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"But this here uniform... well... it marks me fer a Mandalorian Protector. An' I think it's only fittin'... that I wear it... while protectin'!"
―Tobbi Dala[src]

Tobbi Dala was a male Human Mandalorian who fought under Mandalore the Resurrector and Fenn Shysa during the Clone Wars and subsequent Imperial Period. He died liberating his world from Suprema and the Galactic Empire.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Tobbi Dala was one of only three Mandalorian Protectors (alongside Spar and Fenn Shysa) that survived the Clone Wars following a Republic trap at Norval II that devastated the Protectors. Only Dala and Shysa returned to Mandalore when the fighting was over, as Alpha-Ø2 was too shell-shocked from the war to be of use.

Much of this backstory was dismissed as fabrication when Leia Organa traveled to Mandalore sometime after the Battle of Hoth, during the search for Han Solo. She discovered that Shysa and Dala had returned to find that their planet had been overrun by slavers, and both set out to destroy the slave trade and return control of the planet to the Mandalorians.

Dala dons his armor for the last time.

Tobbi was captured shortly before Shysa captured the bounty hunter Dengar, and the opposing sides agreed to exchange captives. However, Leia demanded to talk to Dengar, and the plan was thwarted. Tobbi was imprisoned by the Suprema, Ampotem Za, who displayed his Mandalorian armor in a trophy case. He was later freed by Fenn Shysa and Leia Organa, but was shot in the chest during their escape by Za. Despite being fatally wounded, Tobbi managed to grab Za's weapon, allowing the others to escape the slavers' office.

In the ensuing chase, Tobbi managed to close the base's blast doors as a group of airspeeders launched to chase after Shysa and Organa. The airspeeders exploded, setting off a chain reaction that destroyed the base and killed every being inside.

With his sacrifice, the slavery of Mandalore was ended once and for all.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Dala was included as part of Hasbro's 'comic two-pack' figure set for 2008. His figure depicts him with light brown hair, although he is bald in the comic.

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