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Tokkat was an Ewok scout who fought in the Battle of Endor[1] and later independently served in the New Republic military.[2]


Tokkat and his brother Wunka were born in Bright Tree Village on Endor. After the Battle of Endor, the brothers were among several other Ewoks who chose to leave the Forest Moon with the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Upon joining galactic civilization, they quickly adapted and joined the New Republic Defense Fleet. Tokkat learned to speak Basic in a somewhat squeaky voice, and became proficient in the use of a blaster and vibroblade.[3]

The brothers eventually took positions as gunners on the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Liberator. Tokkat and Wunka were present when the Liberator crashed on Coruscant. They bravely defended the surviving crew on the ground.[3]

Wunka was later killed in a skirmish on Holageus, and Tokkat took his body back to Endor for burial. Rather than returning to the fleet, he then retired on the Forest Moon. As an honored hunter of Bright Tree Village, he served as its unofficial ambassador to the New Republic.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Two Ewoks confer with Chewbacca.

While implied, it has never been officially confirmed that the two Ewoks depicted in Dark Empire 1 are Tokkat and Wunka.

Tokkat was played by Margo Apostolos in Return of the Jedi.[4]

LEGO sold a minifigure of Tokkat along with Logray. The LEGO Tokkat had black fur and a dark green hood. It also appropriately included a bow and arrow.



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