"More than fine, we'll be Majestic! Laughing seahawks diving for prey."
Commander Tohna boosting morale during the Attack on Mardona III[src]

Tohna was a male human who served as a commander in the Alliance Fleet during the Galactic Civil War. His ship was the Braha'tok-class gunship Apailana's Promise, which escorted the CR90 corvette Thunderstrike, carrier of the Sixty-First Mobile Infantry. He was transferred to the Thunderstrike following the deaths of their officers in the infiltration of the Thunderstrike. Tohna continued to serve on the Thunderstrike until it was shot down on Sullust. After, Tohna and the surviving bridge crew helped the Sixty-First soldiers as they defended the Inyusu Tor mining and processing facility from Imperial forces.[1]


Joining the AllianceEdit

Tohna was a helmsman before joining the Rebel Alliance, the leading faction that opposed the Galactic Empire. During the Galactic Civil War, Tohna was a Commander serving on the Apailana's Promise, a Braha'tok-class gunship serving the Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, better known as Twilight Company, as escort to their CR90 corvette the Thunderstrike.[1]

Transfer to the ThunderstrikeEdit

In 3 ABY, Imperial spies infiltrated the Thunderstrike and killed the senior officers onboard. Due to the heavy losses of high ranking individuals in Twilight Company, First Sergeant Hazram Namir took charge and Tohna was transferred to the Thunderstrike to take control of the bridge crew. Soon enough, Twilight Company set out to begin Operation Ringbreaker. Devised by the Imperial defector Everi Chalis, it ultimately targeted the Kuat Drive Yards, with smaller Imperial assets to be attacked along the way to draw out Imperial forces from Kuat.[1]

Tohna and the crew of the Apailana's Promise planned the insertion onto Operation Ringbreakers first target, Mardona III. The attack was successful and in the following weeks, Twilight Company wrecked the dockyards of Najan-Rovi, defeated the Imperial Garrison on Obumubo, and halted the plastoid production on Nakadia. After grasping two more victories on Naator and Xagobah and sabotaging the Kuliquo belt asteroid mines, Twilight Company only had two targets left before Kuat, Sullust and Malastare.[1]

Shot downEdit

"We got a heavy TIE presence. We're going to come in low, use our own firepower to cover the drop ships while the Promise and her X-wings watch our flank."
―Tohna, shortly before the Thunderstrike is shot down.[src]

The officers of Twilight Company could not agree on how to drop their troops on Sullust. The only thing they agreed on was that the defensive turrets were too formidable to take head on. However Tohna devised a plan for the Thunderstrike to jump in much closer to the planet and jump out once the dropships had gone down with the troops. Namir, now referred to as Captain, saw at least two flaws in Tohna's plan: the first was that a miscalculation would crash the Thunderstrike into Sullust at lightspeed; and the second was that the first wave of troops would not have time to take the beachhead. However Namir approved it anyway as there were not any better options for the Twilight Company. Tohna's plan was successful and the dropships delivered the troops down to take the Inyusu Tor mineral processing facility.[1]

Namir gave the troops 24 hours to take the Inyusu Tor facility, of which they took it in twelve. They spent the next twelve hours patrolling the facility until the Thunderstrike and Apailana's Promise returned. However, once the two ships reached atmosphere, the TIE fighters of Vixus Squadron appeared from behind Sullust's moon and began attacking the two ships. Tohna had the Thunderstrike go in low under the cover of the Apailana's Promise and its X-wings however the TIE presence became overwhelming and Namir ordered the Thunderstrike to pull out. However it was too late for the corvette and the TIEs sent it plummeting to the surface. The Apailana's Promise and its X-wings fled the system leaving the Twilight Company troops stranded at the facility.[1]

The Siege of Inyusu TorEdit

"The cards are lucky tonight! You should join us, Captain."
―Tohna invites Hazram Namir to join a game of Sabacc.[src]

Namir led a team to search the wreckage of the Thunderstrike and they found Tohna and the bridge crew had barely survived the crash. Namir pulled Tohna out of the wreckage and carried him back to the rest of Twilight Company at the facility. The Sixty-First then prepared for an imminent assault from the massing Imperial forces down the valley. When the Star Destroyer Herald arrived, the Imperial forces attacked the facility.[1]

During the battle, Tohna re-organized the bridge crew into runners to take supplies like fresh water and blaster packs to the soldiers at the defensive lines. The Herald targeted the outer positions and decimated Twilight Company snipers and scouts. But the Apailana's Promise soon returned and kept the Herald at bay, saving Namir's defenses. Chalis abandoned Twilight Company and flew up to the Herald. There, she detonated 20 Ion bombs causing large internal damages to the Herald and forcing the Star Destroyer to retreat.[1]

With the Herald gone, the Imperial ground forces could only last so much longer and were soon defeated. The Apailana's Promise survived the battle with its batteries drained and its deflectors overheated but its hull still intact. After the battle, Tohna and many others scavenged the wreckage of the Thunderstrike and as Quartermaster Hober drained its gun batteries, Tohna called out remarks to make the soldiers cheer. That evening he played a game of Sabacc with Gadren, Brand and Twitch. Tohna invited Namir to join them but the man declined as he didn't know how to play.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Ugly girl and meaner than sin."
―Tohna, making remarks about the Thunderstrike.[src]

Tohna was described as a "squat ball of muscle". He was respected highly by his fellow officers on the Apailana's Promise and was transferred to the Thunderstrike with high praise from them. Tohna was an enthusiastic man who made many remarks to boost morale in battles such as the attack on Mardona III and with the draining of the Thunderstrike's gun batteries. Namir even heard his cheers through the comm during their arrival at Sullust. Following the loss of the Thunderstrike, Tohna organized the surviving bridge crew into runners for the battle that came to follow.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Tohna first appeared in the 2015 canon novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, written by Alexander Freed.


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