―Tolomar Reez is punched by Han Solo before being devoured by a rathtar — (audio) Listen (file info)[3]

Tolomar Reez was a human male from the planet Nar Kanji who served in the criminal gang known as Kanjiklub under topboss Tasu Leech. In 34 ABY, he accompanied Leech and several other Kanjiklub members, as well as members of the Guavian Death Gang, in boarding the Eravana, a freighter belonging to the smuggler Han Solo, who owed both gangs money.

Solo argued with Leech and the Death Gang's frontman, Bala-Tik, in one of the freighter's corridors until a trio of deadly rathtars that the smuggler had captured attacked both gangs. Reez became separated from his comrades while fleeing from the rathtars and then ran into Solo, who punched him in the face and hurled him into the mouth of a rathtar.


Debt collecting[]

Tolomar Reez (far left) was a member of the Kanjiklub criminal outfit.

Tolomar Reez[4] was a native of the planet Nar Kanji[1] who served in the criminal group known as Kanjiklub during the Cold War between the First Order and the Resistance.[3] In 34 ABY,[2] he and four other members of the gang accompanied their[3] topboss,[5] Tasu Leech, in tracking down the smuggler Han Solo so that they could reclaim a loan of 50,000 credits Solo had borrowed from Kanjiklub in order to hunt rathtars. Leech made an alliance with the Guavian Death Gang—another criminal group to whom Solo owed money—before confronting the smuggler, and both groups boarded Solo's Baleen-class heavy freighter Eravana above the planet Jakku.[3]

Reez and the other Kanjiklub members marched through the Eravana's corridors until they found Solo and his Wookiee partner, Chewbacca, already arguing about their debts with the Death Gang's frontman, Bala-Tik. Reez then stood menacingly beside Leech as the head of Kanjiklub joined the argument, which continued until Bala-Tik recognized Solo's other companion, the astromech droid BB-8, as a fugitive wanted by the First Order.[3]

Rathtar chow[]

«Search the freighter.»
―Razoo Qin-Fee gives orders to Kanjiklub — (audio) Listen (file info)[3]

A rathtar consumed Tolomar Reez aboard the Eravana.

Razoo Qin-Fee, Leech's lieutenant,[6] ordered Kanjklub to begin searching the freighter for another pair of fugitives associated with BB-8; however, Reez and everyone else in the corridor were quickly distracted from the droid by the howls of three rathtars that Solo had managed to capture. The rathtars had been released accidentally by the scavenger Rey, one of the two fugitives that Kanjiklub was looking for.[3]

One of the rathtars then barreled into the corridor behind the Kanjiklub members, grabbing two of them and forcing the remainder to flee down another corridor to their right. Reez became separated from his comrades as he fled and ended up crossing paths with Solo. The smuggler punched Reez in the face as he turned a corner, grabbing the Kanjiklub member by his torso and hurling him directly into the mouth of a rathtar that had been chasing Solo, Chewbacca, and BB-8. The rathtar consumed Reez whole, belching out only one of his boots.[3]

Personality and traits[]

Reez was a human male with tan skin and black hair.[3]


Reez wore a brown suit of armor over a yellow tunic with a helmet that included goggles to cover his eyes. He carried a boiler rifle while onboard the Eravana.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Tolomar Reez first appeared in the 2015 sequel trilogy film, Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. The actor playing him was not credited, and the character did not receive a name in the film[3] but was identified by the video game Disney Infinity 3.0, which was released in conjunction with The Force Awakens.[7] Despite the game being non-canon, Lucasfilm Story Group member Pablo Hidalgo confirmed that the names provided by the game for previously unidentified characters, including Reez, were considered canon.[4] In the game, all basic Kanjiklub enemies share his appearance.[7]

In the novelization of The Force Awakens, written by Alan Dean Foster, Han Solo is described as hurling a member of the Guavian Death Gang into the mouth of a rathtar instead of Reez.[8]


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