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Togoria was a planet in the Mid Rim and the homeworld of the Togorians.


Togoria was a planet with grassy plains, dense forests and rolling hills. it was the homeworld of the feline Togorians, tall, furry creatures who were suspicious of offworlders.[6] Humans were not permitted on the planet uninvited, unless they crashed (crashing was only allowed once).

A Togorian riding his mosgoth.

The government was headed by a male hereditary monarch, the Margrave of Togoria.[6]

Togorian society was still relatively low-tech and based on solar technology. Togoria's vast mineral resources were left largely untapped.[6]


During the Clone Wars, Togoria voluntarily joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems and was the site of a battle where the Republic was trapped and defeated.[7]

Togoria later allied with the Rebel Alliance.[source?] For a period of time, it also was a Mandalorian world.

In 10 BBY, Han Solo and Bria Tharen went to Togoria to attend the wedding of Togorian lovers Muuurgh and Mrrov after escaping the Cult of The One and The All on Ylesia.[8] Ten years later, a group of Togorians assisted the Rebels and smugglers in the attack of this sect.[9]

Galactic Civil War[]

After the Battle of Yavin, the Millennium Falcon disabled the Punishing One in the Thanos system. Its occupants, Dengar, Udin, and Eron Stonefield, had planned to capture Solo and claim the large bounty on his head. But the bounty hunters were forced to use an escape pod to reach Togoria. The Falcon landed in the city of Caross with its passengers: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker. The Margrave-sister, Ffaseer effet Ihsss, met with Leia, and invites her and her companions to a royal reception. Meanwhile, the bounty hunters also landed on Togoria. In the forests of the planet, they were set upon by Fassool's hunting band who eventually agreed to help him find and capture Solo. The bounty hunters made their way to Caross and subdued the Rebels. Dengar decided to turn the rebels to a Victory I-class Star Destroyer, the Valiant. But the Valiant, however, had been overrun by Rebel forces. The bounty hunters unwittingly delivered the Rebels to other Rebels masquerading as Imperials, collecting counterfeit credits.[10]

By 4 ABY, Togoria had become an Imperial fortress world. The planet later joined High Admiral Teradoc. In 5 ABY, the New Republic made a costly victory in the system but Togoria stayed in the Greater Maldrood. It was definitely liberated three years later, during the Post-Zsinj campaign.[1]

Yuuzhan Vong War[]

During the early Yuuzhan Vong War, the planet was conquered by the invaders.[1] Togorian slaves, among others, were encountered by the Myrkr strike team led by Anakin Solo on the Koros-Strohna Baanu Rass in 27 ABY.[10]

Behind the scenes[]

The PC game Star Wars: Rebellion mistakenly places Togoria in the Atrivis sector of the Outer Rim Territories.



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