Tolig IV was a planet located within the Tolig system of the Outer Rim Territories.


It was the site of an Imperial orbital scrapyard. The properties of the Azzameens were scrapped at Tolig IV, after the Azzameen Station was captured.

In an attempt to discover just who double-crossed the family in the recent missions, Ace Azzameen and Emon Azzameen investigated the scrapyard to find a scrapped Azzameen datacore that held communications data. Emkay jumped to space and claimed the Core. During that procedure a raider assault occurred but Otana and Andrasta could repel them long enough until Emkay returned to his ship. The Container transport Torven and Gabi, Assassin-class corvette Sprinter, and C-3 passenger liner Manta were all present at the scrapyard during the mission.



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