"You know me traitor. And it's time for your companions to die, and for you to be taken back to your father for questioning."
―Tola Annax to Vestara Khai[src]

Tola Annax was a female Keshiri Sith Saber in the Lost Tribe of Sith from the planet of Kesh. She served under Gavar Khai and led the Sith forces on the ground during the Battle on Nam Chorios. When she initially confronted the Skywalkers and Vestara she had three Sith attack them, however all were killed and she escaped. Later, when Khai switched his allegiances from the Tribe to Abeloth, Annax went along. After Khai was slain by his daughter Vestara, Annax took his place as head of Abeloth's fleet. However, not long afterwards, Abeloth stripped Annax of her powers, and filled her with dark energy, leaving her on Upekzar as bait for a trap for the Jedi, where she died from the massive amount of energy.

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