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Toma was a Human male who was the leader of the resistance movement on the planet Acherin. He was a tall man with a shaven head.


During the Clone Wars, Toma allied himself with the Separatists, but worked with Senior Jedi General Garen Muln to negotiate a treaty. However, when Order 66 was executed, the plans for a treaty were eliminated. Toma and the newly formed Acherin resistance helped the Jedi safely escape the planet to head for safety on Ilum.[1]

Toma led the resistance through battle against the Galactic Empire for nearly a year, operating out of the ancient city of Eluthan. In the final days of the resistance, Toma met Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ferus Olin, and Trever Flume. Ferus aided the resistance's starfighter squadrons, but the Imperials were too powerful, and Toma ordered them to retreat. He contacted the Imperial Admiral, Riwwel, and announced their surrender. The Admiral felt however that the best punishment would be the resistance's elimination, by way of the bombing of Eluthan. Kenobi, Olin, and Flume helped Toma and his assistant, Raina Quill, escape the planet.[1]

After escaping Acherin, the group found an asteroid in an atmospheric storm, and used it and its space shears to hide from Imperial forces. Toma and Raina stayed on the asteroid for a few days with food and supplies while the others went to find Garen Muln on Ilum. When the group returned with Muln, as well as prefab shelters and more supplies that were donated by Roan Lands, Toma and Raina helped Ferus and Trever form a sanctuary for survivors of the Great Jedi Purge on the asteroid.[1]

It was later found that Toma was actually a mole placed right at the beginning of the journey so that he could transmit the coordinates of the secret base. When Raina found Toma transmitting the coordinates, he fired his blaster, killing her, but not before she could do the same.[3]



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