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"They're big, they're green, and they all carry clubs."

The Tof (pronounced /tɑf/) were green-skinned near-humans from the planet Tof, located in Firefist, a dwarf satellite galaxy orbiting the main galactic disc, within the wider Unknown Regions. They were ruled by patriarchs who usually had military experience and were in control of their own interstellar empire known as the Tof Kingdom.

Biology and appearance[]

In terms of appearance, Tofs were large rotund humanoids that had a sickly green skin tone.[1] They tended to hold massive physiques. Typically, they grew up to 2.5 meters in size and were either powerfully overmuscled or grossly rotund. This was evident in their slow movements though a Tof was capable of flattening an opponent with one slap of their large palms.[2]

Society and culture[]

"They call themselves Tofs, Luke... Their thoughts are... revolting."
―Hoojib agent Plif, reporting to Luke Skywalker[4]

Tofs often acted as if devoid of any compassion or morals, with the majority of their thoughts dwelling on the lust for battle.[1] Typically, they were crude and enjoyed rough humor, as well as pleasure in both food and drink. In Tof society, the males dominated their culture, with their females seldom seen and normally kept on-planet. They were typically visited only when a Tof interstellar ship returned to port. Their long stellar voyages meant that Tof males showed a reckless lust towards humanoid females, and they often made unwanted, and sometimes forceful, advances toward attractive women. However, they proved equally vulnerable to feminine flattery.[2]

Their culture was intentionally anachronistic in nature, with the Tofs being opposed to streamlining or functionality, and instead focusing on elaborate appearances and rituals. Among the royalty, clothing tended to be tailored greatcoats with powdered wigs whilst soldiers carried cutlasses and cudgels, and prominently displayed their battle scars. As a Tof climbed the military hierarchy, they began to wear more ornate clothing. Simple low-ranking deckhands wore cloth shirts, leather vests and head-scarves while ship captains were given heavy buccaneer boots, sparkling rings on most fingers, and a waist sash which held both their blaster pistol or a carved club. Since Tofs did not bathe, they tended to cover their odor by way of heavy perfumes, sprayed upon their tunics and boots. Tof starships tended to resemble traditional sailing vessels with curved hulls and energy radiating sails.[2]

Since they were so immersed in their own culture, they saw no need to understand the ways of other species. This mindset was often displayed in their acts of conquest, as they were prone to toppling planetary monuments and crafting grotesque statuary of their own design. Such depictions included those of water nymphs and horn-playing dryads.[2]


Much of the development of the Tof civilization remained unknown. The Tofs first established themselves as a seagoing society on their watery homeworld, commonly engaging in piracy and ship-to-ship battles. They considered this period their golden age, but this culture ended due to advancements in their own technology. Years later, however, the Tofs created interstellar spacecraft; this milestone reignited their spirit of piracy. The Tofs soon left their planet and struck out into the "sea of stars", in an attempt to further reclaim their heritage, and adopted intentionally anachronistic styles of dress, speech, and warfare. This reemergence of pirate culture overtook their entire society, and they began to prey upon the other worlds they discovered.[2]

These invasions led to the quick defeats of the masterful Faruun shipbuilders and the cybernetic Maccabree. When the Tofs encountered a species called the Nagai, however, they met a foe who proved to be more difficult to overcome. Millions of Tofs were killed in the invasion of Nagi, yet they finally managed to defeat the Nagai as well. In revenge, they ransacked and desecrated the world, leaving statues to memorialize their triumph across the planet. Ever the roving species, the Tofs quickly forgot their vengeance and moved on to other sources of battle and amusement.[2]

After their loss, the Nagi homeworld remained in the control of the Tofs for around 300 years.[1] However, the Nagai did not take kindly to their status as a conquered people and formed a resistance movement, allying themselves with the Tofs' other defeated foes, such as the Faruun and Maccabree.[2]

In an effort to defeat their mortal enemies, the Nagai spies learned that the Galactic Empire that had most ruled "the Skyriver" had collapsed. Thus, they decided to invade the known galaxy in order to cultivate a power base from which they could use to strike back at the Tofs. This led to them striking the worlds of Iskalon, Mandalore and Endor, following the Battle of Endor. During this time, the Tofs follow their enemy into the Skyriver as part of new campaign of conquest, eager to conquer new worlds whilst crushing the Nagai resistance. The Tofs allied their forces with the Dark Jedi, Lumiya, and attacked worlds such as Trenwyth, Zeltros, and Saijo.[2] Their invasion quickly led them into running afoul of the Alliance of Free Planets, after the Bakura Incident.[1]

Ultimately, the Tof invasion was defeated by the New Republic whereupon they retreated to their homeworld and were not seen in the galaxy since that time.[1] In fact, the entire incident led to the Nagai gaining new allies leading them to attempt to regain their homeworld with the help of the Mandalorians, which led to the Tofs being placed in an entirely new position - on the defensive.[2]

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Behind the scenes[]

"They are the Mone and what their plans are for the section of the universe populated by the Rebel Alliance and the remnants of the Empire will keep everyone on the edge of their seats for quite some time."
―Marvel Comics Star Wars editor Ann Nocenti[5]

Months before their first appearance in 1985's Star Wars 103, the Tof were mentioned as aliens feared by the Nagai in a brief preview of upcoming Star Wars comics issues in Marvel Age Annual 1. But there they were referred to as "the Mone," a name already used for the series' existing Iskalonian character Mone.[5] In their first appearance the aliens were only referred to as "the old enemy".[6] The species' true name was revealed by Plif the Hoojib in Star Wars 105, when he used his telepathic abilities to read the mind of a Tof invader on Zeltros.[4]




The Merriweather, flagship of the Tof invasion fleet.

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