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*''[[Star Wars: Dark Forces]]'' {{1st}}
*''[[Sand Blasted]]'' {{1stID}}
*''[[Sand Blasted]]'' {{1stID}}
*''[[Star Wars: Dark Forces]]'' {{1st}}
[[Category:Alliance Fleet admirals]]
[[Category:Alliance Fleet admirals]]

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This article is about the Mon Calamari. You may be looking for the Toka people.

Toka was a male Mon Calamari in the Alliance to Restore the Republic.




Toka was named after a predatory species native to Dac.

Toka was the Admiral and commander of Tak Base on Talay, during the fateful day when the dark troopers demonstrated their power to Darth Vader in the Battle of Talay.

During the attack, he instructed Captain Bok to escape in the Grey Damsel, in order to warn the Rebel Alliance of the new threat. He also sent a distress call to Mon Mothma. However, the transmission was disrupted before he could complete his desperate plea. He was shot by a dark trooper.

Behind the scenes


Admiral Toka's distress signal.

In the game Dark Forces, Toka is voiced by Denny Delk. The credits of the game identify Toka only as "Dying Rebel." For the cutscene he is shown in, archival footage of Admiral Ackbar from Return of the Jedi is used.


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