars. Jadak was a well-known swoop racer in his younger days, setting speed records until he lost the Balmorra Invitational, despite the fact that he had been favored to win the race by twenty-to-one odds. Rumors told of Jadak being in league with the Hutts, who had ordered him to lose the race or else they would kill his family. His reputation was made more infamous by other rumors that Jadak had bet on himself to lose the race, earning him a small fortune in the process. In this way, many beings living on Nar Shaddaa at the time lost huge sums of credits, many of which ended up on Jadak's bank accounts. What most beings did not know was that the idea to bet on himself had come from the Republic Group, who had learned of the schemes of the Rigorra/Groodo Family, and hoped that Jadak would join their operations as a pilot.

In the employ of the Republic Group, Jadak and Duurmun carried out many missions during the years following the Invasion of Naboo. They were en route to Coruscant and were actually inside the planetary shield when General Grievous launched his daring mission to capture the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Reeze and Jadak were forced to maneuver through the ships of the Open Circle Fleet, avoiding the ongoing battle in order to reach their destination at the Senate Building. They followed the dying warship Invisible Hand down to the planet's surface, in an attempt to avoid other Separatist warships. After delivering their cargo, Jadak and Reeze were forced to remain on Coruscant while Jedi Master J'oopi Shé altered the ship. Before they could lift off, however, they were detained by shock troopers and Senate Security Force officers. Reeze wanted no part of the police force, and Jadak quickly readied the Stellar Envoy for takeoff. Without waiting for air traffic approval, Jadak launched the ship into the sky, hoping that the debris from the fighting over Coruscant would cover their escape. However, the ship was damaged during their flight, and power to key systems failed when they reached Nar Shaddaa. Without a way to avoid an outbound bulk freighter, Jadak and Reeze boarded an escape pod and tried to blast away. Unfortunately, the Stellar Envoy rolled just after they fired the pod's rockets, and the pod was smashed against the hull. Reeze died almost immediately in the resulting explosion, but Jadak's badly-injured body was recovered from the wreckage.

He awoke from a coma at the Aurora Medical Facility on Obroa-skai more than sixty years later, completely unaware of the galactic history that had passed him by. His doctor, Lial Sompa, began to slowly provide him with access to the HoloNet and answers about his past. The first piece of news he learned was that Reeze Duurmun did not survive the crash of the Stellar Envoy. The second was that his legs had been removed when he was first rescued from the crash, because they were too badly damaged to save. The doctors had not replaced them with cybernetic prostheses, wishing to wait and see if he would ever emerge from the coma. In addition to sixty-two years of history, Jadak was surprised to learn that the Republic Group had taken out an insurance policy in his name, which had been slowly gathering interest while he was in the coma. After his legs were replaced, Jadak learned that he was going to be released from the Aurora facility, since he had passed most of the tests that were required to discharge him. He also learned from Doctor Ril Bezant that he had only been at Aurora for forty years, and that only Doctor Sompa knew of his history before arriving at Aurora. Surreptitious investigation of Sompa's records allowed Jadak to learn that he had been stored at a public hospital on Nar Shaddaa after the crash, and this information opened up Jadak's memories of the events leading up to the crash. Since he was being discharged, Jadak decided to spend his new-found fortune searching out the Stellar Envoy and figure out why the ship had been so important to the Republic Group.

He figured that he would start where it almost ended, at Nar Shaddaa. There, with the help of Flitcher Poste, Jadak located Bammy Decree, who told him the history of the Second Chance, and explained that Rej Taunt had been incarcerated at the Carcel prison facility. Jadak, traveling with Flitcher Poste as a companion, then met with Taunt, and agreed to carry out a mission to Holess in exchange for information on the ship. The mission involved capturing a Colicoid who was the star witness in a case led by Lestra Oxic, one of Taunt's rivals. True to his word, Taunt provided Jadak with the name Zenn Bien, a Sullustan who lived on New Balosar. Bien told him the story of Quip Fargil, whom she believed was now living on the planet Vaced, under the alias Vec Minim. Their visit to Vaced turned Jadak's world upside-down, when he learned that the ship he had been searching for might actually be the Millennium Falcon and was owned by Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo. Jadak was sure that the Millennium Falcon was actually the Stellar Envoy, since the ships shared the same signs of being cobbled together from YT-1300 light freighter and YT-1300p parts.

Jadak then put plans in motion to have Poste steal the ship and take it to Lesser Vaced, while he himself posed as Quip Fargil during an interview with the Solos. He drew upon the histories he had learned from his own investigations, and put on a good impression of Fargil himself, lending enough of his own knowledge of pre-Imperial history to make things plausible. However, Han Solo's questions kept drawing him off of the script he had planned to use, especially when it came time to discuss what happened at the First Battle of Bilbringi. Although Poste was unable to steal the ship, Han welcomed "Fargil" aboard, allowing Jadak a chance to access the ship's navigational computer. When he tried to enter the code phrase he had been given decades earlier, it set off the strange device that Allana Solo had found in the main hold. This alerted the Solos to his activities, and Jadak was forced to reveal his true identity as well as that of Flitcher Poste. Jadak then told the Solos about his own history with the Stellar Envoy and his work with the Republic Group, leading up to the fateful day when he and Reeze Duurmun tried to reach Nar Shaddaa after fleeing Coruscant.

It was Allana Solo who realized that they needed to return the device to its original location, and when Jadak entered the code phrase again, the Millennium Falcon blasted off for Tandun Three. There, they were joined by Lestra Oxic in one of the many ruins that were found on the planet, and the group discovered the Insignia of Unity. As the temple began to crumble around them, Oxic laid claim to the emblem, only to discover that it was a fake. Denied his prize but not defeated, Oxic offered to pay Jadak and Poste for their assistance in tracking down the real Insignia of Unity. Jadak quickly agreed, as did Poste, and they fled from the temple before it could collapse on top of them.



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