"Being prepared is our best weapon."
―Tol Sivron[src]

Tol Sivron was a male Twi'lek and former member of the Head Clan of Ryloth before being exiled. After making his escape from his homeworld, Sivron later became a manager for the Imperial Department of Military Research.


In his early life, Sivron served as a member of the Twi'lek Clan Council on Ryloth. When chosen, it was expected that he would serve in the Clan Council for many years. However, about one year afterward, another member of the Clan Council fell while inspecting a project, and impaled himself. Sivron and the three other members of the Head Clan were then cast out. Sivron convinced the three other members to pool their resources, and try to eke out a living in one of the nearby uninhabited caves.

While the other former Head Clan members slept, Sivron murdered all of them. He then took their supplies, and set out in a trek across the desert. Eventually he came upon an Imperial refueling station on Ryloth. He then met a young commander named Wilhuff Tarkin. Tarkin soon found that Sivron was an excellent manager of the complex business arrangements that Tarkin had.

Eventually, Tarkin named Tol Sivron to head up the research facilities at the Maw Installation. For over ten years, Sivron ran the facility that produced such weapons as the Death Star I and Sun Crusher.

When the facility was invaded by New Republic forces, Sivron escaped with the other scientists on board the Death Star prototype that was in orbit around the facility. He took the weapon to Kessel, and used the superlaser to destroy the planet's Garrison Moon, which proved the effectiveness of the weapon. He returned to the Maw Installation to destroy it rather than allow it to fall into Rebel hands. Sivron died when the Death Star prototype fell into a nearby black hole.

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"Tol Sivron has never had any initiative in his entire life."
Natasi Daala[src]

Tol Sivron didn't like making decisions himself and instead preferred to follow procedure to the letter. He was very bureaucratic in his nature and based most of his life around committee meetings. He also never liked to take blame himself and when things went wrong, he would attribute them to the failings of others or with the appropriate procedure, rather than himself.

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Tol Sivron with Bevel Lemelisk.

Tol Sivron was created by author Kevin J. Anderson. Sivron's rigid following of station protocol is a parody of protocol enforced by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where Anderson worked for twelve years.[1]



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