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The Tof Kingdom was the absolute monarchy of the Tof species based in a dwarf galaxy orbiting the main galactic disc called Firefist that was located in the Unknown Regions.


Much of the development of their empire was not known except that the Tofs established themselves first as a seagoing society on their watery homeworld. Their golden age ended due to technological advancements at which point the Tofs went into the sea of stars to reclaim their heritage thus bringing about a new reign of piracy as well as rule of the sword amongst the stars. These strikes led to the defeat of the Faruun shipbuilders and the cybernetic Maccabree. Their most dangerous foe turned out to the Nagai who were ultimately defeated but at the cost of thousands of Tof lives leading to them ransacking Nagi itself.[4]


The structure of the Tof government included a hereditary monarch who ruled their empire with the throne always held by a male of the species. A line of succession was also present with the king's children, wives and relatives forming a decadent ruling class. Among these included males that held the position of Prince and led military campaigns against their enemies.[4]


Typically, the smaller naval groupings of Tof fleets were allowed to roam freely and collect whatever spoils they managed to seize on their travels. However, the king was required to authorize all military expeditions which mobilized more than 20 percent of the Tof navy. This included all able-bodied males over the age of ten. Space fleets of the Tof were led by individuals that held the position of Supreme.[4]



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