"Any work he is doing on behalf of the Imperials should be investigated thoroughly."
General Airen Cracken, on Tolum Harous.[src]

Tolum Harous was a scientist working for Hydrospeare Corporation during the times of the Galactic Empire.


A Human scientist from the aquatic world of Adamastor, Harous always loved both the oceans and knowledge. He was a classmate of Bevel Lemelisk during his youth. He became a man of extensive education, with multiple honorary degrees from technical institutes.[1]

He began working for Hydrospeare Corporation around 30 BBY, with a quality work. He was honored by the Imperial scientific community many times. Companies such as Sienar Fleet Systems and Kuat Drive Yards offered him huge sums of money to join them, but he was happy with Hydrospeare.[1]

A member of elite Design Team Beta under its leader, Dr. Plo Smarx, Harous tended to scrap a "more than acceptable" project if he ever thought it could be improved. Most of Beta's projects included the development of aquatic weapons and vehicles for the Imperial Army.[1]

Harous later became the leader of Design Team Beta when Dr. Smarx was arrested by the Empire around 1 ABY. Harous and his cohorts, Mosara Thiirn, Sere Lure, and Diran Miciluz, had since developed and managed some of the best multi-environment ships used by the Empire.[1]

Harous almost rejected the Explorer Submergible because he wanted to fulfill the impossible specifications required by the Empire. The other Design Team Beta members convinced him to release the vehicle.[1]

A short, light-skinned, white-haired man, he always had an immaculate look, with the office in perfect order and the coats freshly pressed thanks to his tailor droid, the new TL-4 model. He was considered pleasant to work with and an inspiration. He even learned Sluissese so that Dr. Lure was more comfortable working with him.[1]

Rebel General Airen Cracken admired the quality of his work, and considered that any of his designs would be dangerous in Imperial hands. Rebel Lieutenant Akul Witig, a native of Dac, however, noticed that the Rebel Alliance had no information on Harous's political beliefs, and suggested to test his loyalties and, depending on the answer, recruit him to put him to work on Dac.[1]


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