«It's unfortunate for a Wookiee to be born albino.»

Tojjevvuk, son of Tvrrdko, was an albino Wookiee who was a master at freeing his fellow Wookiees from slavery. These experiences are what probably led him into becoming openly critical of certain Wookiee social rules which he deemed had turned his race into prey, for example he was obviously disgusted at how it was illegal for Wookiees to use their claws "as nature intended" thus marking him a madclaw.

He was killed when fighting with Chewbacca over the female Mallatobuck. Chewbacca blocked Tojjevvuk's hand attacks but was clawed in the side by Tojjevvuk's foot. Not wanting to disobey the laws, Chewbacca leaped off the rope bridge they were fighting on, daring Tojjevvuk to follow. Accepting the challenge, they plunged down into the forest. As they fell further and further down, Chewbacca eventually managed to get the upper hand and Tojjevvuk plunged into the Shadowlands where he was later killed by creatures of the forest floor.

Since he was defeated by Chewbacca and left to die in the Shadowlands, Tojjevvuk was never brought to justice by his people and formally dishonored with the title madclaw. Tvrrdko later had Chewbacca sold to Trandoshan slavers as revenge for what happened to his son.

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