"It is an honor to die in his service. Remember, my liege, that I was always loyal."
―Admiral Tohri Challon[src]

Tohri Challon was a female Human and one of most loyal followers of Roan Fel and his Empire-in-exile. Challon originally served Emperor Fel in the capacity of Imperial Adjunct. However, as the Second Imperial Civil War progressed, she was elevated to the rank of admiral.


"This is Admiral Tohri Challon, in command of His Imperial Majesty's Star Destroyer Dauntless, to all fighters -- the Sith have obviously learned of our rendezvous with the Jedi."
―Admiral Tohri Challon[src]

Admiral Challon on the bridge of the Dauntless

In 137 ABY Imperial Adjunct Tohri Challon was present at the Imperial headquarters in Bastion, the seat of power of the deposed Emperor Roan Fel. She personally welcomed Vikar Dorn, Governor of Munto Codru, during the supposed defection of the entire crew of the Imperial Star Destroyer Dauntless. The defection, however, was part of a Sith plot orchestrated by Darth Maladi, a Sith Lady, to have Emperor Fel assassinated by a Sith Lord named Darth Kruhl.

As the Second Imperial Civil War progressed, Challon was given the rank of admiral and took command of the Dauntless, now part of the Fel loyalist Navy. The Dauntless transported Emperor Fel to the agricultural world of Agamar, a planet on the edge of Fel-controlled space, for a meeting with members of the Jedi Order. Captain Basile was her second in command.

Moff Nyna Calixte, Director of Imperial Intelligence, made her way to Agamar and interrupted the meeting to the Emperor that the Sith had had sent a strike force to capture him. At the same time, the Sith-loyalist Star Destroyer War Hammer, under the command of Moff Rulf Yage, emerged from hyperspace and engaged the Dauntless. Challon ordered her entire crew to engage the Sith forces in order to buy time for Emperor Fel to evacuate the planet.

The Dauntless is destroyed with all hands lost.

In the course of the battle, the Dauntless suffered heavy damage and lost its shields. Nonetheless, Admiral Challon ordered her crew to continue attacking the enemy to provide cover for the Emperor's shuttle, allowing it to escape to hyperspace. As the shuttle took the Emperor to safety, Challon paid her respects to her monarch, reminding him that she had always been loyal to him. The Dauntless was finally overwhelmed by the War Hammer and was destroyed. Challon and her entire crew perished in the explosion.

Personality and traits[]

The coup that deposed Roan Fel and elevated Darth Krayt to Galactic Emperor led to a schism within the Imperial hierarchy between those who believed their allegiance had to remain with the throne, regardless of the person seating on it, and those who professed loyalty in the Fel dynasty; Tohri Challon was part of that second group. Challon remained a loyal follower of her monarch and joined his resistance against the Sith Empire, serving him even at the expense of her own life.

Challon wore her black hair in cornrows and sported a circular tattoo on her forehead.


Tohri Challon greets Vikar Dorn on Bastion 137 ABY.

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